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Making Plans

Posted on Tue Nov 24th, 2020 @ 2:06am by Five of Seven & Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Ensign Alex Dalton & Commander Magnus Hawkins

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Conference Room - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Mission Day 13 - 2207 hours

Tavis Inahri sat at the head of the conference table, staring out the window as he stifled a yawn. It had been a long day, though he felt like he hadn't done much. But at least his plans were falling into place pretty easily, and so far, the team had been met with quite a bit of good luck. They may not have found their target, but they were able to find a lead that hopefully had some good information.

"Have you ever worked with Borg drones?" Tavis asked the two officers sitting with him, Ensign Alex Dalton and Lieutenant Aurora. So far they were waiting for the others to join them, along with their new guest.

Aurora winced and admitted, "Not really, sir," she quickly added, "I am up to date on all Starfleet reports regarding drones and nanites."

The Ensign exchanged a glance with Aurora before answering: "A little sir, more observation than hands on."

Tavis nodded, "Well, I think you're going to have quite the job on your hands, Ensign," he said with a smile. "I'm putting you in charge of working with this Drone. We'll need to make sure his needs are being met while on board."

Alex felt his left eye twitch involuntarily at the Commanders order disliking the prospect of having to work closely with the unit. They'll cold demeanour was chilling but nothing compared to the hideous frightening modifications each XB was given - though on longer threatening this Drone would still give the Ensign the creeps for sure.

"I'll do my best," he forced himself to agree to the order hoping the Commander wouldn't hold the slight tremble in his voice against him too much.

"Please let me know if I can help in any way," Aurora said to Dalton.

"I highly suspect you can," the Ensign swallowed thickly. "Once I've established what exactly he needs."

After a few minutes, Hawk entered the conference room followed by a Borg drone and Bear who held him under discreet but firm control.

"This is Commander Tavis Inahri, commanding officer of the USS Odyssey," Hawk said by way of introduction. Gone was the barking brogue of Klingon street thugs, replaced by the usual crisp diction in which Hawk and Tavis first met. "I beg your pardon, Commander, but I did not get the XB's name."

Tavis just stared at his XO, the look on his face both tired and annoyed. "In your conversation with the gentleman, you didn't get his name? Do you even know you have the right person?"

"It was my understanding you were monitoring from the bridge the entire time." Hawk looked at Tavis askance with an incredulous expression. "You were monitoring, were you not?"

"Did you think we were going to sit around and watch you three eating dinner?" Tavis asked, raising an eyebrow. "Aurora was there, she kept me apprised every so often. But for the most part, no. I wasn't expecting a lead so quickly. Seems our plan worked faster than expected."

Hawk arched his eyebrow. "I see." Clearly he did not consider that a satisfactory excuse, but this was neither the time nor the place. He offered a seat to the XB and then took his place to one side of Tavis.

Bear waited for the XB to take the indicated seat, then took up a standing position in close proximity. He maintained a casual ready stance, unsure how this would play out, but prepared just in case.

Dalton felt goosebumps ripple arm his arms as the Drone was escorted toward the conference table and sat obediently and coldly. It was slightly surreal being this close to an XB especially one living - he left out that part when the Inahri asked. Fortunately for the sake of his churning fearful stomach save for the modifications to the right hand and replacement eye the Drone did not appear of have any additionally external amendments to his body.

"Sir, welcome to the USS Odyssey," Tavis said, standing as the rest of the senior staff took a seat. "I assume my Executive Officer explained about the man we're looking for?"

The man sat there, arms crossed in front of his chest. "These gentlemen walked up to me, asked me about a person I've never heard of before. When I told them I didn't know him, they grabbed me and I was transported to this ship against my will."

Behind the XB, Bear cast his gaze in Hawk's specific direction, but said nothing. He remained standing, reading the room as the Captain led the meeting.

Tavis took a deep breath, his smiling face not betraying his feelings as he glanced at his XO, then turned back to the former Borg drone. "I apologize for the misunderstanding. Certainly we mean you no harm. You're on a Starfleet vessel, you're protected under our laws."

He cleared his throat before continuing. "We're looking for this man," Tavis said, tapping a control on the table to begin a holographic representation of Kaz's face. "He goes by the name Kazyah Linn, or Daschiel. He's very important and we're under the impression you knew him."

The Drone shook his head, "I've never seen this man before."

Tavis smiled. "Sir, um... My name is Tavis Inahri. Is there a name I can refer to you as?" he asked, taking his seat again.

"My designation is Five of Seven, Primary Adjunct of Unimatrix Two Five," the drone stated.

"So, Five of Seven," Tavis said. "I'm a member of the Betazoid race. I can tell when you are and are not lying."

"Species 1599 is very frustrating to interact with," Five said, meeting Tavis' gaze.

"I hear that a lot," Tavis said with a smile, glancing at Bear who chuckled in return. "So how about we try this again. Do you know this man?"

"I do, but I will not reveal any information," Five said.

"Why not?" Bear pushed, his tone direct, as a light frown creased his brow. "Why do you feel you need to protect him?"

Five looked at Bear, then back to Tavis. "Mister Dashiel assisted me when I was alone and had nothing. I owe him a debt of gratitude. And he warned me that people would be searching for him and that they would do anything to find him."

"If you owe him a debt," Bear said, calmly. "Then help us find him first. Better that we locate him than those who would do anything to find him."

Aurora hesitated, then she chimed in, "Sir, I realize that perhaps you have not seen us at our best; we did abduct you, after all. But time, as the ancient saying goes, is of the essence and we could not afford to waste any more."

She hesitated, then continued, "I come from an authoritarian culture that imprisoned me and saw me as nothing more than a science experiment. It was a Starfleet officer that granted me asylum when I escaped when she could have cited some fatuous directive and ignored me, and it has been Starfleet that has allowed me to reach my full potential. Whomever these people are that your friend feared I don't believe it was Starfleet."

Five looked around the room to the people sitting there. While he wasn't sure he could trust them, especially after the stunt they pulled, he did get the feeling that they weren't lying about his friend's situation. "He left Dalia Station almost two weeks ago," Five said. "He said he thought he'd be safer in Fiddler's Green."

Tavis groaned internally as the name rang in his ears. He looked at Hawk, curious if he'd also heard of the place.

Standing tall still, Bear frowned as he looked from Five to Tavis, then followed the Captain's gaze as it landed on Hawk. Clearly this was some place they were both aware of, but Bear had never heard of it.

"Figures," Hawk groaned. "It's also where Gamma Command's last report placed the mutineers from earlier this year." Keeping the rest of his thoughts to himself, most of which were quite biting and unflattering toward Kazyah Linn and other deserters, mutineers, and traitors, Hawk asked Five a more salient question. "Fiddler's Green is a long, long way from Dalia Station with plenty of hiding spots along the way. Do he indicate any other business which took him there?"

Five shook his head.

Bear fixed a solemn stare on the Odyssesy's XO own, and with a mere raising of one eyebrow silently suggested that Hawk might want to fill him in on this location when they had a private moment.

Aurora tried to recall the official reports about Fiddler's Green but she was more inclined to read technical journals rather than tactical reports. She made a note to bring herself up to speed and Violet began accessing the reports. Meanwhile...

"Did he go alone?" Aurora asked, "Do you know anyone in Fiddler's Green that he would get in touch with? Or someone we could get in touch with?"

"I've answered all the questions I'm willing to answer," Five said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Hawk had heard enough. "In that case, we have no choice but to detain you until we conclude our investigation. By your own admission, you are an accomplice to the man we are searching for. In the event you have lied to us about Fiddler's Green, then we won't have to go far to follow up with you either." His brow arched in challenge. "Are you certain about not answering any more questions?"

Opting to remain quiet Dalton clenched his jaw as Hawkins threatened the Drone. They'd certainly not gain Five's trust or further details on Dashiel with that type of tact.

Bear rolled his eyes and bit back a smile, but he folded his arms before his chest, demonstrating his lack of any physical intentions right now.

"I know the limits Starfleet has on the conduct of its Officers and the length you can go to with prisoners. I promise I can withstand anything you can bring me," Five said, meeting the Klingon's gaze.

Tavis put his face in his hand, giving his head a slight shake with both annoyance and embarrassment. "We are not going to be detaining you," he said in a calm voice, before looking up at the drone. "I will ask, though. Have you ever been to Fiddler's Green yourself?"

The drone looked back at Tavis, "I have, quite a few times. I first met him there, actually. I took a job aboard the USS Chimaera, and I believe he was the crew's patron."

With a raised eyebrow, Tavis glanced at Hawk. "Seems the plot thickens," he said. "The Chimaera is the exact mutineers you just mentioned." Turning back to Five, Tavis cleared his throat. "Would you do us a favor and assist us in reaching Fiddler's Green? Unfortunately, none of us have been ourselves. Its location is cryptic and heavily guarded. If you've been, you could probably help us get in as well."

Five set his jaw, glancing between the Klingon and the Betazoid. "Your ship does not have accommodations for one such as myself," he said. "And I have a job back on Dalia that was very difficult for Daschiel to procure for me."

Tavis gestured to both Ensign Dalton and Lieutenant Aurora, "I have a fantastic Engineering team who could reconfigure our systems to support your needs. And it will be a quick jaunt there and back. You have my word, no harm will come to you or Daschiel."

Saying nothing, Five just nodded to the man.

"Perfect," Tavis said with a smile, glad that they could reach an agreement. "Now, are there any questions we have for our friend?"

Hawk let out a wry smile that mistrusted everything he heard. This was Tavis' ballgame, though, so Hawk held his peace.

A tilt of his head and a sideways look to Hawk told the XO that Bear had similar reservations, but he didn't openly contest Tavis' opinion. Not here in front of Five at least.

Aurora was lost in thought as she pondered the logistical problems of creating a Borg regeneration chamber. It would make sense to use one of the storage bays near Engineering...but would that cause other difficulties? And a storage bay seemed a poor place for one to live. As someone who had spent much of her formative years in places little better than cells she thought they could do better for their guest.

"Hmmm?" she blinked. Had the captain said something? Questions? She shook her head, "No questions, sir. Ensign Dalton and I can have a Borg regeneration chamber up and running in reasonable time."

She smiled at their guest, "And I'm sure we can insure whatever quarters we provide you will be comfortable."

Bear coughed to clear his throat and hit Tavis with a quietly insistent gaze as he spoke. "A private word, sir?" He asked. "Once I've seen Five here to some secure quarters."

Tavis nodded, "Actually, I'm sure Ensign Dalton is eager to get a start on the work with our guest. Have two officers escort them, please," he said. "You and Commander Hawkins can join me in my ready room." Tavis stood, "Thank you again for your assistance, sir. If you need anything from Dalia Station before we leave, please let us know. Otherwise, we'll be leaving for the Gamma Quadrant immediately."


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