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Khalexis Jin

Name Khalexis Jin

Position Proprietor of Madam Jin's


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Character Information

Full Name Khalexis Jin
Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 31 (210)
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 117 lbs
Hair Color BLack
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Khalexis is a petite Trill woman with smooth dark skin and raven black hair. She is quite short and has the typical trill spots that run down the length of her body. Khalexis is very proud of her figure and that pride can be seen in the way she dresses. She enjoys wearing clothes that cling to her body and likes to leave a lot of skin revealed.


Personality Known for her sweet and seductive ways, Khalexis is no rookie when it comes to negotiations and playing hardball. She is known throughout the area as a woman with a long memory, that memory including a lot of secrets and favors that she has leveraged through the years to get what she wants. She is both respected and feared in her line of work and has been known to portray a complete lack of ethical conscience.

Personal History Khalexis Delfynn was a bright young woman who imagined a life among the stars. Growing up, she dreamed of making a difference in the universe through the field of theoretical physics and had a plan in place to do exactly that. Upon graduating from high school, she took some time off before going to university, choosing to explore the galaxy on a Starfleet science vessel, the USS Eclipse. She became inspired in her chosen field and was ready to follow her dream. But life had other plans.

While docked at an alien station, the crew of the Eclipse found a Trill man who had been attacked and left for dead. Upon bringing him aboard, it was soon obvious that the man wasn’t going to survive his injuries and plans were discussed on ways to save his symbiont. Being so far from the core of the Federation, there was only one solution that would guarantee the symbiont’s survival and Khalexis quickly agreed to take the symbiont into herself. Mere hours after the procedure, Khalexis Delfynn returned to the station and disappeared, never to be heard from again. She is currently listed in the Federation database as MIA.

Khalexis Jin is a woman who has schemed and connived her way to become a kingpin in the area around Dalia Station. Through the use of her long-lived memory, she has used coercion and fear to grow her business and to become a sizable player in the black market. This influence has given her the reputation to be ruthless but also a person you want on your side.

With the opening of Dalia Station, Khalexis purchased a space aboard to serve as a command center for her business but also giving her a legal front to hide her transactions. This space was very expensive but also featured a private docking port for deliveries, a perk that she uses often in her black market dealings.

Out of Character Information: There is no official connection between Khalexis Delfynn and Khalexis Jin. The two are considered two separate people that have no relation. No one, other than Khalexis, would know of the connection.