NCC - 81102
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Something broke?

Posted on Tue Jun 8th, 2021 @ 9:41pm by Commander Magnus Hawkins & Chief Warrant Officer Javiylah MacArthur

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Jeffries Tube
Timeline: MD 35 - 17.00

Wandering down a corridor, Javi easily avoided the crewmembers that were moving in all directions, not having a destination in mind. She noticed one Bajoran Petty Officer in a yellow uniform walking towards her while looking at multiple PADDs.

The man looked up, meeting the eyes of the female Chief Warrant Officer coming towards him, and moved to intercept her. “Chief! Would you mind? Uh...I have this but was just told to do this other thing….” He held out one of the PADDs he had been glancing at with a hopeful look. “Simple look at a junction if you don’t mind?” He didn’t know who she was but the yellow uniform and rare rank, not to mention the way she carried herself, made him think that she could help out.

Javi took the proffered PADD, seeing that it was a simple diagnostic of a computer relay junction, and gave the harried Petty Officer a nod,”Aye, Petty Officer. As you were.” She watched for a moment as he quickly disappeared before checking the location of the said junction, which was only a short way down and in the Jeffries Tubes. After replicating the appropriate diagnostic tool, Javi found the panel and checked the readings. Javi frowned at the results and moved along the area, finding the next panel and removing it to look at the physical equipment inside. Finding one of the relays that had pinged as corrupted, she shut down the local power to it before extracting it. Once that was done, she rerouted to one of the remaining modules and checked the readings to find no change.

Frowning, Javi found the central node and plugged it into it, running a deeper diagnostic. She sighed when it beeped at her, alerting that she didn’t have the proper clearance to go beyond that diagnostic. “Great,” Javi muttered to herself while she considered her next steps, she’d have to get access from someone. As reluctant as she was to, it was time to bother the Executive Officer since the Odyssey didn’t have a Bosun that she could talk to. “Chief MacArthur to Hawkins, requesting a meeting when ye’ve time, Commander.”

"I'm unencumbered now," Hawk said through her combadge. "Is this a personal matter?"

Javi started at the very unexpected question, managing not to drop the component she held, ”No, Commander.” She silently added on a “Of course not,” to herself as she looked at the panel in front of her. ”It concerns the Odyssey, Sir. Would you prefer a report in person?”

"Yes, I would," Hawk said. "I will come to you."

”Understood, Commander” Javi responded, crawling into the access tube as the XO closed the channel. She managed to obtain the reading she needed and was working her way back out by the time she was aware of someone else in the area. “Commander, one of your crew asked me to assist with this,” Javi picked up the PADD that was the reason for her current task and handed it to the officer. The PADD also outlined the work she had performed, diagnostics run, and additional suggested diagnostics with the needed authorisation level listed. She looked along the neat line of components on the deck beneath the ports they came from as she waited for the commander’s response.

"All right..." Hawk acknowledged the sit-rep while he took a moment to review the PADD. Seemed pretty mundane to his non-technical eyes. "I appreciate you lending a hand since Ops is evidently short-handed. What did you need from me? Besides the authorization, that is." He pressed his thumb against the PADD and manually input his command code before handing it back.

"Of course, Commander. The authorisation was the first step, Sir," Javi turned and activated the two diagnostic scans she needed. If she was back on the base, it wouldn't have taken the XO but her fleetwide access only went so far. She watched as the scans progressed. "Mm, as I thought. The issues here...and here," Javi pointed at the red on the result, "There appears to be corruption, both physically and hardware, in the computer system. Have you had issues prior?"

Hawk's jaw stiffened as he began to realize this was more than a temporary glitch. "No," he said. "We haven't. What could this mean?"

"Quite a few things...depending on what the deeper scan finds, Sir," Javi's focus was on the screen, her tool, and the nearest port. "It should be done shortly. You've never had any glitches? Computer malfunctions?"

"Well, sure, but the opinion was that they were routine," Hawk said. "Is there any reason a deeper level system corruption would not be discovered before now?"

"It's not something that...seems to be affecting the system a majority of the time or in a way that would be flagged, Commander," Javi wasn't trying to be evasive, it just happened to be a complex answer. "Hard to say, Sir."

Hawk nodded. "So it could be nothing serious or very serious, and we won't know until we get to the bottom of it." He let out a sigh. "I'd like you to run with this, Chief. Use any resources necessary. Anyone has an issue, send them to me. Or me to them." His demeanor glowered momentarily at the thought of potential roadblocks from uncooperative personnel. "I want this resolved pronto."

"Something like that," Javi nodded in response. The commander had preempted her next question with an unexpected answer. "Ah...I thought you would want your Chief of Operations to do it, Commander."

"Negative." Insubordination, incompetence, now possible sabotage. Whatever Ensign Dalton's problem was, he did not rank highly on Hawk's trust list. "I won't lock him out of his own department, but this is now a special project and I want the person who discovered it to be project lead."

“Understood, Sir,” Javi definitely got a feeling there was much left unspoken but it wasn’t her concern. “Whom would you suggest I contact then?” If not your Ops Chief was silently hanging on the end. “I will ask Senior Chief O’Sullivan, who came with us, to assist as well.”

Hawk nodded again. "Task whomever you wish. Just keep me in the loop."

“Aye, Sir,” Javi was pleased to hear that she had the freedom to approach the problem. The next step would be finding the appropriate personnel to assist.

"Thanks again," Hawk said.

Javi nodded an acknowledgement before turning her attention back to her new and enlarged task. This would be interesting...



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