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Tavis and The Trinity

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2020 @ 8:39pm by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Commander Tavis Inahri

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Transporter Room - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Mission Day 5 - 0932 hours

Tavis stood just inside the doorway of the transporter room, his hands clasped behind his back. At the console, the woman working this facility today leaned over the display, waiting for the light that indicated the person was ready for transport.

It didn't take long for the light to flash green as she went to work to pull the new Officer on board. Specifically the new Chief Engineer.

As the lights on the transporter pad shimmered, three figures soon stood before them, each looking identical to the others.

The farewell party the night before had been memorable, to say the least, Aurora thought. And there had been tears from more than one quarter. Aurora hadn't realized how much moving on was going to hurt this time, but Captain Trent had been right; if she wanted to take advantage of career advancement it meant setting aside sentiment. All the same Aurora found leaving behind her friends more than a little heart wrenching. She was not very good at making them in the first place and it seemed when she did it was more a matter of someone else making the effort.

Chief Gomez smiled and said, "We'll miss you, lieutenant; you're one of a kind."

Aurora's three selves smiled at that and said in unison, "One?" Gomez grinned and gave a nod of farewell as the transporter effect took her... the Odyssey's transporter room. Three sets of eyes swept the chamber and spotted the transporter chief, one of the selves began to nod when another saw who was standing in the doorway.

"Captain Inahri!" All three cried in surprise at once in perfect unison. Aurora deliberately paused; she knew how much people not used to it could find it disconcerting. Green handed off her duffel bag to gray and approached her new CO. She unzipped her tunic and pulled out the small PADD with her transfer orders and held it out to him.

"Lieutenant Aurora reporting for duty, sir," she stated, trying to clamp down on her emotions. Why was Inahri here meeting her in person? Was something wrong? Was he going to order her off the ship? Was he single? The last thought came unbidden and while green maintained a poker face gray, which normally gave away what she was thinking, placed her face in her palm while violet found something fascinating on the far wall to look at.

Tavis looked at the woman before him, taking the PADD from her hand. Then he looked to the other one, then the third. “Welcome, Lieutenant, he said to the one in the middle. “And these are...?”

", sir," Aurora replied after a pause. Violet took note of the transporter chief's blink of incomprehension, Aurora pressed ahead, "I am essentially one consciousness inhabiting three bodies. This one usually does most of the talking as-

"People-" gray said

"Find-" from violet

"Me-" green

"Using-" gray

"All-" violet





"To be-"


"Sir," Green finished. Violet handed her duffel off to gray, it wandered over to the transporter station where the chief stood, more bemused than anything else.

“I...” Tavis looked at the PADD with the officer’s orders, scrolling through quickly to see if it said anything about this. The service jacket he’d received prior certainly didn’t mention multiple bodies. “Are uh...are there any special considerations we need to be aware of?” he asked.

Aurora blinked. The Captain sounded as if he didn't know anything about her. This wasn't incompetence: Starfleet COs like that wound up on freighters and transports. It was more like...someone had kept him in the dark. Or perhaps she was a last minute replacement? It was...weird. Instead of feeling frustrated she felt sympathy for Captain Tavis; it could not have felt good being feeling uncertain about a new department head. Over at the transporter console the chief found a pressing need to run a diagnostic on the buffer so she knelt down under the console, it was apparently the best she could think of to afford the officers a measure of privacy. Violet returned to the others while gray chewed her lower lip thoughtfully.

"I am biologically human, sir," Aurora replied, "So no special environmental or dietary needs," she smiled slightly, "Well, I am eating for three so there is that. And I will need a larger bed, but that's about it, Captain," she hesitated, "Ah, was there a particular reason why you met me here, sir? Is there some pressing issue with the ship I should know about? I'm more than ready to dive in, sir!"

“No, not at all.” Tavis turned and gestured for the ladies to walk out of the room with him. “It’s customary for all Senior Staff to meet with me once they board. I just figured, as I wasn’t busy at the moment, I’d save some time and meet you...” he looked at then “you three.”

"Well, glad to hear I won't need to prevent a warp core breach the first five minutes of me being on board, sir," green replied with a grin. Violet whispered to the chief, "I'd like a meeting of all engineering personnel who could be made available at 08:00 tomorrow, please pass it along for me?" the chief gave her a thumbs up.

Gray and violet caught up with green and the CO, green said, "I am very much looking forward to this assignment, sir. It's a magnificent ship. I've been going over the specs and I'm beyond excited," while gray and violet had polite smiles on their faces gray was grinning excitedly.

“She’s quite a beauty,” Tavis said, running his fingers over the bulkhead as he walked down the corridor, his new Chief Engineer, well, Engineers, in tow. “She’s not very old. She was built a little over two years ago. After only a few months in service, the first Captain was involved in a scandal and the ship was docked until now as the investigation used her as evidence. So she’s practically brand new.”

"I thought I detected a 'new ship smell in the air," green replied with an impish grin as gray handed out two of the duffels to the others. The smile faded, "I'm afraid I'm not aware of the scandal of which you speak, sir. It must have been pretty bad if Starfleet felt the need to dry dock a ship of this size and versatility."

Gray looked anxiously at the deck at their feet as they walked, "There weren't...murders, were there?"

"A mutiny?" Violet suggested.

"Space going brothel?" Green suggested

Tavis smiled at the Lieutenant's curiosity, "Honestly, I don't know all the details. But I do know that the ship herself was compromised in the incident and the entire Computer Core had to be replaced to ensure there would be no incidents."

Interesting, Aurora thought. To replace the entire core implied perhaps an act of terrorism or sabotage by a hostile power. Then again there were forces out there that were non-hostile that could have in their ignorance compromised the core.

They reached the turbolift, Aurora turned to the captain and said, "Was there anything you need from me, sir? I need to put together a larger bed for myself, then I have to meet the gang in the morning to quell any doubts in regards to my reputation as a brute and slave driver. Which is to say I must confirm that any and all rumors to that effect are absolutely true."

As they stepped into the car, setting Main Engineering as their destination, Tavis chuckled at the comment. "I won't be long. But one thing you do need to be aware of. As the Odyssey's computer core was replaced with a new one, they installed a bette core than the standard used around the fleet. We're piloting a few new features, as well, including an update to the LCARS system and an Emergency Utility Hologram program." He pulled a PADD and held it out towards the woman. "There's more. I would recommend you brushing up on it, just so you're aware of the information."

Aurora's eyes narrowed. All of them. She was familiar with the EUH and was not a fan. At all. But she held her peace and gray looked away to insure the Captain did not see her innermost thoughts.

"Of course, sir," Aurora replied with a nod as green accepted the padd, "I promise to make it a priority."

"Thank you, kindly." As the doors opened to deck 12, Tavis stepped aside to allow the three officers to step off. "Also, on that PADD is the details of our mission that were discussed in the initial briefing. I'm sorry you weren't able to be there, but the transcripts are complete, so you shouldn't lack any knowledge. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you, sir," Aurora replied verbally with green but all three gave a nod as the turbolift doors closed. She gave the padd a cursory examination; well, homework in Starfleet was never ending, that was a maxim that bore out repeatedly. But even so her mind was on her new commander.

Her new, cute commander. Green glanced up and noticed the salacious grin on gray's face, with an effort she wiped it away and concentrated on the tasks at hand. She noted she was on the Engineering deck and considered her options. Without a word gray took the bags and joined violet in the 'lift; one would head to the quarters to prepare for the larger bed while the other would head to the industrial replicators.

And green? Smiling, she strode briskly towards Engineering.

Her new home...


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