NCC - 81102

Lieutenant Ayanja Tusalo

Name Ayanja Tusalo

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Full Name Ayanja Tusalo
Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 30
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6" (1.67 meter)
Weight 127lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Sister(s) Ensign Teálati Tusalo
Starfleet Medical School

Personality Bright and welcoming, outgoing and happy Ayanja is often described by her friends as bubbly, sometimes overly so; although by Betazoid standards she’s about average. Always eager to meet someone new, Ayanja prefers to be around people than be alone. If you need to find her off duty pick the place with the most people and the most energy then head for the center of it. Even in her living situation she prefers to have someone else there; after her first assignment when she was promoted and due new quarters Ayanja actually requested to remain with her roommate.

Ayanja has a strong desire to help and protect people. As the oldest daughter of her family and a daughter of the thirteenth house she was raised to protect and watch out for other. Not only is it her duty and a family legacy but she sees and feels that it’s a calling; one she intends to uphold. Despite her bubbly personality, she does let it affect her job, or at least she tried not to. Ayanja is dedicated to her work and her crew; during her time at the academy she did all she could to expand her skills.

Ayanja always strives for the peaceful resolution, preferring to talk her way out of a situation than use force. However once that point is reached Ayanja is willing to act, confident in her ability and her training. These kinds of situations are the few in which she has little issue using her empathic and telepathic powers. Ayanja has learned that when it comes to life or death the privacy rules of her people are inconvenient to say the least. When she’s been forced into these situations she often feels guilty after the fact, but knows she did the right thing; knowing the importance of coming home at the end of the day. Still Ayanja; like other Betazoids gladly follows the strict privacy rules of her people, never delving into another mind or emotional state unless necessary and welcomed.

Like other Betazoids Ayanja needs to have a place to retreat to when her mental shields become overwhelmed by those around her. Ayanja finds that painting is the best way to center herself, there’s just something about there being just her, the canvas and her imagination that just calms her. It’s rare that she gets to this point anymore and painting has just become something of a hobby, but it does happen from time to time.
Skills, Hobbies & Interests Aya’s hobbies generally either help her blow off steam from a tough day or help her center herself and her mental shields. When she’s looking to blow off some steam she prefers to be active, spending hours working out or sparring with her teammates. Over the years she’s taken a liking to various weapon forms, especially those from Earth.

When she’s trying to relax Aya likes to paint or work clay, anything with her hands where she’s building something. The physical act of creating somehow helps her build back up her mental shielding.

FOOD, Aya loves food, trying food, making food, looking at food. It’s delicious and she enjoys it in all its forms. She’s not the best cook that’s for sure, but certainly does give it her all. Whenever possible she’ll try to get to know the chef on an assignment just to see if she can learn something.

Ambitions Ambitions
Ayanja is still undecided where she wants to end up in life. While most of her family is in the public service fields, very few actually end up joining Starfleet. And of those who have left home to join up, most don’t end up having long careers. On one hand Ayanja has enjoyed her time in Starfleet and wants to see where that leads. Although there is a part of her that would love to return to Betazed, become a police officer like her mother or join one of the ministries like her aunts.

She’d also like to learn more about her father’s side of the family, being from the Second House his family ideas are VERY different than what she was used to. Love and Compassion aren’t exactly antithetical to Peace and Protection of course. But she’d no real interest in becoming a therapist or a counselor or nurse…

Above it all Aya is just unsure. She’s a career she loves and people she loves… but she’s also her family duty.

Other Information Strengths
Ayanja is a compassionate woman, who tries to do her best by those around her. To this end she has well developed interpersonal skills, although she can be a little intense for people not accustomed to Betazoids. While she’s gotten better at controlling her exuberance, in this way her control is less than ironclad.

She has a sharp mind for her work and is very dedicated. Taking courses in criminal investigation and procedure at the academy, Ayanja has been trained in police procedure. She is also quick witted and has tested well in high stress scenarios; although this hasn’t been largely tested in actual field conditions. Because of her training as a Security Officer, Ayanja is a great shot, not the best in her class mind you but she’s far above average. She is also in excellent physical condition and trained in several forms of self-defense.

Ayanja has strong mental control over her empathic and telepathic powers. Like all Betazoids she has been trained all her life how to use her abilities appropriately.

Fluent in a number of languages, Ayanja likes to show off these skills when possible.

Ayanja is young and looks it, on top of that she is bubbly and cute so there have been many occasions when people have trouble taking her seriously. This can be a hinderance when performing her duties although she is learning how to overcome that. Simply put she may not look it, but Ayanja is one tough girl.

Ayanja has some pretty strong beliefs about her duty and what Starfleet should be doing and has a tendency to defend any position of hers…vigorously. She has been known to dig in her heels a bit.

Her high energy social attitude can be off putting to many people and she has to work to keep it under wraps when working a detail.

Ayanja is not very technically minded beyond the equipment necessary to do her job and even then… Her classmates used to make fun of her because of how many tricorders she could end up going through in a semester.

Although she has a high tolerance for crowds Ayanja does have her limits. When pushed to her limit she can get very snappy almost to the point of not acting like her usual welcoming self. In extreme cases where someone is incapable of taking a hint she’s lashed out.

Personal History Early Life

Born in Medara City on Betazed Aya is the eldest of three. Her mother is of high station in the Thirteenth House while her father is of middle station in the Second house. Because of the very Hierarchical structure of Betazoid high society her father “joined” the Thirteenth house when they were married. However he still remained a fixture within the Second House. Always felt like because of the differing ideals of the two houses she was being pulled in opposite directions by her parents. She could easily see the merits of both philosophies.

Being the eldest of several children, Aya got used to looking out for them when she was growing up. Being the eldest daughter of the ruling family of the Thirteenth house and thus the heir she had the best education that could be provided and opportunities to travel and experience things even more than normal in such a post scarcity society. All in all, she and her siblings had happy childhoods, but Aya always felt somewhat unfulfilled. She was constantly wanting more than to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

When the Dominion War started it seemed so very far away that it almost didn't seem real. Things continued on like normal for her family as if people weren't fighting to keep them safe. During a family vacation to Casperia Prime for some reason they ended up staying longer than they originally intended. Aya didn't know why just that everyone was worried, her mother and her aunts were working a lot more and she had to take care of her younger siblings. It wasn't until after Betazed was liberated that they returned and Aya found out what happened. This brought the reality of the war home in some rather stark contrast. Seeing all the destruction, all those killed, many of her friends… missing or worse.

Aya felt very guilty afterwards, she had been blissfully safe and secure on Casperia while her friends and many of her family were under the Dominion's thumb. This helped influence her decision to shirk following families footsteps and apply for a Pre-Starfleet program with an interest in security. Her family wasn't all that enthusiastic by her choice considering her status of the various siblings but Aya would not be convinced. For years her parents tried to dissuade her, if anything their constant rants about Starfleet and their lack of protection of the planet only spurred her onward.
Service Record 2376-2380
Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Criminal Investigations College

2382 - 2383
Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training

2383 - 2384
Starbase One
Security Officer

USS Challenger
Security Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Challenger
Security Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Venture
Security Team Leader

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Starbase 471
Assistant Chief Security Officer
*Promoted to Lieutenant

2389 - Present
USS Odyssey
Chief Tactical Officer