NCC - 81102

Lieutenant M'Gann Sverch'tel

Name M'Gann Sverch'tel MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Full Name M'Gann Sverch'tel
Gender Female
Species Bolian/Human Hybrid
Age 36
Access Level

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 75.6 kg
Hair Color Strawberry blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description She has light blue skin (not as dark as pure Bolians because of her human half), which makes her stick out like a sore thumb, especially with her blonde hair. Her Bolian half also gave her the classic ridge down the center of her face. Her loose curls stop just above her shoulders, and she usually puts it half-up to keep it out of her face, and she usually parts it off-center to make it a little more natural because the ridge left a thin line of no hair down the center of her head.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kevan
Mother Nides
Brother(s) Liran - 32 Earth years (Deaf)
Sister(s) Mara'el- 40 Earth years
Other Family Anaheim ("Charlie") - 37 Earth years, long time friend

Personality When working, M'Gann puts on a kind bedside manner, and doesn't mind a first-name basis amongst her team, but she's nitpicky about standards when it comes to keeping sickbay clean and functional. One might consider her a germaphobe with how particular she is, but she's nitpicky for the sake of her patients, not for her. Out of habit, she's just as picky when it comes to keeping her quarters clean. When thinking, M'Gann is known to pace, and if she can't pace she will tap her fingers on any nearby surface.

Off duty, M'Gann is a little more relaxed. Her way of being social involves reading in the lounge or another social hub, so people can say hi if they want to. She's usually easygoing and always looking forward to meeting new people. People's first impression of her is that she's shy, but once they get to know her she's a nice person. While a medic, she also considers herself a researcher, so in the face of new things, she sees it as a challenge and uses it as an opportunity to better understand what’s going on.
Skills, Hobbies & Interests She can be found reading something in her free time, typically something from a medical journal. She likes cards, and isn't afraid of joining a poker game or two. Cooking, skiing, swimming, sparring, holonovels and running are also on her list of favorites. Thanks to Charlie, it’s become a habit and a pastime to learn to navigate the Jefferies tubes so she could still get around if the ship were without power, but she tends to do it in the holodeck so she doesn't freak out crewmates.
Ambitions She doesn't like being useless on missions, so she takes the time to make sure she doesn't become a burden. Aside from that, it would be nice to resolve her issues with her sister, but she doubts it would ever happen. Career-wise, M'Gann wants to be sure she can perform to the best of her ability.
Other Information Due to a failed laboratory analysis, she struggles to see in dim lighting. She's also highly allergic to insect bites.

Personal History She was born in the year 2353 and ever since she could walk she had an interest for the sciences, even though she didn't know it until she was about 8 years old. By this time, she was in primary school, and the teacher asked the class if they knew what photosynthesis was, and she explained in great detail. When she got home later that day and told her family, they were surprised that she knew that much detail, even when they had never exposed her to them in her life. M'Gann was considered the "torture child" by her older sister, meaning that she would always get in trouble for what Mara'el did. This led to some anxiety issues as she neared secondary school, as well as a strong sense of protection towards her younger brother.

During secondary school, her teachers were surprised at how quickly she would learn the biological sciences and pass the exams, even using vocabulary that they didn't even know. Her teachers began giving her harder assignments, even large books with complex language for her to read, which she completed with ease. Due to this, M'Gann was picked on by the other kids for being smart, and she got her fair share of bumps and bruises from them. One of the only friends that she had during that time was a girl named Anaheim Winston, and the two ended up going to college together when M’Gann was 20. Anaheim eventually entered the Marine Corps under the alias of “Charlie” at the age of 22. M’Gann signed up for AP science classes despite being a freshman, and also poked around in philosophy and psychology during her freshman year.

At the end of her first year of college there was a college competition in medicine, and any student who passed the entrance exam could enter. M'Gann at first decided against it, but her classmates and even her teachers were telling her to enter, so she did the exam at the last minute and made it in. The things they had to do in the competition were too easy for her, even the most challenging questions, and one of the judges briefly left and returned with a woman, and after speaking to her the woman asked M'Gann how she would proceed if she had to examine an unknown substance that appeared on a starship with very basic scanning devices, if any at all.

The blonde had explained in detail how she would proceed before the judging panel cut her off. She returned to her seat with all eyes on her, and at the end of the competition she got first place. As she left the building where the competition was held later that night, one of the women from the judging panel came over to her. She introduced herself as a Medical teacher at Starfleet Academy, and told M'Gann that she could have a good career in Starfleet.

At first, she kindly rejected the offer, but then she found herself thinking it over during her classes for months afterwards. So she found the teacher who spoke to her and took her up on her offer to join the Academy. The older woman explained the courses she would have to take as well as recommending some to her.

She began her classes in the year 2376 It was there that she learned how to gather information without the use of a tricorder, as well as learn a variety of techniques to take care of patients.

M'Gann graduated with her medical degree in 2380, but instead of sending off an application to the nearest starship M'Gann chose to apply her knowledge in a research facility in California, where she worked for two years. It was here that she crossed paths with Charlie again, who came back from a mission severely injured. She managed to save her long time friend, and once Charlie was done with her recovery, the two were accepted by the USS Courageous. M’Gann met a scientist named Michael and the two started dating, but they were together for just short of a year and a half before he got transferred to another ship. Knowing the long-distance relationship wouldn’t work out, M’Gann and Michael agreed to end things, but they promised to keep in touch. M’Gann later transferred to the USS Memoria and worked as a medic for a year and a half before a tragic incident occurred, which promoted her to ACMO.

During that time, the USS Destiny caught the blonde’s eye, and she talked to her commanding officer to see if a recommendation could be sent to the new ship. She talked with the CO of the Destiny via written messages, especially when she realized that it was more of a warship. The CO convinced her that it was a family ship, and she agreed to the assignment. She came aboard, only to find Michael was the commanding officer of the ship. Despite the joyful reuniting, he was happy with a wife and child, and despite the heartache, M’Gann respected that.

She served there for a year before the small science vessel Colossal, commanded by Captain T'Lara, had caught wind of her. They sent a recommendation, and M'Gann said her farewells to the Destiny. She was on the science vessel for several years as the medical chief. While on board, she was temporarily blinded in a failed laboratory analysis, and while the wonders of modern technology allowed her to see again, she found it harder to see in the dark ever since.
Service Record Agma Research Facility (California)- Ensign
USS Courageous- Ensign, promotion to LTJG
USS Memoria- LTJG, promotion to ACMO
USS Destiny- LTJG, ACMO, promotion to Lieutenant
SS Colossal- LT, CMO