NCC - 81102

Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper

Name Bear Jasper

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Full Name Bear Altair Jasper
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31
Access Level Level 7

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 187lbs (85kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall, leanly muscular with bronze skin and dark, serious eyes. There's a sense of the weight of the world being firmly on his shoulders, but Bear wears that burden with an effortless, quiet pride. He's capable of letting that casually worn tension slide on occasion, but it won't be while he's on duty, and he'll sleep with one eye open rather than let anyone down.


Father Marquest Jasper [65] - Imprisoned
Mother Lucy Jasper [63]- Imprisoned
Brother(s) Cassian Jasper [40] - Imprisoned
Peregrine ‘Perry’ Jasper [38] - Whereabouts unknown
Sister(s) Older Sister - Andromeda ‘Andi’ Jasper [43] - Imprisoned
Other Family Uncle - Montgomery Jasper [55] - Imprisoned
Aunt - Sally Jasper [50] - Imprisoned

Personality Bear is a realist. He doesn’t see the bright side or look for the darkness, he simply deals with whatever is in front of him at any moment in time, be that a situation or a person. He has a certain simplistic clarity, not stupidity or recklessness but an ability to exist in the moment and to see a definite forward path.

He’s not squeamish and has the ability to push just exactly as much as he needs to in order to achieve his goals. He’s comfortable with killing if such a thing is necessary to protect his own, but he won’t take any pleasure from the act and he won’t draw it out unless he absolutely has to. Given a stand-off situation he won’t negotiate endlessly, but will look for a shot to end conflict, be that vocal or literal.

He can come across very direct, but isn’t deliberately rude or offensive, he just doesn’t see the point in pontificating when it’s simpler to just get right to the point. He will, absolutely and without question or forethought, put himself in the path of danger to protect those he cares about or has a duty to defend. He will not willingly kill an innocent, but he’d take them down if he had to, for preference though - alive - and as swiftly and peacefully as possible.
Ambitions Bear wants to see his family free from their (as he sees it) unjust imprisonment. This is the reason he joined Starfleet and this is the goal he is working endlessly towards.

Personal History Born on Janlak 310, one of many fertile colony worlds close to the Cardassian Border that in 2370 became part of the Demilitarised Zone, a buffer zone in the Alpha Quadrant. Bear was 12 years old when the control of his home world was transferred to Cardassian Control, and while the colonists were given the option of resettlement, they all refused.

In response to tensions and violation of peace terms on both sides, the Cardassian Central Command began secretly shipping weapons to their colonists, and the Federation colonists banded together and formed the Maquis - freedom fighters or terrorists depending on your point of view - people dedicated to freeing themselves from Cardassian control. Due to the intensity of the trouble on and around Janlak, Bear’s family all joined the Maquis, his siblings all over 21 and free to choose.

In 2373 when the Dominion War began, Bear was 15, still too young to officially fight. His parents and two eldest siblings had been captured by the Federation and taken back to one of the core worlds to serve their time. Bear and his brother Perry (21) remained free. For about a year, the two brothers survived together, but Perry wanted to fight and he didn’t want his little brother to suffer any longer or be left alone. He arranged for Bear (16) to have secure working passage with a friend of their father’s on an outbound freighter - the Canterbury Tales - and the two promised to reunite once the war was over. That was the last time Bear saw Perry.

Bear spent the next three years working first as an apprentice and then as security/enforcer on the freighter under the watchful and mostly fair leadership of Marcus Ender. Ender’s business wasn’t always legal, but he tried (and often failed) to keep the boy out of the serious shenanigans, and taught him a few combat tricks and talents the teen hadn’t already picked up from his brother. When the War ceased, Ender was the one who helped Bear to find out what had happened to his family, and where they’d been imprisoned.

Disenchanted with the Federation and Starfleet when he approached them officially to ask for his family’s release, Bear finds himself turned down flat. His past has brought him no standing with the Federation, no leverage or strong position from which to fight and he has no real wealth behind him either. After a month of trying and failing, and a drunken weekend of drowning his sorrows with some allies, Bear decides on a way to beat the system. He joins Starfleet, and with a lack of any real other education, he takes the Security path that’s now a comfy blanket for the young man. He works hard, keeps pushing for the difficult and messy tasks, is proactive and keen. He actively puts himself in danger on a regular basis, but despite a few serious injuries along the way, always makes it through intact, along with those he’s protecting. He continues with enthusiasm and determination, figuring if he can achieve a high enough position he’ll earn enough weight behind his boots to gain the release of his unjustly imprisoned family…

A couple of high profile diplomatic protection missions serve to get Bear’s name out in the wider circles and he’s promoted over the next few years from Ensign up to Lieutenant. His keenness to step up to the difficult, sometimes boring, but important jobs gain him some recognition at higher level, but never enough to ensure his family’s release. Injured in the line of the duty, he spends some time on the same world as his siblings.

Working his way up through the ranks over a series of ship assignments, Bear serves for two years on the Prometheus and befriends Lt Cdr Tavis Inahri, their Chief Strategic Operations Officer. The two part ways at the end of this term, but are destined to meet again four years later when Admiral Tau personally approaches him with a request to join a new ship. During this tour, Bear has settled down some, found a steady girlfriend and is happy with his current posting on the Harlech, but a certain promise is made by Tau that makes the decision irresistible.
Service Record Born: 2358
Maquis formed: 2370 [12]
Maquis dissolved: 2373 [15]
Dominion War Starts: 2373 [15]
Time on the Freighter: 2374- 2377 [16-19]
Dominion War Ends: 2375 [17]
Joins Starfleet (Academy): 2377 [19]
Graduates Academy: 2381 [23]
Security Officer: 2381-2389 [23-31]
2381-2382 [23-24] Ensign USS Conscience
2382-2383 [24-25] Lt JG USS Tintagel
2383-2385 [25-27] Lt USS Prometheus
2385-2389 [27-31] Lt USS Harlech
Present Day USS Odyssey