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Chief Warrant Officer Javiylah MacArthur

Name Javiylah MacArthur

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer


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Character Information

Full Name Javiylah MacArthur
Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 45
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 188 cm/6’2
Weight 80 kg/176 lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Professional and very physically fit are two characteristics that tend to come to mind when you first meet Javiylah. Her professional demeanor demonstrates her long service in the Fleet and the high level of fitness stems from her background in security. Javiylah usually has her black hair up in a braided bun at the nape of her neck on duty. Off-duty, she might have it up in a ponytail but very rarely has it down. Her face might not show her age as much as someone would expect but her eyes tend to give glimpses into the woman, and years, behind the professional. Javiylah prefers to be comfortable off-duty; trousers and blouses tend to be the norm but you’ll sometimes see her in a dress. She wears a set of ID tags hidden under her uniform, a practice she picked up early in her career, just in case they’re needed. Not one for wearing much makeup or perfume, Javiylah saves it for the occasions where it’s considered mandatory. She has a Celtic knot tattoo right under her collarbone, having gotten matching tattoos with her three best friends on a shore leave.


Spouse N/A
Children None
Father Admiral Conal MacArthur
Mother Admiral Neestromi MacArthur née Drux
Brother(s) Brother in law: Commander Brian MacArthur-Fraiser, USS Nike
Sister(s) Captain Reyaneda MacArthur-Fraiser, USS Nike
Other Family Niece: Daroya MacArthur-Fraiser. Aunt: General Heather MacArthur; Cousin: Captain Blair MacArthur, USS Horizon

Personality Though she’s slow to show it, Javiylah cares deeply for all the personnel under her command, and on her duty station. She takes her duties as an opportunity to ensure that everyone under her supervision has the best chance of survival, and will often put herself in danger before she’ll ask a junior. Years of experience has honed her skills and she finds innovative ways to accomplish tasks when necessary. Many of the personnel she’s served with have commented on how she stays focused, regardless of the circumstances, and ensures that everyone is able to carry out their duties.

With being half-Betazoid, she was trained from childhood on shielding by her mother as well as developing her telepathic communication. Javiylah wasn’t interested in training beyond what was needed to help keep her thoughts and emotions as private as possible. She limits the use of her abilities to her immediate family, still not very comfortable with them.

Being the eldest child, Javiylah seemed to take after her reserved father over her mother. Her personality has always been on the stoic side, something her father’s family is known for. Both Javiylah and her father show their affection through physical actions over verbalization. This caused some consternation with her mother’s side since it clashes with the open nature of Betazoids. Javiylah’s younger sister, Reyaneda, is the polar opposite, causing some significant tension between the two of them as Reyaneda finds her too reserved and Javiylah feels like her sister could be more polite and restrained at times.

She has a pronounced Scottish accent since it was the first language she learned. After any time with her family, her accent becomes even stronger.


Confidant from both personality and training, she’ll take charge of a situation and tends to use a calm tone. However, she isn’t afraid to use a less-pleasant tone if the situation warrants it.

Javiylah will work with crewmembers to improve their skills, sacrificing personal time to do so. She’s patient by nature, recognizing that some individuals take longer to do something or learn than others, and will only curb that instinct when the situation doesn’t allow unlimited time.

Whether it’s talking with a crewmember through a personal issue, opting in for a double shift so someone can spend more time with their family, or taking classes so a peer has someone else in their cohort, Javiylah shows how she cares through her actions.


Javiylah’s standards and expectations are extremely high and rather inflexible, given how high standards and constant training has saved her life countless times. The fact that most of her service has been during wartime and conflicts has led her to be pessimistic about peace and always expect another war, driving her people to prepare for one. This has caused tension and problems with her superiors, who have felt that she needs to be less rigid in her standards.

Earlier in her career, she was known to resolve issues with physical means at times. Despite the reputation, Javiylah’s file has one letter of admonition, for an incident that occurred during the Dominion War. Since then, she’s learned more self-restraint.

Given her experiences, she can be very withdrawn and very slow to warm up to individuals. Even when she relaxes enough to interact with fellow crew, they don’t tend to get past the surface level of friendship. The only ones who have been able to get past the surface are some of the first crew that she served with on the Wyoming. A few are still in the Fleet but many died during the wars or have left for civilian life.

Due to the multiple times, she’s fought Cardassians in two wars, she has a deep distrust of them, but tries to keep a neutral stance. Since the end of the Dominion War, she’s been able to work with several, who have helped to resolve some of this distrust.

She tends to come off as stiff, preferring to be formal with both juniors and superiors. Despite protocol, Javiylah prefers personnel to use either her rank or position, reacting very negatively if they call her “Ms.” She finds the term to be insulting.

Since she prefers to think through and look at all angles, people can mistake her for being a little slow or hesitant in some situations.

Her devotion to duty tends to blind her to relaxation most of the time, only being jarred out of the normal “shift-eat-exercise-sleep, repeat” cycle when a daring crewmate, or one of her old friends, checks in on her.
Skills, Hobbies & Interests She tends to spend her time off-duty exercising, reading in her quarters, or engaging in some outdoor activity on the Holodeck. Javiylah also likes music and plays the fiddle and guitar, along with the pipes, having learned from her father at a very early age. She sings, though usually in private with her family and close friends, and will only hum in groups. Javiylah is a very bad swimmer even though she would like to be better; years of trying haven’t given her much progress.
Ambitions No real ambitions; she’s already accomplished her goals of becoming respected in the enlisted ranks and as a Warrant officer.

Personal History Her mother is a member of the Seventh House, not highly-ranked, and chose to join Starfleet as an officer where she met her father. Javiylah spent her early childhood travelling between Betazed and Scotland in the summers while with her parents at various duty assignments the rest of the year. Her mother was an Engineer and her father was in Medical so they managed to keep the family together throughout her childhood. Having both parents in Starfleet made Javiylah distinctly aware of a potential career path. When she was in her teens at school in Scotland, her parents spoke to her about joining Starfleet. They assumed that she’d follow in their footsteps and attend the Academy given her good grades and aptitude for leadership.

However, Javiylah wasn’t keen on four years of schooling when she could go through a much shorter course and be out doing things much sooner. With that in mind, she announced her intentions to enlist, much to her parents’ confusion. With the abrupt change in expectations, her family was reluctantly supportive of her choice. The didn’t understand why she would go enlisted given the family’s history but failed to persuade her otherwise. Her sister followed in the more “traditional” path, graduating from the Academy in Engineering, and serving for a decade as a Engineering officer before transitioning to Command.

Reyaneda has always been very vocally-critical of Javiylah’s decision to not commission, feeling that her older sister is “wasted” in the enlisted and warrant ranks, which has led to a rather strained relationship between them, with the added complication of Javiylah being outranked by her sister professionally. The rest of the family isn’t quite so vocal about their opinion but they haven’t given up on her accepting a commission in the future either.
Service Record USS Wyoming, Federation-Cardassian War

Javiylah entered Starfleet Recruit Training at the Luna Depot right after she turned 16, wanting to prove herself, since the rest of her family were commissioned. Having developed an aptitude for weapons and combat, the young woman was trained as a Security and Tactical specialist. After graduation, she was assigned to the USS Wyoming as part of the Security Department. The Wyoming responded to the massacre at Setlik III, which led to Javiylah having her first experiences with both ground and shipboard combat. She was understandably shocked by the experience, despite knowing that it was a potential hazard of joining the Fleet.

Her first years of service were distinguished with multiple away missions to help bolster and defend outposts, along with regular promotions. Once the Border Wars settled into a truce, her ship was one of many that kept a routine patrol in the region. They had regular skirmishes with Cardassians forces so her time was anything but peaceful. While onboard the Wyoming, she struck up a close friendship with Elizabeth “Liz” Milburn, one of the Marines stationed aboard; one of the first deep friendships Javiylah had in Starfleet. Liz helped Javiylah open up more to her fellow crew, giving her much-needed friendship. Thanks to her new friend, Javiylah met Peter Andersson and Aleka Santos, both of whom were also musically-inclined and they formed a Celtic quartet. Given that Liz was around her age, they became the big sisters of the quartet, much to everyone’s amusement.

The four of them would play music regularly, were regular sparring partners, and spent most of their free time with each other. This gave Javiylah a solid support network that she grew to rely on. Liz was transferred off the Wyoming several years later but her two remaining friends helped keep her open and Liz participated in frequent calls despite being stationed away from the trio. The pattern of frequent calls continued when Javiylah was transferred to the USS Dauntless in 2366. In 2369, her ship was one of several sent to guard Minos Korva though they didn’t have hostile contact during that tour. By the time the Federation-Cardassian Treaty was signed in 2370, Javiylah had been assigned to an Operations billet for cross-training on the USS Nike. During leaves, if their schedules matched up, the four friends would reunite for outdoor adventures or excursions to the beach.

Federation-Klingon War

When the Federation-Klingon War started in 2372, Javiylah, now a Chief Petty Officer, was stationed on the USS Armstrong as a Security specialist. She, along with most of the ship’s crew, were among the casualties when they were ambushed. Aleka, assigned to the Armstrong as a medic, was instrumental in saving her life after the ambush. Javiylah spent several months on Medical Leave and despite being confined to Sickbay for a majority of the time, she found ways to amuse herself. One way was studying some coding and she helped to identify a glitch in a station weapon system by checking each input visually. Javiylah was returned to active duty in time for the Dominion War to start, throwing her right back into things, much to her dismay.

Dominion War

Javiylah fought in countless battles for the next year, mainly as on the ground with fellow Security and Marine colleagues, to try and halt the advance of the Dominion with little success. In 2374, she was assigned to the USS Dauntless when it participated in the Battle of Tyra, earning the second Unit Citation for the ship and Battle Honors. Javiylah was placed on a damage control team and helped seal several important bulkheads. Once the Dauntless reached spacedock, she was reassigned back to the Wyoming. With each battle, and especially with each loss of ship and crew, she found herself becoming more isolated from others. It was hard to maintain any type of friendship with everyone being constantly-transferred and fights with uncertain outcomes. Javiylah lost touch with her friends from her first tour on the Wyoming and was unsure if they had survived, which killed any interest in making new ones.

During the First Battle of Chin’toka, she led one of the many squads that fought so hard to secure the area, earning recognition for helping to hold the line and a promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer. During the battle, Javiylah had to discipline a Petty Officer whose refusal to engage caused casualties. The disciplinary action she recommended in her after-action report, along with her promotion, didn’t sit well with the Petty Officer’s best friend. The Chief Petty Officer made his feelings clear when he attacked Javiylah with a hyperspanner, causing significant damage to her face. She broke his arm in her response then shattered his knee cap, prompting her CO to issue a admonition for an unnecessary injury as the man had been incapacitated from her first blow.

The Wyoming was rerouted from another system to assist at AR-558 than left Javiylah, along with other Security and Marine personnel, to help guard the array. When she was relieving the battle-weary personnel who had been stationed there for five months, Javiylah met Petty Officer 1st Class Makayla Perin, who stood out as one of the few Trill enlisted she had encountered. She was also struck by how young the PO was, even with the war accelerating promotions.

At AR-558, she was reunited with her friend Liz, now a Master Sergeant, and shared command over the enlisted personnel of the joint Security-Marine detail stationed at the array. While they held the post for the next several months, the joint detail became a close-knit group, which gave Javiylah the chance to emerge from the self-isolation she had been in. She even joined some of the music sessions that started. At the same time, her and Elizabeth’s relationship transitioned from a deep friendship to one of a romantic nature, much to her delight. Their peace, found amongst war, was shattered when the Dominion returned with the Second Battle of Chin’toka. Liz was critically-injured as they led their people to the waiting shuttles for the retreat and died on the frantic trip to a waiting ship.

Javiylah didn’t have time to grieve as the ship she was on, the USS Faris, was destroyed with few hands surviving. Her escape pod was picked up by the repaired USS Dauntless and she was quickly-assigned as the Master-at-Arms. Due to the devastating losses, Javiylah was mistakenly listed as missing in action, which wasn’t corrected until the war ended. With the shock of losing Liz, she shut down emotionally and did her duty solely out of responsibility. The Dauntless served with distinction during the Battle of Cardassia, earning a third Unit Citation, and Javiylah earned commendations for taking over as Acting Chief of Security.

With the war over, Starfleet was in desperate need of officers and sought Javiylah out to see if she would commission, the second time in her career. She flatly-refused, much to her superior officers’ disappointment. Due to the war, Javiylah couldn’t really process and mourn the loss of Liz until she was required to take mandatory counselling for her experiences. She passed the evaluation but kept herself closed off from anything but surface social interactions and didn’t speak of her experiences. Feeling like the best way to honor Liz was to dedicate herself to the Fleet, she threw herself into the responsibilities she had on the Dauntless as the Senior Enlisted Advisor and Master-at-Arms.

USS Dauntless

She reunited with Peter and Aleka in 2377, both newly-commissioned Ensigns and also assigned to the Dauntless, to their mutual amusement. Javiylah kept her promise to keep the “uppity mustangs,” in check. Both, in turn, were endlessly-amused with the fact that they now outranked Javiylah and ribbed her about it constantly which she took in stride. She was assigned to Operations by this time while Peter was in Security and Aleka in Medical. Peter and Aleka managed to recruit some of the crew for frequent musical gatherings but Javiylah didn’t participate. They tried to help Javiylah recover from the war using the trio’s long-standing friendship. Serving with her two closest friends again did help Javiylah start to heal and find peace. However, the peace didn’t last long. When the Dauntless was on her mission of resupply to Draegos, the vessel was severely-damaged when the Vesuvi sun exploded. Javiylah served as Chief of the Boat during the ship’s return to stardock but returned to her official position within Operations once new personnel were assigned.

She was commended for her leadership and Starfleet offered her a commission once more, which she refused. Once her superiors realized that she would never consider it, they recommended her promotion to Warrant Officer instead, considering her skills more fitting for the Warrant track instead of making her another Master Chief Petty Officer. In the ensuing conflict with Legate Matan, the Dauntless was destroyed, but most of the personnel were able to evacuate. Due to the critical injuries she received, which she hadn’t expected to survive but did thanks to her work team disobeying her orders, she was placed on Medical Leave for two years to undergo rehabilitation and counselling. Javiylah spent most of the time at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco but also stayed at her family’s place in Scotland. During that time, she became acquainted with her new niece, which also helped her recovery. Once she was on Light Duty, she was assigned as an Instructor for both Recruit Training and the Academy, given her experience, providing security and tactical training.

Starbase 56/USS Nogura

Once she was cleared for active duty, she was assigned as an Operations Officer on Starbase 56, having declined another assignment as an instructor at the Academy and Recruit Training. Given how most of her shipboard assignments hadn’t ended well, Javiylah was content to be on a stationary post for a change. She was wary of unrest occurring but settled down a little after a peaceful year. Javiylah worked closely with Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ingrid Bruckner, the Bosun on Starbase 56, learning more about the responsibilities from her fellow warrant officer over the next several years. This experience garnered a recommendation that she be assigned as a Bosun during her next rotation, which Javiylah didn’t mind as it seemed a natural progression. Starbase 56 was near a planet with ample recreation opportunities and she took advantage of being able to climb and hike during regularly scheduled downtime. Despite being reassigned away from her friends, Peter and Aleka kept in close contact with Javiylah. They even resumed their shared shore leave trips as often as they could, both friends visiting her and enjoying time on the nearby planet.

Feeling confident about the peace still holding for the Federation, she requested a transfer back to a ship when her rotation ended. Javiylah was assigned to the USS Nogura as her Bosun, thanks to the recommendations of Bruckner and Starbase 56’s Chief Operations Officer. Due to not having a Chief of the Boat, Captain Jacken asked her to serve in a combined role, requiring a switch from yellow to red. She transferred onto the Nogura in early 2384 and helped oversee deployment of the ship’s crew when they were ordered to seize the secret Breen base on Pyrithia IV alongside the USS Enterprise-E and USS Callisto. Afterward, it was a routine assignment for the next few years, with nothing really exciting occurring. Javiylah enjoyed her duties and frequent calls from Aleka and Peter. She found sparring partners in the Marine and Security departments, which helped keep her certifications from lapsing. During her tour, she volunteered to complete remote Officer Candidate School (OCS) so one of the Nogura's Petty Officers could attempt to commission. Javi successfully graduated but declined to commission, her file shows that she is eligible to do so. After several years, the Nogura returned to Earth for an extensive refit. Faced with the potential of being assigned to Starfleet Command or the Academy, Javiylah put in a request for assignment to an active ship. After a short wait, she was reassigned to the USS Venture as the Bosun, prompting a trip out to Icobar to meet the ship. Javiylah enjoyed some time on the planet, hiking and breathing in fresh air, before reporting aboard.

Service Record
2360: Completed Starfleet Recruit Training
Crewman Recruit/Crewman
2361-2365: USS Wyoming, Security
2362: Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
2365-2369: USS Dauntless, Security
2366: Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
2369: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
2370-2371: USS Nike, Operations
2371: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
2372: USS Armstrong, Security
2373: USS Dauntless, Security
2374: USS Wyoming, Security
2374: First Battle of Chin’toka
2374: Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer
2375: USS Wyoming/USS Dauntless, Security
2375: Siege of AR-558, Second Battle of Chin’toka, Battle of Cardassia
2375-2377: USS Dauntless, Master-at-Arms/Senior Enlisted Advisor
2377-2378: USS Dauntless, Operations
2378:Promotion to Warrant Officer
Vesuvi incident
Late 2378- late 2380: Medical Leave/Instructor
2380-2383: Starbase 56, Operations
2381: Promoted to Warrant Officer 2
2384-2388: USS Nogura, Bosun/Chief of the Boat
2385: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer
2386: Graduated from remote Officer Candidate School (OCS), eligible to commission
2388-2389: USS Venture, Bosun/Chief Operations Officer
2389: Starbase 471 'Kusawake', Chief Operations Officer
2389: USS Odyssey, Assistant Chief Operations Officer