NCC - 81102
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Shadows Are Everywhere

Posted on Tue Jun 30th, 2020 @ 3:07pm by Commander Tavis Inahri
Edited on on Fri Aug 7th, 2020 @ 1:52am

Mission: Mission 0: Prologue
Location: Location Unknown
Timeline: Time Unknown

The light was dim in the small corridor as the figured stepped silently across the metal deck plating. He moved from junction to junction, looking for someone specific as he hid in the shadows each time a person walked past. His cloak was pulled around him, the hood brought up to conceal his face. He continued down the path, pausing at each intersection to choose the right path until he found who he was looking for.

Ahead of him was a young man, dressed in tight pants and a tank top, using a spacial extortioner on a plasma conduit that looked clogged. He waited, letting another person walk past, before he walked up towards the young man.

“Lucas Quinn,” he said in a low voice, knowing the young man could hear him with his enhanced hearing. “I see you’re doing well with the job I secured for you.”

“I was wondering why the Head Operator was suddenly willing to work with me when before he wasn’t,” the young man said, looking up at the hooded figure. He looked up, the red iris from his mechanical eye glowing in the dim lighting. “It would make sense that you had some part in this.”

“A simple thank you would suffice,” the man said. “It’s the least I could do for someone who helped Sayuri and the Chimaera. They really needed someone with your knowledge and expertise.”

The young man turned back to the plasma conduit, “Not that it helped much. I’m sure you heard about what happened with Shamus.”

“I did. But I think you’ve handled the loss of your mentor well.”

He shrugged off the comment as he continued his repairs. “What do you want with me?” the young man asked. “Why did you help me get this job?”

The other man sighed, “Let’s call it doing a good deed. I’ve spread around enough bad karma in this life, it’s time to counteract that.”

“And that’s it? You’re not asking any favors or help for Starfleet Intelligence?”

He shook his head, though the younger man wasn’t looking. “I’m not longer affiliated with Starfleet at all. I’m just a regular person now, trying to find my place in this universe.”

“That shouldn’t be hard,” the younger man said. “Shadows are everywhere.”


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