NCC - 81102
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Losing Communication

Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2020 @ 1:41pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Thorn PhD & Ensign Alex Dalton

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 13 - 1703

Tavis paced the area between the helm/ops station and his chair. By now, both Cassandra and Aurora had moved to sit in the two chairs typically occupied by Hawk and Bear. Alex was turned so that he was facing the group.

"They're still walking down the corridor?" Tavis asked Aurora.

"Yes, sir," she replied, "I will try and relay any salient points discussed between the parties but bear in mind there are going to be several people talking and I might miss something. I'll do my best."

He nodded, resuming his pacing. "Alright, we need to think of an extraction plan. Some way for us to get them out of there without completely blowing our cover. We can't make too much of a ruckus or we'll be up a creek in no time."

Frankly, Aurora didn't mind the idea of their cover being blown at all. She had no desire to find out if she could survive with one body disintegrated. Taking a breath, she said, "What if we found out more about the woman? What if this ship were hunting her and not the away team?"

She glanced around at the other officers, "Any chance of identifying her from the recorded f-"

She paused in mid sentence, "Oh! Okay, her name is Khalexis...and she might or might not run a brothel...among other things," she frowned, "Whatever that means. Bear says he sold her out."

She frowned, "Bear says they're probably screwed..."

Cass listened to the strange Engineer's words, using the time to formulate ideas that would come from a Counselor rather than an intelligence officer.

"Okay, do we feel that they know we were listening in?" Cass switched up her accent to Received Pronunciation English, so that she could more easily be understood. "Or is it just a dampening field that they entered? And, have the other you and the Commander been exposed or is it just Commander Jasper?"

An idea was forming in Cass' head but she needed some information first.

Aurora frowned, "I couldn't tell, really. I don't know if the jamming was specifically for us or it's just a natural precaution. They have all three of us and are leading us, well, somewhere. Where that is I don't know yet," she paused eyes widened, "Oh, you mean do they know the Commander and I are Starfleet? She hasn't said. But she didn't address Bear by rank so I don't know if she knows he's Starfleet."

"Try to find out both if you can, as subtly as you can. We don't want to tip them off that we still have a link to the team." Cass said, nodding in acknowledgement.

Dalton found himself chewing his bottom lip mutely. Though, impressive Aurora was able to relay such clear information to them the prospect of the away becoming overwhelmed or discovered was increasing incredibly with each passing moment.

"Okay," Aurora said after a little bit of silence, "She's taken us to a sort of...lounge area. Cushions everywhere. She wants to know why we're there. I'm keeping quiet and letting the others lead."

She glanced at Dalton, "Any chance to check our files to see if this woman is on record?"

Alex spun back round and keyed his console: "She's certainly has a collection of talents," he said lowly. "Theft, blackmail, adding and abetting to name a few. She's smart too and well connected, you'd better be careful."

Tavis stepped towards the Ops console, looking over Alex's shoulder as he read the woman's file. "Looks like she's a well known arms dealer and smuggler, as well." Tavis pointed to a certain place on the screen. "It says here that she was picked up by Starfleet when she was traveling through Federation space a while back, but was eventually let go as they had no jurisdiction over her shipments. Starfleet received the tip from..."

Tavis stopped, turning back to look at both Cassie and Aurora. "Bear's the one that turned her in," he said. "That's why he asked me not to send him over there. He's been here before. And no doubt he's the reason they're in trouble."

Aurora was about to respond to that with an acerbic remark when things suddenly went all to hell. She let out a little gasp.

"We've been blown," she said simply, "She knows whom we are. And...Okay, bear's taken a disruptor from one of the Nausicans and he's pointing it at her, and...Okay, she walked right up to him and has the barrel right up against her chest..."

She held up her hand to forestall any questions, after a few moments she murmured with a relieved sigh, "All right, things seem to have de-escalated. She wants us off the station-I suppose because it is bad for business-and is willing to help but the guys are reluctant to tell her why we are there."

She glanced at the Captain, "Orders, sir?"

Tavis stood there for a moment, rubbing his chin as he thought about it. His training, his oath as an officer, everything told him that it was right to not share anything with this woman. They didn't know her, for all he knew, she could be working with Kaz and tip their hand.

And yet...his gut was telling him something different. His gut wanted to trust this woman, to tell her who they were looking for. While it might be the wrong choice, Tavis just knew it would work out. "Tell her who we're looking for, Lieutenant. And if she doesn't know him by name, describe him. I doubt Kaz goes around announcing his identity, but it's hard to miss a blind person who's trying to blend in."

"Understood," Aurora replied with a nod. She wasn't sure if this was the right call, but the mission had already been blown and if one faction already knew there were Starfleet officers roaming the corridors how soon would their target find out? Hell, what if one of this woman's Nausican guards was on the guy's payroll, or easily bought.

She frowned and was silent for a bit, then rolled her eyes, "She claims she doesn't know him, the guys are trying to leave. I stopped them, suggested an alliance or partnership."

She winced, realizing maybe she had overstepped her bounds. The way she worded things over there implied it was the Captain's idea. She had a feeling she might have pissed off not one, not two, but three superior officers. Well, there were three of her, so she supposed there was a symmetry...

“Smart idea,” Tavis said as he sat back down in his seat, leaning towards Aurora. “I don’t want to give this lead up just yet. Have you described him to her yet?”

"We are trying," Aurora replied, "Commander Jasper really, really hates this woman. I mentioned the ears but she's pretty much asking if I can possibly be more vague. Commander Hawkin's mentioned his aliases and that he's blind but can hide that. And that he's an experienced infiltrator and code breaker."

She glanced around, "Any other distinguishing features? I'm terrible with faces."

"His blindness is probably the most distinguishing feature," Tavis responded with.

Aurora held up a hand, she frowned, "He's not here, he left. And she does not know where he went," she brightened, "But he did have dealings with someone. She does not know his name, but he was a former Borg."

She glanced about, "Can we use that?"

Tavis nodded, "We can definitely use that. Have the team go find this Borg. Is she letting you go?"

"...It's...complicated," Aurora finally replied, "She seemed to be ready to let us go, but she goaded Commander Jasper...something about his brother working for her. Commander Hawkins is attempting to get Commander Jasper away from her but there's this battle of wills going on between them."

She regarded the Captain soberly, "There is a lot of hate here, sir. An ugly past and a lot of unresolved conflict. I'm keeping quiet for now because I don't want to spoil Commander Hawkins' play or make Commander Jasper look weak in front of her."

She paused, then added, "And honestly I'm not sure what I could say to diffuse the situation."

“Get the group out for now,” Tavis said. “Maybe if we can get them away from that area, communications will come back?” The man shrugged, “Just do what you can, Lieutenant.”


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