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Commander Tavis Inahri

Name Tavis Inahri

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Full Name Tavis Kelhel Inahri
Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 34
Access Code Inahri-delta-5-2-pi
Access Level Level 9

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Tavis is a typical humanoid male of average height and toned build. His chestnut brown hair is cut short and tight and frames his face well with the stubble he keeps on his face. His obsidian black eyes are piercing and sparkle, especially when he's using his telepathic abilities.

Tavis is a strong telepath with abilities that far surpass those of a typical Betazoid. He still struggles on occasion with mental noise but only under times of deep stress.


Father Burkq Inahri - son of the Third House of Betazed, he was an engineer on Betazed but perished during the Dominion attack on the planet.
Mother Velis Inahri - daughter of the Third House of Betazed, she is a geneticist living on Betazed.

Personality Tavis Inahri is smart, cunning and caring. He has a gentle nature and tries his hardest to avoid violence at all cost.
Other Information - The Inahri family comes from the Third House of Betazed. The Third House is the seat of religion in the Betazoid culture with it's priests coming exclusively from this House.
- Tavis wears a simple silver ring on his right index finger. On the inside of this ring is a sacred inscription in the ancient Betazoid language.

Personal History Tavis Inahri was born on a quiet night under the full moon in the city of Zyreq, Betazed. From birth, Tavis showed signs of telepathic abilities, causing great concern for his parents. But the Priests of the Third House assured them both that with the proper training, the young man could grow up leading a healthy life. Early life was difficult for the young Betazoid, trying to cope with his mind, but regular sessions with the priests turned what could have been a damaging psychic torrent into well-honed mental abilities. Tavis was praised for the power of his mental and psychic strengths and it was suggested more than once that he’d be a perfect candidate for the priesthood.

When he was seven, Tavis moved into Qeriven Temple and officially became an acolyte of the Betazoid faith. During this time in his adolescence, he was taught advanced Betazoid abilities that very few had the capacity to understand or control. He developed so quickly and became so powerful that by the age of 10, he was helping teach other acolytes some of the principles he had learned himself.

This became important when a young Betazoid hybrid came to live with them named Kazyah Linn. Kaz had recently lost his sight, and his will to live, in a shuttle accident that claimed the life of his sister. Tavis was immediately drawn to the young boy and saw an opportunity to help him in ways others might not be able to. By using his mental abilities, Tavis was able to teach Kaz how to feel his environment with his mind to allow him free movement when he couldn’t see. Over the years together, Kaz and Tavis became very close. Kaz learned to trust the acolyte and eventually opened up about the trauma and how he felt, Tavis in turn learned about the outside world and the adventure to be had in the universe. A spark grew inside of Tavis and a yearning to learn more about the galaxy around them.

When Kaz left for Starfleet Academy, Tavis was sad but he understood the desire. Truth was, he was considering making the move himself. When he was seventeen, Tavis left the Temple in search for a higher understanding of the universe. He applied and left for Starfleet Academy as soon as he could.

Adjusting to alien cultures was an adjustment, but even harder was adjusting to spoken language. Tavis struggled at first with the changes in life, but what he didn’t struggle with was the curriculum. With his abilities, he found that he had a knack for Strategic Operations. Choosing that as his major, Tavis excelled at the Academy and graduated at the top of his class. Upon graduating, he was also admitted into the Command Training Program which would fast-track his career to the big chair.

His reputation proceeded him into the fleet as Tavis landed a coveted position aboard the Sovereign-class USS Lafayette. As an Ensign, Tavis was low man on the totem pole, but the Lafayette was leading a Task Group into the Gamma Quadrant, which gave him opportunities that normally men like him wouldn’t have. He rose through the ranks on the Lafayette quickly and after a few years was leading the department on a large scale.

After the Lafayette was put in for a refit, Tavis was transferred to the USS Prometheus. A run-in with the Borg gave him the opportunity to prove not just how well he was at strategic planning and execution, but also his skills in leadership. Captain Reynolds was impressed by his hard work and dedication over the two years they served together and with his stellar recommendation, Tavis was offered the Executive Officer position on the Defiant-class USS Starlancer.

The Starlancer was where Tavis started to come into his own. Under the guidance of Commander Kel Aennis, Tavis began to develop his own personal leadership style and was generally liked and appreciated by the crew. After the attack on Mars, the fleet was put on a heightened alert and the Starlancer was assigned as an escort to the USS Haffley which was being assigned to assist in the Romulan evacuation efforts. After a couple yaers, Commander Aennis was promoted to Captain of the USS Haffley. Rather than find a new CO, Tavis was placed in command of the Starlancer in Aennis' stead.

It came as a surprise when Tavis was summoned to the office of Admiral Tau two years later. He was being tasked with searching for a man he hadn’t seen in a long time, Kazyah Linn. Despite his reluctance, Tavis was put in command of the USS Odyssey and the search for his former friend began.
Service Record === 2372 - 2376 ===
Starfleet Academy
Strategic Operations Major

=== 2376 - 2377 ===
USS Lafayette
Strategic Operations Officer

=== 2377 - 2380 ===
USS Lafayette
Strategic Operations Officer
Lieutenant JG

=== 2380 - 2383 ===
USS Lafayette
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

=== 2383 - 2385 ===
USS Prometheus
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Lieutenant Commander

=== 2385 - 2387 ===
USS Starlancer
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander

=== 2387 - 2389 ===
USS Starlancer
Commanding Officer

=== 2389 - PRESENT ===
USS Odyssey
Commanding Officer