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Ships Passing in the Night

Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2022 @ 12:56pm by Lieutenant Ayanja Tusalo & Commander Magnus Hawkins
Edited on on Mon Jun 13th, 2022 @ 2:55am

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Main Holodeck
Timeline: Mission Day 35 - 2000 hours

Hawk didn't make it a habit to intrude on a fellow officer's personal time. Intruding on their holodeck session was even worse. But Aya was far more than any officer. He had been her security chief, back in his LT days aboard the Challenger. When she arrived, Aya had been a wet-behind-the-ears rookie, but she was smart and quick on her feet. Hawk had taken a chance on her, and she'd rewarded that risk many times over. While he may have thrown her a bone in the beginning, her meteoric rise was due to her own drive and initiative.

The list of names which inspired pride was a short one for Hawk, and Aya was near the top.

Acting on the presumption of friendship, Hawk let himself into the holodeck mid-session. It had been a long day and he was ready to rack out early, but not before he was able to meet up with his protégé in a more casual setting where protocols were relaxed and first names were appropriate.

As the man stepped onto the holodeck he was met with a wide expansive view. Mountains in the distance with an ocean of trees at its base. Greens and pinks, and yellows strung about. Waves crashing against the shore in the distance. Wind whipped through the trees, as leaves started to fall, seemingly from nowhere. The sun setting in the distance... It would have been beautiful were it not for the sound of Sounds of metal meeting metal ringing through the forest, echoing off the massive foliage around him. The smell of battle in the air.

Deeper into the forest following the sound, he came to a clearing. Cries of exertion, intermixed with those of battle. In the middle stood Ayanja, her uniform replaced by a much more simple tunic something of Earth's past. While she may have noted Hawk's approach Aya didn't give any indication. She was focused on her opponent, at least a meter taller and big the two stared each other down. Swords in hand neither made a move, the polished steel shining in the light of the setting sun.

Hawk cocked his head to one side. Sengoku period of medieval Japan? Interesting choice. He stood by and watched what happened next.

Flashbacks. Melee Training. When Hawk had promoted Aya to Team Alpha on the Challenger, it had meant advanced training with the Chief of Security. Melee sparring with tonfas were the beginning. After ensuring Aya knew the striking points, Hawk didn't hold back. He dared not. Despite being nearly half his size, Aya knew her leverage and used his size against him whenever he failed to keep her outside his guard. For a little sparkplug, her melee strikes packed a wallop.

The wind picked up again, howling through the burned-out meadow. Dirt and trampled leave whipped against their skin. Still neither moved, combatants, running through the fight in their minds. Not taking her eyes off the man across their small battlefield, Aya almost smirked. Her opponent was well trained but the program hadn't picked up on her change in style, the very obvious Klingon styles mixed in confusing his training.

When he finally struck, a long overhanded strike cut across her torso. But Aya was anticipating the basic but lethal movement. She turned, pivoting under his strike, rolling through the rough earth slashing out at exposed legs to drop her opponent to his knees. He fell hard, exposing his back to her killing blow. With a flourish she ended it quickly, mercifully ending the man before he hit the ground.

Whipping her hair back, she looked up, a questioning look turning to a warm smile as she recognized the man standing on top of the hill.

"Nicely done," Hawk said, clapping in praise. "You always were gifted with the weaponry of Earth." Walking down the hillside, he appraised the fallen foe that dematerialized before he could approach it. "Although I noted some Klingon forms in there." He smirked with mock disapproval. "I don't recall teaching you anything of the sort."

Live fire. Explosions. Disruptor bolts whizzing past their heads through the jungle environment.

"Get down!" Hawk ordered.

Aya did so, Chaillu did not. The latter gained a new hole where his forehead had been.

"Beta Team is down," Hawk said, noting Chaillu had been the last of them. The fire zone was more than just hot. They had been ambushed. "That means we're surrounded. Keep cover, wait for them to get close, and then we take them at melee range or go down swinging."

Aya's eyes were wide, sweat stuck hair and dirt to her face as she huddled tight to the edge of the crater they found themselves in. Phaser and Mek'leth clutched tight in her hands. Simple perimeter security mission and gone out the window as soon as they lost contact with the ship. Since then it was a running fight for their lives.

Till now Aya hadn't had a chance to think, it was training and instinct, the need to keep moving which had kept her focused. Now she had that moment to think, to examine, her eyes meeting Chaillu's. She was terrified, her ears starting to ring as she couldn't tear her gaze away from their fallen comrade.

"Focus, Tusalo!" Hawk shouted.

A squad of Klingon pirates were descending on their position. After the ambush that had led to an intense shootout, Hawk and Aya were outnumbered at least three to one. If they were lucky, at least two of the Klingon warriors would hang back as fire support while the other four moved in to attack with blades as Klingons loved to do.

"You can't help him but you can damn sure avenge him!"

"Computer," Hawk said. "Give me a fangtian ji, Song dynasty period."

A spear materialized in his outstretched hand that had half-crescent blades on either side of the spearhead. He fell into a ready stance with the spear held at his waist.

"Well?" Hawk's brow raised in quizzical challenge.

Smirking as she fell into her own stance, Katana held out to the side and back. "Ladies first." Her strategy would be to parry and dodge his attacks. Aya was good but she couldn't hope to match Hawk for pure strength or reach. Speed, agility, and her magnetic personality would serve her best in this bout.

Hawk lunged first with a smirk, accepting his status as the honorary lady. He favored his right side, so he kicked out his left foot and leaned right as he moved forward. The spearpoint thrust toward Aya's face. A strong first strike, but it would definitely be deflected, and Hawk couldn't commit to a followup until he knew which direction Aya's counterstroke would fall.

With a quick dodge, Aya turned to bring her sword across her body, cutting from shoulder to hip as she spun using her agility to dance around her much larger opponent.

Hawk deflected the initial shoulder hit, but his hip smarter from contact. Backing off, he swung his spear around behind his back and up in the air for a downward overhead strike.

Tucking and rolling under the strike Aya ended up behind Hawk. Bringing her sword around and struck him with the flat of the blade the satisfying crack of steel striking the man's butt making Aya giggle.

"So that's how it is, huh?" Hawk gritted his teeth behind a savage grin and attacked again.

"Jih QI'yaH'l SoSlI’ jay Grethor!" Hawk shouted in broken Klingon. It might not have been eloquent, but the general meaning of defiling the attacking Klingons' mothers in Klingon Hell would have been plain regardless of his poor Klingon fluency. Hopefully it would be enough to draw their attention to him long enough for Aya to leverage her speed and agility to take at least one of the four out of the fight.

Phaser in one hand, combat blade in the other, Aya had tucked herself against a large rock in their makeshift cover. She could hear their attackers charging forward, Klingons were never subtle even in dense jungle. Trying to keep her breathing under control Aya closed her eyes, senses opening up to the world around her. She could immediately feel the jungle, animals having scattered or hiding from the noise and screams and explosions. She could feel Hawk, clear, a few meters from her, anger and excitement and fear all rolled into one. She could feel the Klingons, all rage and bloodlust.

The ground shook beneath their heavy boots as they lumbered past, pulled in by Hawk's bait. The first warrior attacked, the others quickly following. Passing just by her hiding spot, fully focused on Hawk. That's when she struck at the last warrior. Knife flashing low, she smiled at the cry he let out, her phaser leveled at his back, no hesitation left in the young woman as she depressed the trigger. His shout cut short by the large hole in his chest, Aya's gaze met the third warrior, a tall woman twice her size.

The two women clashed, but the Klingon woman was fast as well as strong.

Hawk buried the point of a bat'leth from a fallen warrior into the back of the attacking Klingon woman's head. Before he could check on Aya, he has to dodge the combo swings of yet another Klingon. After a few side steps, Hawk stepped in and snapped the Klingon's neck. Kicking the last of the dead attackers to the ground, Hawk looked for Aya in hopes they were both still alive.

The duel in the holodeck came to an end. Hawk's crescent-blade on the end of his spear had gripped Aya's katana just above the hilt and twisted it out of her hand, yet Aya's free hand was up in a flash with a tanto blade raised to Hawk's throat in a reverse grip.

"You've gotten better," Hawk said, hiding his winded breathing with a chuckle.

"Not the only one who's improved with age." Aya winked as she lowered the blade, returning the weapon to its scabbard at her waist.

Hawk dropped his spear and gave his shoulders a stretch. "What say we make it a toast?" Looking to one side, he said, "Computer, load Program: Hawkins Gamma-9, Section 2."

The surrounding environment changed from the battlefield to a large outdoor clearing filled with torches and shaped hedges that surrounded a large flowing fountain. Music filled the air, though not so loud that it obstructed conversation. And mead flowed as passed around in horns foaming with head.

"Don't think I've seen this one before. I like it." Aya grinned as the vibe was decidedly an improvement of the smokey battlefield they'd been in before. Her outfit could use some work but that was an easy fix.

"This is a reproduction of my adoptive family's annual celebration of Clan Dannoch," Hawk said. "One of several clans they claim." He passed a horn to Aya, took one for himself, and then raised his voice with a hint of an accent that fell well short of the brogue of the holographic partiers.

"Hear me, clansmen!" Raising his horn high, he said, "Here's to a new warrior among us proved true, to a friend who's ever faithful, to whose courage honor is due, and may we never be ungrateful!"

Cheers rose up in response as if the clansmen knew exactly who and what Hawk was talking about.

"To Aya!" Hawk shouted.

"To Aya!" the crowed roared as one.

And then everyone threw back their drinking horns in one draft before tossing them skyward.


She groaned hearing her name through a haze, her head throbbed and ears were ringing. Pushing herself up, Aya had ended up face first in the mud, the body of a Klingon warrior sprawled across her.


Hawk pushed off the dead warriors and helped Aya to her feet.

"Don't move." Taking her up in his arms, Hawk carried her to the shuttle. "The shuttle is inoperable. I managed to use a power cell to send out a distress signal, but there's no telling when another patrol will come close enough to detect it. We might be here awhile..."

Thunder cracked overhead as a jungle rainstorm started soaking them both. Hawk hurried them to the shuttle.

"Or not long at all," Hawk muttered as he hurried them both into the crashed shuttle.

Aya whimpered as she was pelted by the rain, her arms wrapping tighter around his neck as she hung on. "Better hurry then," she mumbled as Hawk ran through the jungle.

As they walked out of the holodeck, Hawk couldn't help but crack a smile.

"This was fun," he said. "We should do it again sometime before you leave."

"I'd like that, been too long since I got to have that kind of fun with anyone. Everyone on the Starbase is so serious." Aya giggled, it really was good to see Hawk again, brought all kinds of memories back. "But then again, Mister big Executive Officer now.... you gone all serious on me?"

"You know how it is," Hawk said. "There's only one way to enforce discipline, and it's the hard way. Doesn't mean we can't have some fun when time allows." An idle hand rubbed his hip which still smarted from the flat of her holographic blade. "Although it seems I've gone lax on my blade training of late."

"Mmm at least you've not gone soft" Aya teased with a giggle. Not that he was a slouch by any means, but Aya had picked up a trick or two over the years.

Hawk's mouth curled in a savage grin before he advanced again. "Never!"

Aya's injuries had been exaggerated as it turned out Hawk had been more chivalrous than helpful. The pouring rain outside beat against the shuttle's bulkhead with relentless fury. The crashed hull meant they couldn't fully close the door hatch, meaning the sweltering jungle humidity filled the shuttle from bridge to cargo hold.

"We're alive," Hawk said, "but we don't have provisions for more than today. The rest spoiled in the crash. And if this rain doesn't let up, we'll have no means of searching for anything else to eat."

He kicked the emergency ration over to Aya.

"You eat it. Keep strong. Strong until rescue comes."

"I dunno..." Aya said as she grabbed one of the rations out of the pack, tossing another to Hawk. "I felt you struggling toward the end of the run there, might be you who needs to keep his strength up." Aya gave him a wink, as she wrung out her wet hair.

Hawk couldn't deny the hunger in his belly. He bit into the ration with savage aggression as he watched Aya wring her hair. Normally she kept it up and out of the way whether in combat training or on maneuvers. Here and now, though, in the sweltering jungle, she didn't look like a Starfleet officer. Instead, she was all woman.

"It might not matter in the end," Hawk said. "We might get rescued, we might not. But we made it this far together, Tusalo. If we die here, then we die here, but nobody should have to do it alone." He slumped down against the wall beside her and took another bite. "So I guess we partake together."

That was not spoken as a double entendre, but as soon as he'd said it, Hawk took pause at the situation he'd found himself. Fraternization should be the last thing on his mind in this situation. They'd nearly died in an ambush. They still might if the Challenger didn't come looking for their missing patrol in time.

Even so, as he shrugged off his uniform that was soaked to the bone, he couldn't deny the fact that he was a man alone and naked from the waist up with a woman in a situation where the odds of coming out the other side were not looking good. What use were protocols when you were dead?

"Aya..." Hawk said in a low tone, using her first name possibly for the first time. "Dying doesn't have to be the only thing we do together." He placed a hand on her shoulder and rested it there, waiting to see what she would say or do.

Aya hadn't quite registered all he has to say, the adrenaline of the battle and run for survival still making her antsy. Her skin tingled and as her eyes fell on the Klingon's muscular chest, the rain from the jungle emphasizing his muscles... shoulders... She looked up as his hand rested heavily on her shoulder. Blood pumping in her ears, Aya's breathing became heavy...

She was almost watching, more along for the ride than in any kind of control as her hand came up, joined by the first as they found his muscular chest. Exploring a moment, what focus she had was on the man in front of her. Moments felt like hours and as her eyes dragged up the sounds and smells of the world around her came rushing back. Aya paused a moment, her mind giving one last rational cry before her body, her instincts, and most of all her desires took over.

Planting her hands firmly on Hawk's chest she gave the man a shove, her leg hooking his ankle sending the large Klingon to the deck. Her hungry gaze met Hawks as Aya pounced, straddling the man's waist as she leaned in for a hungry kiss, her hands once again roaming this time with much more instinctual need.

A visceral snarl escaped Hawk's curled lips. Being taken to the ground, straddled, and kissed brought out a repressed passion that his human side fought hard to keep bridled. Here, now, in the face of death by starvation and exposure to the elements, Hawk surrendered to his ever-present, baser impulses. He returned her kissing with bites as much as anything else.

The roving hands against his body set him to action. He hefted the smaller woman off the ground, pressed her against the wall while holding the straddled position, and bore deeply into her eyes with his own.

Aya's hands clenched hard on Hawk's arms, her eyes shut tight, the young Beta threw her head back with a loud keening cry. Pleasure, pain, shock... all melded into one as Hawk brought their bodies together. Her mind was scrambling to catch up as her body reacted, clamping onto the man tightly as they began to move.

The sudden pressure fanned the flame inside Hawk into a blazing inferno. He bared his teeth as he snarled in savage pleasure and dug his fingers deeper in his ever-tightening grasp. Teeth bit into flesh as he clamped onto her shoulder.

Aya was completely lost in sensation, in feeling both physically and emotionally. Her mind reached out on instinct, each thrust met by her body completely on its own. Sensation was all that mattered at this point, position, pleasure, or pain... she didn't care, just more she wanted more...

Klingon mating could be downright dangerous for some women, whether due to the Klingon enhanced strength or their physiological diphallia. Maybe it was the jungle, maybe it was surviving the ambush together, maybe it was the small hope of rescue, but Hawk did not hold back. On this night, Aya proved herself more than capable.

As they parted ways after their friendly sparring and toast, Hawk spared a moment watching Aya head back toward her temporary quarters on the Odyssey.

"Tusalo," Hawk called after her. "You ever get tired of slumming it on a starbase, you just say the word and I'll get you back to work on proper starship duty."

"I dunno, slumming it got myself my own command before you did." Aya teased, with a wink. It might have only been a salvaged freighter but it was hers... or was? Aya was still honestly confused about that point.

"If you insist that rustbucket freighter is a step up from SB 471," Hawk quipped with a chuckle, "then touche. Still, offer stands."

"It has its charms." Aya smiled. "Not that I wouldn't mind a tour on a ship like this, she's a beauty."

Hawk nodded and gave a knowing smirk. "Beauty is just nature's way of hiding danger." Cryptic but it would to do. "Once our mission is over, I'll likely be reassigned back to the Challenger. Should an opening come available, maybe I'll reach out."

"You better, although I'll probably need a spot for at least two." Aya at this point had become so close to Javi and Mara it was hard to think of them not around.

"The Chief has definitely proven herself capable," Hawk reflected. "Even found herself a way to keep busy while on this boat. You might tag along on her project, help her manage any of my people she needs."

"Would give me something to do. Not exactly like you're having many security emergencies... at least ones I can be involved in." Honestly Aya had been rather bored, she'd tried to keep busy, but it's not like she had work to really do while they were away from the station. She'd tried to find a time to come visit Hawk too, but he was busy being XO. So really she was already spending a bunch of time tagging along with what Javi was doing.

"If we do our jobs right, you'll be bored as fuck," Hawk said with a grin. There were few people he could speak to so casually while in uniform. "But if things go south, I'll be glad to have my best cadet on hand to help right the ship."

"As long as you keep things entertaining, I handle boredom about as well now as I did then." Aya winked, her cheeky smile speaking volumes. She really had missed some excitement, the adventure of space travel. Challenger had rarely if ever been boring.

Hawk gave her a smirk as they parted ways. It was good to have a friendly face he could count on during this highly irregular special mission.


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