NCC - 81102
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Looking Foolish

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 4:09pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Commander Magnus Hawkins

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Captain's Ready Room - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Misison Day 1 - 1114 hours

Tavis stepped into his Ready Room, his Executive Officer just a few steps behind. The doors closed with a swish as the Commander turned to face the man who stood just a few inches taller than he did.

"What was that about?" Tavis asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What was what about?" Hawk retorted. The stern look on his face suggested he knew the commander's meaning but did not feel it necessary to defend his actions.

Tavis rolled his eyes as he walked towards his desk. "Stop trying to play coy, you're not very good at it," he said. "You don't decide when they know what they know, I do."

"I wasn't being coy," Hawk said, crossing his arms to match Tavis. "I was being indifferent. They had a right to know. Deep down, I think you know that."

"Did you think I was going to keep it from them?" Tavis asked as he sat down. "They will learn the information they need to know when it's most appropriate. And you are not the person who gets to just decide on their own when it's appropriate."

Indignation roiled up within Hawk. "And you don't get to withhold non-classified intelligence from your staff for personal reasons." He pointed a finger down at Tavis. "I saved you future embarrassment, perhaps even casualties, but that's ultimately beside the point. My responsibility is to Starfleet. It was in Starfleet's interest to reveal the information, so that is what I did. And I would do it again."

Tavis stood, taking a deep breath. While he was not the type to jump into anger, this man was certainly pushing him in that direction. "No, your responsibility is to me and this mission. Please don't forget that I am the one in charge, and the one who is ultimately responsible, not you. And while you're aboard my vessel, you'll do as I say. Understood?"

"Don't cite regulations to me, Commander, and think that will cause me to shift my allegiances." Hawk stared down his nose at Tavis with judging umber eyes. "We're already going after one traitor. If you ever order me to act against the interests of Starfleet or the safety of this crew, I will see you relieved of command."

"This mission is in the interest of Starfleet. And they've entrusted me to carry it out as I see fit."

Hawk shook his head. "They entrusted me to make sure you see it through. Look, you're in the chair and I'm not challenging that, but I will not hide mission critical information from the senior staff. Simple as that. I can think of no better way to get people killed." The rest of his exhalation came out through his nostrils in a near snort. "Is there anything else or are we done here?"

"No, we're not." Tavis said, firmly, shaking his head. "Mister Hawkins, you do not decide when people get to learn information. This is my mission, and on my mission you do as I say. So from now on, you keep your mouth shut on information that I give to you and I will decide who learns what when. If not, I will make sure you do not have access to any information at all."

"You gave no such directive regarding your personal history with our target, so you are out of order." Hawk clamped down his jaw and grit his teeth. "That is to say, I insist on the commander to put said order into writing and then sign said order so that I may formally enter it into my log."

Tavis nodded. "I apologize, I assumed you were intelligent enough to not need me to tell you when it was appropriate to reveal information or not. That was completely my mistake." The man turned, grabbing a PADD off the desk and began to type. "Here. I'm putting it in writing that you will need to check with me prior to revealing any classified information to the crew. Sound good?" he asked before shoving the PADD towards the man.

"No, you don't." Hawk took the PADD and slammed it back onto the desk hard enough to crack the screen. "We were never talking about classified information, so I resent your shifting goalposts. Your history with Linn is mission critical intelligence that needed to be part of the briefing. I had to bring it up during the question-and-answer after your initial briefing. If you can't be intellectually honest in your dealings, then maybe you should tell the admiral you're not a good fit. I know I will be."

"Tell the Admiral whatever you want. I honestly don't care," Tavis said, picking up the PADD and whipping the desk with his hand. "Don't ever humiliate me in front of people again. If you have an issue with me or what I say, or don't say, you come into this room and you tell me." Tavis took a step forward, pointing a finger at Hawk. "You don't get to do that in front of the staff."

"With all due respect, Commander, your ego is at the bottom of my list of priorities. If you want to be half the commanding officer that we need you to be, your ego will not be your top priority." He closed his eyes and fought to regain his center. "Look. We've got to work together if we want any chance of catching this guy and keeping whatever secrets he has from falling into the wrong hands. You can count on me to put this crew first ahead of everything, even my own life. I'm sorry if you were embarrassed, but if you expect me to spare your feelings where I would not spare my own life, then you'd better get used to disappointment."

It visibly angered him to do so, but Hawk extended his beefy hand to Tavis. "Mission first, personal feelings second. Agreed?"

As the anger subsided, shame suddenly took its place as Tavis knew the man was right. He stood there silently for a moment before he took Hawk's hand and just nodded.

"Are we done here?" Hawk asked once again.

Tavis nodded again, "We're done," he said as he turned and walked to the couch that lined the back wall of his office. "Let me know when the security briefing is ready," he said right as he heard the doors open and Hawk walk out of the room.


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