NCC - 81102
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One Small Step

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2020 @ 1:58pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper & Commander Magnus Hawkins
Edited on on Tue Jul 14th, 2020 @ 2:53pm

Mission: Mission 0: Prologue
Location: Bridge - USS Odyssey
Timeline: 1128 hours - August 31st, 2389

The doors of the turbolift opened, allowing Tavis to step onto the Bridge. He smiled as he saw his crew going about their business, everyone doing what they needed to prepare for the launch. Today was the big day and while he wasn't excited for mission at hand, he was certainly glad to be getting out of spacedock. Something about sitting still just didn't sit right with him.

"Captain on the bridge!" Hawk announced from the command chair. He jumped to his feet to stand relieved.

Tavis walked forward, coming to the forward console where Lieutenant Mylo and Channing were sitting.

"Lieutenant Channing, I assume our route is set and ready to go?" he asked.

Keeping his position in his seat as he continued to work, fine-tuning the settings for the helm Alex spoke. "Yes, sir. Course plotted and laid in. Awaiting your order to engage," he said, his voice carrying clearly across the bridge.

Tavis nodded, "Good to hear," Tavis said as he turned towards the middle of the Bridge where his chair sat. On either side of him was his Executive Officer and Chief of Security, the two people who he would be relying on most during this mission. He was glad to have them by his side as this mission was going to be difficult, for the crew as a whole and him personally.

He nodded to each of them , patting Bear on the shoulder, as he stepped up to the platform his chair was on and sat down. While it was the same model chair as his old one, Tavis swore this one left bigger, though he wasn't sure if that was metaphorically or literally. He settled in, crossing one leg over the other as he opened a comm to the ship through his chair's control panel.

"Good morning all, this is the Captain. Today we launch on a very important mission, one that might take us to places we didn't expect, show us things we never wanted to know. But what we're doing is important and crucial for the safety of Starfleet and the Federation. And we will do it excellence."

Another tap on his control panel and the comm link was closed.

"Ops, please clear us for launch."

The woman who manned the Ops station sat silently for a moment, before she turned to the Captain. "We've been cleared, sir," she said.

"Good good. Mister Channing, please take us out."

With a few taps, and quite a few thrilling butterflies in his stomach, Alex activated the propulsion systems. Before them the interior of the spacedock began to recede, and then the whole scene shifted as the ship pivoted and began to head towards the massive space doors. "Under way, sir," he said, keeping his eyes on his instruments as they moved through the vast cavern of the massive station.

"Let's try not to scratch the paint," Tavis said with a smile. "This ship did just get cleaned."

Alex continued to slowly increase speed, a slight smile tilting up the ends of his lips at the Captain's joke, and bringing them closer and closer to open space. Seconds later they watched as the frames of the doors slipped past the viewscreen, replaced by the wide open vista of the stars all around them. "We are clear of spacedock, captain. Ready to engage preprogrammed course."

"Take us out at half impulse," Hawk said. He was no engineer or helmsman, but he always preferred going to warp in open space well away from anyone or anything.

Unlike the others, Bear's attention wasn't on a screen of any kind as the ship moved forward out into the star-studded darkness. His focus was entirely on the people and he studied each of them in turn, noting mannerisms, body language and inflection in their speech. A sort of baseline was being subconsciously gathered, quietly yet meticulously, and he kept Tavis in his peripheral vision at all times. Force of habit and the foreshadow of things to come.

As this ship continued to move further from the station, Tavis started to get antsy. Something didn't feel right, and he could feel it crawling up the back of his neck. He dismissed the feeling, bringing his attention back to the viewscreen. "Lay in our course, Lieutenant Channing. Warp 7."

With a few taps of his console Alex did as he was ordered, laying in the course and setting the ship's engines to a steady jump to warp seven. "Course laid in and ready, sir," He said, looking at his console, left hand poised above the button that would send them on their way.

Tavis took a deep breath.



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