NCC - 81102
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Five Will Get You Tension

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2021 @ 10:01am by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Ensign Alex Dalton & Five of Seven

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Engineering lab, deck eight
Timeline: Mission Day 13 - 2230 hours

Escorted by their security entourage Alex forced himself to swallow his uneasiness at their guest, it was quite apparent Five of Seven would staying with them for several days yet.

"You said you have certain requirements," he asked the XB shortly as they left the beefing room. "Could you explain what these are so Lieutenant Aurora and myself can assist?"

Aurora thought the entourage was unnecessary but she was not about to contradict both a department head and a superior. She kept quiet, waiting to hear what their new guest had to say.

Frankly, Five of Seven fascinated her. She had never met a Borg before, rescued or otherwise. She hoped he would overcome his suspicions and be willing to aid them more fully...

"Specifically, I do not sleep," Five said as the small group walked through the corridor. "Traditionally I would need large regeneration unit, but my unit is still on Fiddler's Green. I developed a small device that will assist me temporarily, but that device is back on Dalia Station. I would assume your Captain wouldn't allow me to retrieve it, so we will need to build a new one that I can use."

"Don't sleep?" Aurora echoed. She definitely needed to better reacquaint herself with any and all data on the Borg. She felt an urge to defend her superior and replied, "I apologize but we are racing against time. Sorry if that sounds melodramatic but he has expressed a pressing need to catch up to our friend as soon as possible. With all of our data on Borg systems I am certain we can construct the node for you. You sound as if you have considerable technical knowledge; your help would be most appreciated."

"I'm an Engineer by trade," Five responded.

"Really?" Dalton probed unable to hide his surprise. "What sort of things have you been working on? I wouldn't have thought they'd be much need for your skill set on Dalia Station."

Five glanced at the young man, "They do not. Circumstances outside of my control have brought me to Dalia, not by choice."

"I am sorry to hear that," Aurora replied. She did sometimes wonder what happened to Borgs fortunate enough to escape the Collective. Surely there was some means to aid them in starting a new life? Then again, she did not know how 5 of 7 had secured his freedom.

At least she could do something for him here, she said to him, "We will have access to Starfleet's database to help us construct the node, but your expertise would certainly expedite things," she smiled, "And you can make certain we do not make any mistakes.

"As for your stay here," she continued, "We have numerous facilities to help you pass the time; our holodecks, for example."

"I won't be needing any of these facilities," Five said.

"Sure they'll not to everyone's liking," Alex added. "What do you like to do in your spare time? To relax?" he asked with genuine curiosity.

Five looked at the young man with a concerned look on his face. "Relaxation is a flawed concept that gives excuse to laziness. I prefer to fill my time with productive tasks."

As the group spoke, they entered the engineering lab.

Aurora glanced at Alex, then led the pair over to a work bench. Several crewmen looked up curiously from their projects but the Chief Engineer focused on their guest.

"Let us know what you need," she replied as she turned a viewscreen towards them. As she brought up the schematics of a regeneration chamber she murmured, "We find creative outlets and recreation as means of mental and emotional stimulation. For example, I imagine you could find more than one person on board that could give you a challenge in three dimension chess, or a good poker game."

She smiled, "What you need is a hobby..."

"Incorrect," the Drone stated. "What I need is a device to these specifications." He stepped up to the console and held his hand over the screen and two tubules protruded from his wrist, attaching themselves to the panel.

Pushing past the officers, the two security officers grabbed the drone, trying to pull him from the station. When they were unable to, one stood back, raising a phaser rifle and holding it to the drone's head.

"There's no need for that," Five said, retracting the tubules. "The specifications have been downloaded into your Computer banks." He pressed a button on the console and a holographic display initialized, showing a small round device. "This is what I need built."

"A little warning would have been nice," Alex commented lowly as the security officers stood down. "Especially if we're to work in unison together, that way you'd spook us all a little less."

Five looked at the young man, raising an eyebrow in confusion. "I'm not sure how else I was supposed to relay the specifications. It's a highly detailed and delicate piece of equipment."

Aurora did not want to alienate Five, but at the same time Dalton had a point. Besides, it was unprofessional to undercut a fellow officer's authority. She attempted a middle road when she replied to their guest, "I understand and I am quite certain you are correct. But you must appreciate the unfortunate history that lays between the Borg and Federation. And while I am certain you bear us or our operating systems no harm it would be prudent if you could refrain from directly interfacing without warning and supervision."

She turned to Alex and with her back to Five silently mouthed 'I'll run a diagnostic'...

"I am not Borg," was the drone's simple response.

Dalton cringed; this wasn't going very well and unless they could come to some sort of middle ground it was going to be a very, very long journey. "I apologies Five," he began. "We're not used to having someone of your position onboard. We just want to ensure your comfortable and the safety of everyone is maintained."

Aurora was silently grateful for Alex's save, she rapidly nodded at his statement and she said to Five, "And I apologize if I offended," she eyed the schematic and tried to get them back on track, "I had thought we would have to place you in a storage bay, but if this device is as portable as I think then we could put you in much more comfortable quarters."

Five looked at the woman, "I assumed I would be placed wherever your Captain feels is most secure." He glanced back at the two security guards.

"You're not a prisoner," Alex reminded. "Captain Inahri is happy to provide you quarters as he said in the meeting room. We just want to make sure they'll up to scratch and can fulfill your requirements."

The drone stood there for a moment. He hadn't ever considered the possibilities of his own quarters, and he'd never had any space of his own, even on Fiddler's Green. He always had to bunk with a bunch of other people. "Would there be a window?" he asked.

Alex glanced to his colleague a little surprised at the question. "Yes," he answered. "More than one in most cases."

For a moment, it looked like a slight smiled pass over Five's face, but it disappeared so quickly that it was easy to think it never happened. "I think quarters would be acceptable."

Aurora suppressed an urge to physically reach out to Five; in his state any physical contact might be misconstrued as a threat or some gesture of correction for bad behavior. Instead she said, "We have an extensive library on board, anything from technical journals to fiction, to historical texts. Our holodecks are used for recreation but there are also many instructional programs as well."

"I'm already in possession of the entire Federation database," Five stated. "There is very little I'm not already aware of."

"I see," Aurora replied with a thoughtful frown, "And all of that is stored in your brain? Do the Borg implants allow you such vast amounts of data retention? Do you actually understand it? I mean, if you read a historical text can you comprehend the events that it discusses? Or is it all just data, just dates on a calendar?"

Aurora realized she was probably being a touch cruel but Five was starting to annoy her. She was trying her best to be a good host but he seemed determined to be as aloof and emotionless as possible. Perhaps that was his nature but he was no Vulcan; there must be emotions there that could be reached...

"I believe it would be best if I retired to my quarters," Five said, glancing between the two officers, then looking back to his security detail. "Starfleet Regulations would require you both to stay with me. Please lead me to where I am to be kept."

After a moment, the two security officers nodded and lead the drone out of the room.

Aurora sighed as she watched the trio depart. She rubbed her eyes and murmured, "That was unprofessional."

She opened her eyes and sighing turned to Dalton, "No, it was more than that; it was...petty of me..."

"I wouldn't dwell on it," he tried to assure her. "I think we're going to be speaking out of tone around him at some point. He's so different to ourselves, Starfleet I mean, yet we can't treat him like a naïve child either. It's going to be testing few days or weeks."

"Very true," Aurora replied wryly as she rubbed the back of her neck, "Well, we had better get started on this device for Five. And who knows?"

She began to access the new data Five had supplied.

"Perhaps he will lighten up a touch tomorrow..."


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