NCC - 81102

Lieutenant Commander Kazyah Linn

Name Kazyah Linn

Position Rogue Starfleet Intel Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid/Romulan Hybrid
Age 36
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Kazyah is a tall humanoid male with a toned build. With black hair usually kept in place and stark gray eyes, he is known for having a constant poker face that leaves many people wondering what he is thinking and how he is feeling. What most people don’t know is that Kaz is completely blind.

Another important feature is that he has his full Betazoid telepathic abilities, despite his half-blooded heritage, but requires physical touch to use them. Without physical touch, Kaz is limited to empathic feeling and what he refers to as his "telepathic sight".


Father Aryion Linn was a chemistry professor at the University of Betazed before losing his position due to his alcohol abuse.
Mother Commodore Stiphyl Linn is the Chief of Starfleet Security on Betazed.
Sister(s) Tyori Linn was Kazyah's younger sister, by four years. She died when she was 6 in a shuttle accident with her brother.

Personality Elusive and quiet, Kazyah is the type of person who prefers to be alone and is good at keeping secrets. Other than conquests of a sexual nature, Kaz refuses to make emotional connections with people and tends to be standoffish when relationships start to become personal. He pushes people away and is mostly described as arrogant and abrasive.
Skills, Hobbies & Interests One of Kaz's most prominent skills is what he refers to as his "telepathic sight". His years studying with Betazoid Priests has allowed him the ability to feel people and objects around him in a wide area. While he can't see them, he can sense their movements and anticipate action based on subtleties. This has become quite handy in melee combat and has earned him recognition as being a trained killer. Kaz's lack of sight, and the limits of his telepathic ability, have hindered his use of ranged weapons. Because he cannot accurately focus on a target, unless the target is within a few meters, he simply cannot rely on ranged weapons of any kind. He is well-versed in many styles of physical fighting including Human TaiKwonDoe, Trill Klovyah and Cardassian Gallade.

Kaz is also a crack at languages. In the academy, many referred to him as the walking universal translator because he was able to learn languages so quickly and fluently. He also has a particular interest in water, enjoying spending time standing in rain or immersing himself in large bodies of it. He enjoys listening to music and often asks others to play instruments in his presence.

Personal History Kazyah Linn was born on April 3rd, 2353 in Zyreq, Betazed. Growing up, Kaz was a happy child, always smiling and laughing. His life became even more happy when his little sister was born. Kaz loved Tyori and was a dutiful and protective big brother. They were near inseparable as children. Kaz was also very curious about everything, and always got himself into trouble by sneaking into places he wasn't supposed to go.

This became an issue when Kaz was 11. He and his sister snuck onto a small shuttlecraft, curious to know how the vessel operated. One button press to many and the shuttle began to lift off the ground. Kaz, completely unaware of how to work the craft tried to land as best as he could. The subsequent crash claimed Kaz's sight and his sister's life.

The fallout of the shuttle crash was devastating to the Linn family. Stiphyl became angry with the world and it wasn't long before her marriage to Aryion was irreparably damaged. To cope with everything, Aryion turned to alcohol which eventually ruined his career as an Academic. After a year of trying to handle his lack of sight, Kaz's parents sent him to live with the Betazoid Priests who offered to help him cope with his loss and live with his new disability.

During his time at the Qeriven Temple, Kaz met a young Betazoid named Tavis Inahri. Tavis was two years younger but had abilities that far surpassed any he'd ever seen before. Over time, their friendship grew and Tavis helped Kaz unlock latent telepathic abilities within him that would help him navigate the world without his sight. In return, Kaz would tell Tavis all he knew of the universe outside of Betazed and how he wanted to leave their homeworld. After six years of study at the Temple, that is exactly what he did. At the age of 18, Kaz left Betazed for Earth and never returned.

While the Academy was not as challenging as he expected, Kaz was grateful to be in an environment where no one knew of his past actions, aside from Tavis who entered the Academy a year after him. He chose xenolinguistics as a major, as he always had a talent for languages, and met the challenge head on.

Upon graduating, Kaz was assigned to the USS Solstice as a communications officer in the Operations department. His time aboard the small Nova-class ship was uneventful, but his talents were quickly noticed and Starfleet Intelligence approached him about a new assignment. Without a second thought, Kaz accepted the offer and joined Starfleet Intelligence.


In 2387, Kazyah Linn was transferred to the USS Vindex as the Starfleet Intelligence Liaison. His time aboard the Vindex was rough as he tried to integrate back into Starfleet's standard lifestyle. He spent a year on board before he was asked by Commander Akiva ben-Avram, the Vindex's Executive Officer, to help run a classified Starfleet installation known as Memory Theta. Having previous knowledge of Memory Theta, as Starfleet Intelligence has a major role on the station, Kaz took the opportunity without hesitation.

During his time aboard Memory Theta, Kaz participated in multiple missions with the field team, including one that facilitated the destruction of the clandestine operation known as Section 31. Despite the positive work he was doing on Memory Theta, a battle was waging within Starfleet Intelligence that put Kaz right in the middle. Knowing he was being set up to take the fall for the issues, Kaz began to rethink his position aboard Memory Theta and within Starfleet as a whole.

After careful consideration, on his way back from a mission, Kaz commandeered a shuttle and left Memory Theta, headed for Ferengi space as he knew he could disappear from there.
Service Record === 2371 - 2375 ===
Starfleet Academy
Xenolinguistics Major

=== 2375 - 2376 ===
USS Solstice
Communications Analyst


=== 2387 - 2388 ===
USS Vindex
Starfleet Intelligence Liaison

=== 2388 - 2389 ===
Memory Theta
Starfleet Intelligence Liaison
Lieutenant Commander

=== 2389 - PRESENT ===
In Exile

Classified Information Kazyah Linn spent eleven years in Starfleet Intelligence's Covert Operations Division. In the beginning he was part of the Communications Departments, spending his days reading foreign classified communications looking for information that could be used to benefit the Federation. His ability to learn entire languages in a short amount of time became quite handy as Starfleet continued to explore the great unknown.

During this time, Kaz also trained hard in physical hand-to-hand combat and stealth techniques. While he enjoyed languages, his job was boring at best and he eventually wanted to join the Special Operations unit. After three years, his hard work paid off as he became a valuable asset to the division.

He was sent on various assignments over the years, many of which would never be discussed or recorded. His reputation as a deadly force made him quite popular among the department as he took more and more dangerous jobs over time. His ability to infiltrate locations with the utmost skill and silence was invaluable to him. His repertoire of skills soon became a laundry list as he moved from infiltration and cover-ups to espionage and assassinations.

Kaz's time as a black ops agent came to a halt when a mission went south and he ended up captured by the Kzinti. He spent six months in their prison being tortured for information before Starfleet Intelligence was finally able to extract him. He spent a month in the hospital recovering from the trauma, and another three months after that in a psychiatric ward to determine if he was fit to resume.

While he was cleared to return to duty, it was determined that he would not be able to go back to his previous life. Against his wishes, Starfleet Intelligence transferred Kaz back to the non-covert side of Intel and assigned him as their liaison to the USS Vindex.