NCC - 81102

Welcome to the USS Odyssey!

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." - Helen Keller

In January of 2389, the organization known as Section 31 was brought down by a Ferengi warlord known as the Black Nagus. This void in the clandestine community left room for a new, more insidious, organization to rise. A high ranking Starfleet officer, known as The Director, is using this opportunity to gain power and strength through any means possible. And the security of the quadrant hangs in the balance.

The crew of the USS Odyssey, using intel and connections from a rogue Starfleet Intel officer, must now unravel the riddle of this new organization and stop The Director before they can put their malicious plans into action.

The USS Odyssey is a proud member of the 22nd Fleet and a proud member of the Split World Alliance.

This simulation is rated 16+

Discord: #USS Odyssey

Latest News Items

» New Bridge, Who Dis?

Posted on Fri Jun 5th, 2020 @ 1:01pm by Commander Tavis Inahri in General News

Good morning all,

Just wanted to bring some attention to the Odyssey's Database. I have chosen a Bridge that I feel properly houses our command center as well as gives us the tools we need for this job. Please feel free to stop by the Odyssey's Tour page and watch the video that shows off the shiny new room and the fun toys we have to play with.

» Cutting the Ribbon

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 2:10am by Commander Tavis Inahri in General News

Hello all and welcome to the USS Odyssey.

I am pleased to announce that life has allowed me time to take command of my baby once more. I have a lot of ideas and plans to make this sim the best I can and it isn't complete without everyone involved. As always, I'm open to suggestions and recommendations from the crew. I like to think of this, not as my story to tell, but as our story.

Latest Mission Posts

» Hops & Grape Juice

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 4:00pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper

He'd had enough of trawling through files some time ago, had wandered into recreational surfing of old datafiles, recordings and images and then descended into simply singing along with some music and drumming out the beat on his desk. Definitely felt about time to leave the office and change the…

» Fight Cub aka Security Briefing #1

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2020 @ 3:39pm by Commander Magnus Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper

Bear had a big dumb grin on his face as he hit the floor, and despite the fact that his shoulders slammed into the hard surface, that grin remained. It was pride, just simple happiness in that moment of seeing the skills of the team beneath him on the Odyssey,…

» Behind Closed Doors

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Posted on Sat Aug 1st, 2020 @ 11:19am by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Thorn PhD

It had only been a few minutes since Hawk left the Ready Room. Frustrated and embarrassed by the recently conversation with his new XO, Tavis decided to lay on the couch that sat beneath the massive windows. As he laid there, he watched the stars streak by, the visual starting…

» Brother Banter

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 11:30am by Ensign Alex Dalton

“You do realise your change of having one of these has just dropped off the chart,” Darren commented bouncing little Joseph on his knee.

The baby gurgled happily, his brightly coloured outfit stained with his most recent attempt to feed himself.

“That didn’t stop our parents,” Alex reminded his younger…

» Until It Breaks

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Posted on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 6:23pm by Commander Magnus Hawkins & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A

While it wasn't her shift Violet was in Engineering handling personnel reports. She had explicitly told her NCOs that she did not want to know about any possible issues regarding her new people; she wanted to see for herself if there were potential problems. And it was also possible the…