NCC - 81102
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Checking In

Posted on Tue Mar 9th, 2021 @ 2:00pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Ensign Alex Dalton

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Captain's Private Mess - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Mission Day 16 - 0835 hours

"It's much smaller than I would have anticipated" Tavis said, putting down the PADD he was glancing over to look back at Ensign Dalton and Lieutenant Aurora. "And this is all he needs?"

The two Officers had joined him this morning for breakfast to give an update regarding their Borg guest and the progress on any accommodations he needed.

It was not often all three Auroras were in the same place at the same time, outside of sleeping in her quarters. But since the Captain had wanted to see her and Dalton for breakfast she thought it would be prudent to show that he had her undivided attention.

Each one had their own meal, based on that body's dietary needs. Violet was eating oatmeal spiced with cinnamon, green was having half a grapefruit.

Gray's breakfast consisted of four scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered toast with orange juice.

"Well," Violet noted while Gray noisily chewed her bacon and Green looked up on the grapefruit with distaste, "Honestly I think the man needs both a hug and a kick in the rear, but that goes beyond my technical expertise. We," she glanced at Dalton, "Believe it should work; the technology is what they used to call 'off the shelf', meaning it is tried, tested and reliable. We are simply re-configuring it for a new purpose."

Alex smirked over his heavily spread jam covered toast at Aurora's comment of kicking and hugging Five. He half agreed with her, the XB was at sea, he lacked direction sitting firmly upon the fringe of society too alienated to integrate, yet almost unwilling to help himself. The Ensign hadn't been able to shake his feeling of sorrow and pity toward their guest.

Lowering his slice he added: "It's small but complex. Though, I share your question Sir. This could be test of our abilities, our motivation, compassion and respect. The bottom line is we need to trust one another if we hope to receive truthful information when we arrive at Fiddler's Green."

Violet nodded and began to speak when Green stabbed a slice of grapefruit and put it in her mouth. Violet's face flashed through a spectrum of expressions, from shock to disgust as Green chewed. Gray paused and sighed as she dropped the forkful of scrambled eggs on her plate.

"The things I subject myself to in order to maintain my figures," Violet muttered. She took a breath as she seemed to glare at her other self as she put another piece of the dreaded citrus in her mouth, she forced herself to speak, "Hopefully these measures will prove to be unnecessary and Five will behave himself. Maybe if we are lucky he will grow curious enough to start interacting with others on board."

Tavis glanced between the four officers. He had to admit, it was still odd that three of these bodies eating in front of him were all the same person. This was only the second time he'd seen more than one of them at a time and it was always slightly unsettling.

"What measures do you hope prove unnecessary?" Tavis asked. "My understanding was that the device was to help him sleep without a regeneration unit."

All three Auroras paused and looked right at the Captain and blinked twice in unison, part of her realized how unsettling that could be but she couldn't help it. After a moment she realized where the confusion came from.

"Oh!" Green said with a roll of her eyes. She sighed and said, "I apologize, sir. I had assumed we were talking about the security measures Commander Jasper wanted put in place. This," she waved at the device, "Might not be immediately recognizable but it is in fact a tricorder. I removed the casing because I had to make a few adjustments."

She glanced at Dalton, then back at the Captain, "The idea was to insure Five would not employ his nanoprobes without our knowledge. We were going to place one of these in quarters and have security personnel carry them on their person around him."

"Commander Jasper asked for these security measures?" Tavis asked, looking between the Auroras and Dalton.

"Yes," Alex nodded. "We shared the same concern that Five could retrieve sensitive data form the ships computer or disable systems that could endanger the ship. Commander Hawkins also insisted I installed a fail-safe feature in the device," he nodded toward Travis leaving out how the rest of their conversation had gone. "An off switch if you will."

"So the bear and hawk had some of the same ideas?" Gray noted with a smile, "I suppose great minds think alike." the smile turned sour as Green continued eating the grapefruit but Violet pressed on, "In any case, I believe that what Alex and I have developed should me all of their requirements."

Tavis mulled over this information. "I'd like you both to write up the full capabilities of this device, including those that you installed at Commander Hawkin's and Bear's request. I'd like to know what this thing can do. Can you have it on my desk by the end of the day?"

Hurriedly chewing his toast Alex swallowed it awkwardly: "That shouldn't be an issue."

Gray nodded in accord with Alex, to the Captain she asked, "On a scale from one to ten, with one being something a human child could understand, to ten, which only someone like, well," she waved her thumb (OOC: I said "tongue". Don't know where that came from. :D ) at herself and Alex, "us, how technical do you want the report to be?"

Tavis chuckled, "That's a valid question. Honestly, let's keep it about a 6. I'm not entirely unknowledgeable about Engineering systems but I'm certainly no expert."

"Six," Violet said with a nod, "Got it."

Green finally finished the grapeful, she sighed with relief and pushed the bowl away from her.

"We'll bear that in mind in the future," Alex couldn't help but smirk at Aurora's sense of humour, it certainly made working with her far more interesting.

Tavis smiled as he took a bite of his food. He wasn't really sure how to handle this situation. He didn't like the idea of these modifications but for security purposes, he could see the benefit. For now, it was probably best to just leave it alone and see how it played out.


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