NCC - 81102
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Arrival by Daylight

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 2:55pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Ayanja Tusalo & Chief Warrant Officer Javiylah MacArthur & Commander Magnus Hawkins & Ensign Mason Dekker & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mara O'Sullivan

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Transporter Room - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Mission Day 34 - 1842 hours

The doors of the transporter room opened with a quiet swish as Commanders Tavis Inahri and Magnus Hawkins entered. It had been four days since the Odyssey had passed through the Bajoran Wormhole and the requested freighter had finally traversed the subspace passage as well. Now the two vessels were headed for their destination, a location that Tavis had kept from the skeleton crew so far.

With one of his own at the helm of the freighter, the Odyssey would be playing host to the few Officers that were sent with, trying to keep them as far away from mission-important information as possible. The last thing anyone needed was for these people to be caught up in this situation.

"They're coming in now, Commander," said the woman manning the transporter room. As she swiped her hand over the panel before her, four figures shimmered on the transporter pad and took form.

"Thank you, Chief," Hawk said, presuming the transporter chief was talking to him.

Tavis glanced to Hawk, though he didn't give the intrusion too much energy. "Thank you, Ensign Caplan," he stated.

A young Betazoid was the first to materialize on the large elevated platform as the Transporter Chief finished the cycle. Just before reconstituting she heard the familiar hum of a 24th Centruy transporter and immediately felt at home. The Postage's own early 23rd-century design was still service worthy but did give the team a bit of pause before stepping up for transport. Mason had outright refused at first, declaring it a death trap. While Aya might have had faith in her ship and Javi's work, she'd be lying if there wasn't some apprehension.

"Captain Inahri?" The woman said, less a question and more a statement. "Ayanja Tusalo, Captain of the Federation Freighter Insufficient Postage, permission to come aboard?" Her eyes flicked to the left of the man, a familiar half-Klingon stood. A slight smile crossed her lips, but she quickly controlled it, refocusing on the ship's Captain. There was procedure after all.

Tavis stepped forward, eyeing the woman as he extended his hand. "Permission granted," he stated. "Welcome aboard the USS Odyssey. I hope your trip was uneventful?"

"It was sir." Aya stepped down from the pad to grasp the outstretched hand. "Few mechanical issues but the Chief took care of things easily. You'll find the ship in better shape than when requested."

"Most excellent," Hawk put in. He too kept a taciturn expression. Tavis had not introduced him yet, but he would not withhold praise when it was due. Especially not with a welcome familiar face.

Behind them as his most recent Captain stepped down, Mason materialised. He spent a long minute checking every part of him had really made it through that molecular journey, wriggled his fingers and toes, checked over his face and head. Ears - check. Nose - check. All ten toes - check. Etc. Etc.

Senior Petty Officer O'Sullivan and Chief Warrant Officer MacArthur materalised soon after, the two waiting for the Ensign to step down. Mara giving Mason's obvious check that all his body parts materlised a quick amused quirk of one eyebrow.

"It was sir." Aya nodded with a graceful smile before stepping aside to allow the others off the transporter pad. "My senior officers of the voyage, sir. Ensign Dekker, Chief Warrant Officer MacArthur, and Senior Chief O'Sullivan. Without these three we probably would have been limping here by the end."

Both women nodded at the two Commanders as they were presented, stepping down to stand behind the lieutenant.

"I'm glad you had such excellent assistance for the journey," Tavis said. "This is my Exec, Commander Magnus Hawkins," he said gesturing towards his XO. "We've set up quarters for each of you on board," he continued. "I'm sure the accommodations on the Odyssey exceed those on the freighter. You'll be much more comfortable here."

“Understood, sir,” came from Javi and Mara at the same time. Neither were surprised at the announcement given their orders and they’d brought their personal items with them.

Mason hefted his duffel bag over his shoulder and kept his mouth shut. He did give a functionally deferent nod to each Commander while trying to minimise the scowl currently occupying his features. All he wanted right now was a shower and some privacy, he had zero intention of rocking this boat just yet.

"We appreciate the assist," Hawk said to the junior officers and noncoms. "Starbase 471 always comes through in a pinch and we won't forget it."

A tad surprised at the praise since they didn't exactly have a choice in the matter, both women nodded again in polite acknowledgment. Not that Javi minded giving her deputy a chance to see what it was like running Operations by himself.

"Sure, sure," muttered Mason sarcastically to himself as Commander Hawkins made an assurance of their gratitude. "We'll probably get a medal at some point."

Tavis glanced back towards the Ensign, making a mental note to find out more about his attitude, but stowed that for another day.

"I've set up a nice dinner for us, hoping we could get to know each other better," Tavis said as the group walked down the corridor. "I hope that's amenable to each of you?"

Aya raised her eyebrow at the invitation, she really hadn't been expecting that. They were just delivery officers, transporting a ship from one assignment to another... getting to use the ship's facilities at their leisure sure, that was one thing. But dinner with the Captain? Why did that make the hair on the back of her neck stand on end?

"Oh... ummm yeah, I mean..." Aya took a swallow, her uncertainty more than her suspicions tripping the woman up. "I mean thank you sir, we appreciate the hospitality and of course are happy to join you for dinner." It was tempting to let down her walls a bit, try and feel the man out. He was a fellow Betazoid after all, the social taboos that kept her abilities tightly locked away behind mental shields didn't apply.... per se. But that was also a line Aya had never felt the need to cross and she certainly wasn't going to do so with a fellow officer.

Mara and Javi exchanged a look as they followed the officers down the corridor, letting the lieutenant's answer stand for their own. It was odd, for sure.

Surprise momentarily coloured Mason's face at this highly expected gesture from the Odyssey's captain. Dinner? Wow. A rare smile very briefly flashed across the pilot's bearded face as he ducked his head and cast a fleeting glance backwards to Inahri. "Can't remember the last time I had a nice dinner," Mason murmured, wondering what could possibly have the two female officers on edge.

"Well, it looks like you're in for a treat, then," Tavis said with a smile as he lead the group towards his private dining room. "Chef has whipped up a few different options, in case there are any dietary restrictions."

Hawk was not entirely sure how telepathy worked, so he was unsure of whether or not Tavis could read his thoughts. Still, he focused his mind with strong intent toward his commanding colleague. ~Over the top. Ease off~

Oblivious to any undercurrent, Mason picked up the tiniest of skips in his step as he trailed in the wake of the group. This Captain Inahri seemed very accommodating and kind, and whatever his reasons for such niceties the pilot could really care less. There was enough misery and bitterness in his life, but a decent meal made especially for them by an apparently real chef was a real treasure and one Mason intended to savour.

"Thank you, Captain," Mason said, with genuine gratitude wrapped about his words. Something the three other freighter officers had likely never heard from him before.

Aya was a bit shocked, Mason had seemed in a perpetually bad mood for years. Then again she also couldn't blame him either, FOOD after all was a favorite pastime for her. If only the whole situation didn't stink somehow she'd be skipping along too.

As they neared the captain's mess, Hawk stepped aside outside the door and allowed the guests to enter first. "After you," he said amiably.

The officers all stepped into the room, excited for the meal that was awaiting them.


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