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Five of Seven

Name Five of Seven

Position Civilian


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Character Information

Full Name Five of Seven, Primary Adjunct of Unimatrix Two Five
Gender Male
Species Human (Former Borg)
Age 23
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Five is a typical looking young man of the Human race with dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes. Despite his typical appearance, one of his eyes has been replaced by a Borg optical implant, though the implant is restricted to the oculus itself and does not defame the appearance of the surrounding eyelid and tissue. His right hand is also covered with a traditional web-like implant that caps his fingers and contains the assimilation tubules. Despite the vast amount of Borg technology embedded in him, these two implants are the only ones visible on the surface of his body.


Father Hayden Quinn was an Engineer aboard the USS Lalo. He was assimilated, with all hands, in 2366 and died during the Battle of Wolf 359.
Mother Felicia Quinn was a civilian aboard the USS Lalo. She was assimilated, with all hands, in 2366 and died not long after the Battle of Wolf 359.

Personality Having been assimilated as an infant, Five spent the entirety of his time in the Collective in a maturation chamber. Due to the complexities of the Hive Mind, Five has never had a first-hand experience with the Collective’s voice. He possesses the full knowledge of the Borg, but in a memory-like fashion, rather than personal knowledge. This also means that Five retains his individual personality, though that personality was never given the nurturing it needs to make him a self-sustaining member of society.

Most people would define his personality as bland, but child-like. He understands the many facets of the emotional spectrum, but has only recently developed the ability to express his feelings through his words. Though this was a big accomplishment for him, Five still doesn’t quite get the concept that there is, and is not, an appropriate time to share what you are feeling. He often sticks his foot in his mouth, but doesn’t quite realize that he’s done it. Five is convinced he is smarter than everyone around him, and is never afraid to show his superiority with logic and facts.

Personal History Lucas Quinn was born in 2365 to Hayden and Felicia Quinn, aboard the USS Lalo. Lucas was a happy baby, always with a smile on his face. But in 2366, his life was cut short when the USS Lalo was assimilated by a Borg cube, along with its entire crew. Lucas was transferred to a nearby Borg Sphere to be placed in a maturation chamber, while the drones that used to be his parents stayed aboard the cube as it continued towards Federation space. The cube was eventually destroyed after laying siege to Starfleet forces at Wolf 359.

The newly assimilated drone, Five of Seven, remained in his maturation chamber for fifteen years, until it was taken offline prematurely. When the adolescent drone exited the chamber, he found that the sphere had been damaged by a star going nova. All adult drones had been severed from the collective by the devastation and subsequently died of the neural shock. The maturation chamber’s unique functionality protected him and the other two under-developed drone from harm and allowed them all to exit the damaged machine with their biological and technological body in tact.

After a few weeks of trying to repair the ship, the sphere was able to move on impulse power and made its way into Romulan space. They were immediately greeted by a fleet of Warbirds led by the IRW Ki Baratan. Five and his fellow drones were brought aboard the Warbird and the sphere was destroyed. Not wanting to deal with the hassle of integrating former drones into their society, the Romulans handed them over to the Federation to handle.

Five, Six and Seven's time with the Federation was longer than they'd have preferred. Undergoing intense surgical procedures to remove as much technology from their body, as well as psychological evaluation, the three drones were eventually released and allowed to move freely to anywhere they wanted to go. Despite the bond the three of them shared, they chose to go their separate ways.

Boarding a transport headed for the Gamma Quadrant, the young Five of Seven met a man by the name of Shamus who offered to take him under his wing and protect him for as long as the two traveled together. Five agreed, not sure of what else he was going to do, and the two of them ended up in an area of space known as Fiddler's Green. During their years on Fiddler's Green, Five and Shamus took different jobs that provided them an income and respect among those who frequented the pirate hideout.

Their last job together, aboard a stolen Starfleet ship known as the Chimaera is where things changed. While helping the crew of the ship try and gather a secret Dominion device, Shamus betrayed them, and the mission failed. The Commander of the vessel released the mercenaries she hired and Five found himself alone for the first time in many years. Unsure of where to go, and not desiring to go back to Fiddler's Green right away, Five took a string of transports until he found himself on Dalia station in the Beta Quadrant.