NCC - 81102
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Brother Banter

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 11:30am by Ensign Alex Dalton
Edited on on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 4:26am

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: USS Wellington

“You do realise your change of having one of these has just dropped off the chart,” Darren commented bouncing little Joseph on his knee.

The baby gurgled happily, his brightly coloured outfit stained with his most recent attempt to feed himself.

“That didn’t stop our parents,” Alex reminded his younger brother as he folded a shirt into the duffel he was packing.

“Perhaps not,” chuckled Darren over the comm channel. “They’ll cut from a different cloth, a different era even and you’ll mad enough to carry on in their footsteps.” The small screen flickered slightly which wasn’t surprising considering the number of light-years separate the two brothers.

The eldest Dalton sighed wearily having heard this line of argument many times before and not just from Darren, most of his other siblings shared the same opinions expect from Hannah whom was on her final year at the Academy. “I’m not going to answer that one, we’ve been over that too many times already, you could have least pretend to be happy about my promotion.”

Little Joseph started to blow raspberries over the channel.

“It wouldn’t call it that,” Darren ruffled his son’s hair. “You’ll still an Ensign, like the day you left the Academy years ago.”

Alex shrugged his shoulders and resumed his packing: “So what, I’m still senior staff which is a step up.”

“They won’t respect you; you’ll be the new boy on the block, someone to poke fun at.”

“It’s not like that,” Alex reminded him. “It’s not playschool with bullies at every turn waiting to jump you at each corner, we're above that sort of things."

"Obnoxious you mean," Darren shot back.

"How can you say that?" Alex paused again. "Considering what we've been through over the years, personally I think your just jealous. Playing house husband to Vikki."

The civilian snorted with displeasure: "If you say so, I'd rather be here to Joe day and night that swap places with you or Hannah. I've had my fill of starships and near death peril."

"You forget the beauty it has to offer," Alex indicated to view outside the porthole of the Class L planet the USS Wellington was currently in orbit of. "I'd never grow tired of these views."

"Ugh, you sound like mum."

That tickled the Ensign. "Yeah, she'd certain say that."

"They already called?"

"You could call it that I suppose," Alex shrugged his shoulders again and tugged at the zipper of his bag. "Short and sweet, I suspect they'll try again later once I'm on the Odyssey."

Baby Joseph clearly bored by the lack of attention was now attempted to fling himself on the floor, Darren expertly juggled him as if this was a normal occurrence. "Bet Hannah was bouncing around like crazy st the news."

"She'd already looked up the specs with envy when we spoke, she's itching to be out here."

"You're both nuts."

"Don't blame us for your lack of adventure house husband."

"Having kids is an adventure I have you know," Darren grunted as Joe twisted restlessly. "Just not the sort you'll looking for."

"Yeah, he's a real handful," Alex observed his nephew wriggle then his bottom lip started to quiver painting the way for a fall blown hissy fit. "I'm sure I'll get round to it one day though, just not right now."

"You're loss."

"I wouldn't bet it," Alex smirked as the baby's face began to screw up momentarily before he startled wailing loudly. "I'm not the one dealing with dirty nappies or wearing baby sick on my shoulders."

"Funny," Darren snapped having scooped the little boy in an attempt to soothe him. "Instead you have with bad tempered Klingon's, slippery Romulan's and the cold vacuum of space inches from your bunk." His words were slightly lost amongst his son's heaving sobs. "I'd pick Joe any day, even if its all pooh and tantrums."

"Charming," Alex chuckled. "I better let you go before it becomes one of those delightful days."

"Stay safe out there."

The channel closed resuming the peaceful tranquillity of the USS Wellington, the wails of Alex's nephew still rung in his ears has be glanced around his quarters one last time. The Odyssey would be arriving shortly in order to start his next adventure, the prospect made the hairs on his arms stand upright with excitement


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