NCC - 81102

Suspicious Summons

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 2:04am by Commander Tavis Inahri
Edited on on Thu Jun 4th, 2020 @ 12:48am

Mission: Mission 0: Prologue
Location: Ready Room - USS Starlancer
Timeline: August 15th, 2389

Tavis Inahri sat in his ready room, the stylus in his hand tapping against the side of a PADD as he stared out the window. The stars streaked by as the Starlancer flew through space at warp 6, their destination still twelve days away. He leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes for a few moments as he mulled over the possible meaning of the message that was just relayed to him. A summon back to Federation space to meet with an Admiral he’d never heard of. Tavis opened an eye and glanced at the message on the PADD.

“Admiral Tau,” he said, out loud, but to himself.

He set the PADD down and opened the computer terminal on the desk. Typing in the Admiral’s name, he pulled up his personnel file and began to glance through it. From what he could tell, the man was quite impressive, though the redacted portions made Tavis a little uncomfortable. But what Tavis couldn’t figure out is what connection they had with each other. As far as he could tell, there were no relations between them; no mutual postings, no crewmember relationships in common. They’ve only been in the same quadrant for a cumulative time of three weeks.

And this summons wasn’t generic. Tavis glanced at it again, just to make sure. No, it was definitely addressed to him personally. By name. Not as Commander of the USS Starlancer, but as Tavis Inahri himself.

“Jacqueline, can you come in here please?” he asked through the comm system. There was no response, but the doors to his Ready Room opened a few moments later.

Jacqueline Hemmings was a small but tough young woman. Former Engineer turned Executive Officer who had supported Tavis through ever moment of his time on the Starlancer. If he needed a second opinion, there was no one’s he wanted more than hers.

“You can’t tell me there’s an issue on this milk run to the Kyrotin system,” she said as she took a seat. “The Haffley hasn’t reported any issues and the refugees they’re carrying are all fine.”

“No issue with the mission,” he said as he set the PADD down and slid it towards her. “I’ve received this message from an Admiral I don’t know and I’m not sure what to think about it.”

The woman picked up the PADD and read through it. Despite the short body of the message, she took her time. Most likely reading it multiple times. After a few moments of silence, she set the PADD back down.

“Seems innocuous,” she said with a smile.

Tavis returned the smile as his eyes sparkled, “You’re lying,” he said.

Jacqueline rolled her eyes, “After all these years, you’d think I would figure out how to trip you up.”

“Want to try the truth?” he asked. While she didn’t answer at first, Tavis could tell by the look on her face how she felt. Though, he didn’t honestly need facial cues to read people. He nodded, “Yea, that’s what I thought.”

“How do we handle this?” she asked, leaning back.

Tavis rubbed his chin, “I don’t think there’s really any room to move with this. When you’re summoned by an Admiral, you hop on the nearest transport.”

Jacqueline sighed, resting her elbows on her knees.

“I know,” Tavis said, “But you’ll be fine on your own. I’ll be there and back before the Haffley drops off their passengers.”

The woman looked up at him.

“Yes, I already spoke with Lieutenant hek’Lev about that issue,” Tavis responded.

She shifted in her chair.

Tavis looked at her, “Alright, I’ll take care of that before I leave. Anything else?”

Jacqueline shook her head and stood. “I’ll see you when you get back,” she said and left the room.

As the doors closed, Tavis turned to the windows, watching as the stars suddenly came to a halt as the ship dropped out of warp. He set the stylus down and yawned, he could definitely use to get some sleep. But he could already see the transport dropping out of warp a few hundred kilometers away, and it was time to go.