NCC - 81102
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Meeting The Team

Posted on Fri Jul 17th, 2020 @ 9:53pm by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Day Six, 0800 hours

Aurora had traveled the distance from Engineering to her quarters the evening before and had a pretty good estimate how long the trip would take. She had considered leaving two of her selves behind to avoid confusion but she had assumed the transporter chief had already passed the word around that the boss was a little...odd. She reached Engineering at exactly 0800 and strode through the doors.

A great many sets of eyes turned to regard her. It was all Aurora could do to keep the tension off gray's face as she gave out nods all around as she approached the thrumming warp core where there waited a ring of crewmen, junior officers and senior chiefs, who politely parted way for her. The one major issue she had in taking this job was this; being the center of attention, being at the top of the chain of command down here. Among individuals she could handle herself easily, but in a crowd...

"Thank you for coming," Aurora said via green, mildly surprised her voice did not crack. Violet and gray gently made their way through the group to the monitoring stations, "I will keep an eye on the critical systems. If a couple of the chiefs can keep an ear out for any communications sent down to us?" petty officers nodded and broke away, "Thank you. My name is Aurora. I have a string of numbers and a letter for a last name so I go by my first in all things. I have a complicated back story as you might have surmised," she smiled, "There will doubtless be a few wild tales some of you might track down. To be brief; I spent most of my life as a science experiment. I am one person inhabiting three bodies; the other two are no my psychic meat puppets. And no, we are not triplets and Starfleet Command is not humoring us. If you wind up preferring one over another do not be surprised; everyone seems to like gray most," she shrugged, "I suppose because I smile more with her. Who knows?"

She regarded the beings around here, even after so many years it felt strange and sometimes disquieting to see so many different faces. So many different kinds of faces. She began, "We are engineers. We build things. We fix things. We make this ship travel at ludicrous speeds to the far ends of the galaxy. We designed the weapons and shields that others employ to protect us. We had a hand in creating the science labs and sickbay. When presented with a tactical problem more often than not we are the ones asked to become miracle workers and produce a solution."

She let that sink in, "That does not make us better than anyone else on this ship; our brothers and sisters wearing the same color keep us alive to do our jobs. Science and Medical help to define this weird universe and keep us whole, both physically and mentally. And those in Command lead the way. Everyone has their part to play."

She held up her thumb and forefinger up, a centimeter apart, "But perhaps I think our job is a tiny bit more important," that earned her some chuckles. Thank goodness, "Like most Chief Engineers-honestly like most good engineers, period-efficiency and safety are my watch words. I crave order. For example, the way chief...Seabury? The way chief Seabury has his sleeves rolled up? that is going to drive me nuts. No, chief; leave the sleeves how they are; I shall cope. Somehow." that earned her a few smiles.

"I think that's about it," Aurora said after a moment of silence, "As engineers we deal in the concrete, so I know it will take time for you to take my measure, and hopefully I will earn a trust and respect that goes beyond the pro forma. That is all."

As the meeting broke up all three shared a sigh of relief. Not the greatest speech, but at least she didn't stutter. As the NCOs sidled towards her she motioned for them to head to the closet that was her office. It was time to get to work...


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