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Pragmatic Profiles

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 9:46pm by Commander Magnus Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Thorn PhD

Mission: Mission 0: Prologue
Location: Phaser Qualification Firing Range | Deck 5
Timeline: August 25th, 2389

Launch prep efforts were well underway, though not all of the senior staff had reported yet. That left Hawk with having to fill in the gaps as best he could manage. Stress was part of the job, but Hawk could feel it rising. He needed to let off steam.

He fired another three-round burst from his Type-3 phaser at the target. The holographic photons scrambled for a moment upon impact, then quickly rearranged themselves in the image of the Odyssey's target. Kazyah Linn.

"Computer, continue."

The computer warbled its acknowledgement before speaking in its trademark monotone.

"Personal profile:
A man who remains calm, cool and collected, Kazyah Linn is well-regarded as secretive. He does his best to suppress his emotions, but his guilt over killing his sister is always living just below the surface. Kazyah refuses to make an emotional connection with people, preferring to keep everyone at arms distance. He is elusive and quiet, but can be authoritative and commanding when needed.

One of Kaz's most prominent strengths is what Starfleet Medical has classified as 'telepathic sight.' His years studying with Betazoid Priests has allowed him the ability to feel people and objects around him in a wide area. While he can't see them, he can sense their movements and anticipate action based on subtleties. This has become quite handy in melee combat and has earned him recognition as being a trained killer.

Kaz's lack of sight, and the limits of his telepathic ability, have hindered his use of ranged weapons. Because he cannot accurately focus on a target, unless the target is within a few meters, he simply cannot rely on ranged weapons of any kind.

Hawk fired yet again on the holographic target, dispersing its constituent particles in an endless cycle of destruction and reformation.

"Is tha' what' yer plannen t' do when we find 'im, then?" Came an earthy, accented tone from behind Hawk. With the noise in the room it would often be hard to hear the doors opening and closing.

"I'm asumin' tha's our target'?" Cassandra asked as the Exec she'd been directed to by the computer turned around.

The Irish brogue made Hawk whirl around, though he kept his weapon pointed at the ground.

"Yes, ma'am," he said out of politeness rather than protocol. Even a quick glance indicated he outranked her. "A deserter. Possibly a traitor. We don't know what he knows exactly, but he's highly trained and extremely dangerous." Looking back at the hologram, he added, "We have our work cut out for us."

After a moment's glare, he remembered the nearby lady. "I'm Commander Hawkins, first officer." He shouldered the phaser rifle with one arm in order to offer his hand in greeting.

Cass shook his hand firmly, "Cassandra Thorn, Ph.D. - ye lot's shrink for this voyage and beyond. Good ter meet ye, ser." She gave him a small grin.

"I read 'is brief on me way over." Thorn said as she glanced over at the hologram again, "tell yer wha', if we do et, i''s gonna be one fer the books. I mean, we're all qualified professionals an' all, but this feller is somethin' else, 'e is."

"Now, the question is, ser, who are ye workin' fer?" Cassandra thought to herself quietly. Sure, regulars sometimes hunted for rogue Servicemen and women, but it was a rare thing, especially so openly, as if it was an everyday occurrence. It always brought into question the motives of the hunters too, especially lately, considering all the upheaval and discoveries when it came to the Service.

"A pleasure, Dr. Thorn," Hawk said evenly with a faint nod of his head. "Command has pulled many of us from our regular assignments just to bring this man to justice. It would be foolish to underestimate him. Or, by all accounts, to get close to him."

Normally Hawk would keep things professional, but the mention of being a counselor compelled him to speak up.

"So... I have a personal matter, Doctor. On the Challenger, I always kept a standing weekly appointment with the ship counselor. It would.... behoove me to have a similar arrangement on the Odyssey."

Cass nodded. "Weekly appointments?" She threw on a visage of surprise with ease. "If ye are alright with tha' I'm happeh to continue this arrangement. I need ter familiarize meself with yer case, but I'm sure I can continue yer previous counselor's werk."

"I still 'ave issues graspen' just 'ow much yeh struggle wit' yerself. Either tha' or yer previous shrinker was bad a' their job." Cass thought to herself as she projected empathy and warmth.

"It's not like that," Hawk said. The look in her eye made him backpedal. A tinge of embarrassment twisting his mouth into a smile. "It's just..." Vulnerability turned him more pensive. "I'm not proud of my dual heritage. Klingon culture never did me any favors, not least of which was the short fuse endemic to every son of Qo'noS. Growing up on the streets of Galorda... Heh. Let's just say I take pride in what I've achieved and not in where I came from." He knit his brow at Cass. "I don't need any treatment. It's more like... a weekly sounding board. It helps keep me on solid ground. Does that make sense?"

"I understand tha', ser, but it would be remiss of me ter no' do my 'omewerk on ye an' re-assess." Cass pointed out. "Ye ne'er knoo, we might find a better way ter 'elp ye." Thorn added with a grin, "a'right, I could use some pointers wit' my marksmanship, an' ye can tell me a little about yerself? We don't 'ave ter discuss anythin' ye don't want public, just a little get ter know ye, ter ease inter it? How's'at sound?"

Hawk nodded. "Fair enough," he said. He walked over to the weapons case to return his Type 3 and retrieve two handheld phasers.

"I'm assuming you're competent enough to handle one of these since you went through the Academy, so let's see you fire on the target."

At the press of a switch, the target changed from Kazyah Linn at 100m to a red bullseye at 30m.

Cass nodded, taking the phaser, resisting the urge to check her weapon as thoroughly as she had been trained to do in her secondary training. She was just a counselor, so she had to play up the flaws of such.

"Ye could 'ave kept 'im, by the way." She offered as she took aim and took her first shot, just slightly off center.

"That's not very counselor-like," Hawk teased. "Keep your arm fully extended." He stepped behind Cass and cupped her hand in his as he guided her arm. "It's tempting to pull the weapon closer to the body, especially to aim, but don't trust that instinct."

He stepped to the side, aimed his phaser in his off-hand, and fired right on target. "Another trick is to pretend you're holding a bladed weapon. That way you aren't firing a projectile but stabbing the target." He nodded at the phaser in Cass' hand. "Try it."

"Tha's a weird way o' thinkin' 'bout et." Cass chuckled as she listened to instruction and fired. Still off center but closer.

Pretending to be worse with your marksmanship than you really were was certainly an interesting exercise.

"So, why do yeh say tha's not' counselor like?" She brought the conversation back around as she tried another shot, landing it straight in the centre. "Yes! Haha!" Cass did a little victory jump for emphasis.

Hawk chuckled at the exuberant display. "Well done. Stabbing something is easy because we've spent our whole lives building manual dexterity. Tricking the body into keeping proper form by imagining a more familiar movement helps maintain accuracy even under stress." He relieved Cass of her phaser and returned them to the weapons table.

"Counselors are part of Medical," he said with his back turned while securing the phasers to their slots. "I wouldn't naturally expect any healer to be adept at bringing harm." Weapons locked down and secured, Hawk turned around to face Cass. His dark eyes were probing but friendly. There might even have been a faint smile in the making. "Clearly there's more to you than meets the eye."

Cass chuckled, "war, Command'r waits fer noone t'learn t'fire a phaser." She countered. "Besides, we're all Starfleet off'c'r's. We all need ter be capable, not' just Security an' Tactical."

"Well said." Hawk gave an approving nod. "We all need discipline in order to be our best selves. It's still surprising to hear from a counselor, but a comforting one."

A strange thing to find comforting, but Hawk appreciated the fact that the person to whom he'd be....venting ... had such a pragmatic understanding.

Cass nodded, smirking, "yer turn. Wha's a surprising t'ing about' you?"

Get them feeling good and they will unravel. At times, Cass wondered where the psychology started and the tradecraft ended, and vice a versa.

"I was born on a Klingon world," Hawk said with a completely straight face.

"Oh yeah?" A well practiced visage of interest. "Which one?" Cass asked, stepping over to the weapons display again, observing the weaponry.

Thorn knew the answer, but for the sake of appearances, pretenses were necessary. A seemingly distracted questioner gave the questionee time to frame an answer. Or a lie.

"Galorda Prime," Hawk replied. "A place of misspent youth. How about you?"

"Well I don't' thenk me youth was misspent, necessarily," Cass chuckled. "Oh, ye mean which planet? Aldeb'ran T'ree. A very, gaelic place."

"Sounds wonderful," Hawk intoned. He paused for a second before offering more private information. "My adoptive parents have a manor in Rannoch, Scotland back on Earth. Gaelic was my first introduction to my human side."

At the mention of "humans," Hawk visibly softened a bit. Far more than when he previously mentioned Galorda.

Cass grinned, "tha's wher' the brogue's from. Guid on yeh, lad." She intoned in a scottish accent. "Sorrey, I prefer my soft irish lilt'. 'Elps when I talk ter people."

"It took awhile to pick up, but once it sticks, it's for life," Hawk said. He hadn't realized the brogue had slipped. Normally he tried to keep a clear diction. "Honestly, I count myself lucky. The rest of my old street gang are probably long dead by now."

Thorn nodded, observing the tiny expressions on his face. "Makes one appreciate wha' they 'ave now, hm?"

Hawkins was definitely going to be an interesting one. His sense of loyalty and justice seemed firm and quite clear, with no need for vocalization. Cass could see herself having long talks with the Ex Oh.

"Well said," Hawk agreed. He'd seen the worst that the galaxy had to offer and would lay down his life for the Federation to preserve its values. "I look forward to our future talks. If there's nothing else, though, I'm due in the shuttle bay for requisition inspections." Normally that would fall to the Operations Officer, but XO's had to fill in the gap when none was available.

Cass nodded, clasping her hands behind her back. "O' course, ser. I'm due for a few more meetin's t'day meself. I' was good ter meet yeh, ser." She said as they walked out together.

With naught but a nod of agreement, Hawk went his own way. His head shook ever so softly as he reflected on the encounter. In the future he would need to be more careful. He'd very nearly had a moment with someone.


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