NCC - 81102

Lieutenant T'Vrin

Name T'Vrin

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Full Name T'Vrin
Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 57
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description T'Vrin is tall and well put together. She has a long face with strong, nearing sharp, features. She wears her dark hair in a traditional Vulcan style. When not in uniform, she favors Vulcan fashions. T'Vrin is in good health, but is not particularly muscular or particularly waif-ish. She has a study, adult body, well nourished and cared for.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Silek
Mother T'Lan
Brother(s) Satek, older

T’Vrin has a passion for emergency medicine, although she would avoid defining it as such to others. She’s at home in the chaos of a crisis she can solve with laser-sutures, and finds peace in that focus. There is also an unspoken thrill to diving into danger for the greater good.

T'Vrin generally maintains an even demeanor and takes her job, her beliefs, and her ethics very seriously. She aims to extend respect to others, and expects to receive it in turn. However, on the scale of Vulcan ability to attain serenity, she does not rank particularly highly.

T'Vrin has a temper emblematic of her people’s need to develop such strict systems of self control. Most people who find her to be brusque attribute it to Vulcan directness, but it can be a struggle for her to stay on the right side of the emotional line. Despite this, or more likely because of it, T'Vrin is deeply attached to the teachings of Surak. Those principles ring true to her as a woman who feels within herself the volcanic temper believed to have brought her ancestors to near ruin. Equalizing meditative practices are thus a necessary part of her daily life.

T'Vrin is not afraid to get her hands dirty. If there's a rampaging patient high on alien pollen, or mad with pheromonal rage, she'll likely have them restrained before security arrives.

Those who get past her brusque exterior, will find a deeply dedicated, deeply loyal woman, who wants the best for those around her.
Skills, Hobbies & Interests Medicine, especially emergency medicine
Vulcan martial arts
Cultures outside her own
Vulcan fashions
Ambitions Becoming the best doctor possible
Becoming Chief Medical Officer (this she has accomplished already)
Becoming a better, more stable Vulcan in regards to her practices of the teachings of Surak
Explore alien cultures

Personal History Raised in a mid-sized Vulcan city not far from the planetary capital, T'Vrin was born to dedicated parents who were largely traditional in their beliefs. During the relative freedom of Vulcan childhood, she was a bold, good hearted child, but also an irascible and sensitive one. This became more of a concern as she grew closer to adulthood. Like many young Vulcans, her ability to self regulate has improved over time.

T'Vrin became a paramedic in early adulthood, and found great purpose in that work. Her first full assignment was away from her home planet, and the ability to experience alien cultures inspired her. These things eventually led her to set her sights on Starfleet, and in service of that goal, a medical degree.

There was an extra allure to Starfleet Academy being located in San Francisco, Earth. T’Vrin had developed a private appreciation of human culture in her time as a paramedic off-Vulcan.

She excelled at the academy by virtue of her dedication and skill, but continued to struggle with her emotional regulation.

After graduation, she served as a medical officer aboard two starships consecutively. Each experience was relatively successful, leaving the first on the recommendation that she do so to join a ship with a faster track to a position as CMO. Her plans were interrupted by the Dominon War.

T’Vrin’s history in emergency medicine came in hand when war broke out amongst the most prominent societie in the galaxy. She was at home in the fray, and spent the war on different fronts, evacuating and treating the wounded as the enemy approached.

After the war, she received a temporary planetside posting. Although it was meant as a moment of reprieve, she was forced to swing into action when a strange illness broke out in the colony. Her handling of the crisis led to her promotion to a posting as CMO aboard the starship Umbra.
Service Record === 2364 - 2368 ===
Starfleet Medical Academy

=== 2368 - 2373 ===
USS Avis
Medical Officer

=== 2373 - 2374 ===
USS Trenton
Medical Officer

=== 2374 - 2376 ===
USS Trenton
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

=== 2376- 2378 ===
Starfleet Base Alarna
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

=== 2378- 2380 ===
Starbase Opia
Chief Medical Officer

=== 2380 - 2389 ===
USS Umbra
Chief Medical Officer