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Good Cop, Bad Cop, Pissed Off Cop

Posted on Mon Jun 28th, 2021 @ 12:04pm by Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Commander Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper & Commander Magnus Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Thorn PhD

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Brig - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Mission Day 39 - 1253 hours

The bright light of the transporter dimmed and disappeared as Kazyah Linn found himself standing in a brig cell of a Starfleet ship. The anger within him rose as he punched a wall and screamed. Betrayed by his former friend and now captured to boot. This was not a good day for him.

"Hello, traitor."

Hawk was standing on the other side of the forcefield as if he'd been waiting.

"By all means, keep pounding the wall," he said with a near guttural growl of contempt. "It will make doctoring your interrogation report all the easier."

A growl emanated from the man's throat as he turned towards the voice. Unfamiliar, both in sound and emotions. He honestly wasn't sure who this man was, though Kaz assumed he either worked for Tavis or Tavis worked for him. "Doesn't sound very Starfleet to doctor reports," he said.

"Are you blind and deaf?" Hawk asked. "I said I wouldn't have to, not if you keep it up." Crossing his arms, Hawk stared down at the Betazoid. "I've read your file. Even a lot of the redacted parts that were declassified for this mission. You're a real piece of work, you know that?" Hawk chuckled, though it was far from mirthful. "Made a real bogeyman out of you. I bet you know where all sorts of bodies are buried. No doubt you traded all kinds of secrets for sanctuary and asylum with the dregs of the galaxy." Shaking his head with disgust, Hawk had to keep himself from spitting. "I'd ask what made you do it, but I don't much care for the excuses of traitors. Nothing could be worth the disgrace you brought to this uniform. The uniform you at least had the grace and class to cast away along with every ounce of integrity."

Taunting the man, Hawk leaned forward and looked at him askance. "Did you at least get a nice piece of ass out of it?"

"Well dontcha look all miserable caught up in tha' there small space," said Cassandra with a casual grace and half-assed, though genuine, empathy for the man currently standing in the Oddie's brig. Safely standing, she noted, as she let her gaze connect with Kaz's unseeing eyes briefly. Safe was good. She needed him to be intact.

"Is he respecting t'hose rights of yers now, Kazyah?" She asked, her focus turning to Hawkins now with a far sterner look, one of warning that pre-empted her next, flat statement. "He oughta be." Cass crossed her arms before her chest and studied Hawk's face. "Ease up there, Commander," she continued. "Let's not be getting ahead of ourselves with the accusations and assumptions, eh? Ease down."

The interruption would have been inappropriate under any other context, but Hawk had been around the Security sector long enough to play into it. "You will stand down yourself, Lieutenant."

Kaz was surprised when the other Officer entered the Brig area. Shocked at the familiar presence he felt. "Yes, please, put your dog on a leash. Sounds like he needs one."

"Since you are visually and perhaps developmentally impaired, allow me to set the record straight," Hawk snapped. "I am Commander Hawkins. This is Lieutenant Thorn. I hold her leash, not vice versa. When I ask you questions, you will answer me. She is here as an observer. If she thinks you're lying, then I put the squeeze on. If she thinks you're telling the truth, only then do I ease up. If you act like the pathetic little limp-dick deserter that you've shown yourself to be, then the lieutenant will take a restroom break while you get an attitude adjustment. Do you understand the terms as I've explained them to you or do we need a preliminary adjustment here and now?"

"If she thinks you're pushing protocol too far into the dark ages, she reports you to the Admiral," added Cassie with a brightness to her easy sarcasm. She failed to mention specifically which Admiral, though that didn't really matter.

Kaz simply laughed in response.

Without a word, Hawk removed his service phaser, dropped the forcefield to the brig, fired on Kaz with a stun setting, and then reactivated the forcefield.

The beam hit Kaz square in the chest, slamming him against the wall as he slumped down on the bench in the room.

"Now that we understand one another, let's begin our little chat." Hawk holstered his phaser. "You deserted from Starfleet. You have slain two operatives sent to bring you in from the cold. You have fled to the ends of the galaxy. You have been given sanctuary by criminals. We know how expensive Fiddler's Green is. You aren't here by charity." If eyes were cannons, Hawk would have drilled Kaz full of holes. "What did you give up? Who all did you tell? What are you doing here, you worthless, backstabbing piece of shit?"

Thorn took a deep breath and steeled her gaze. "Per'aps ye might consider maintaining some semblance of consciousness as well as decorum, Commander Hawkins," the counselor pointed out, pithily. "I dunna believe stunning a prisoner'll be all too helpful a means of interrogation. It's a might hard for 'im to answer questions if'n'e's out cold on the floor." There was an icy stare with the flicker of a serious smile as Cassie looked from the apparently unconscious Kaz to Magnus and back again. "Your emotions betray you, sir," she added, with all the respect of someone who despised such blatant displays of authority. "And it'd be a shame if I had to mark that you were 'out of control' on your permanent record, would it not?"

"Sounds like the leash isn't held by who you'd expect," came Kaz's voice, though a bit groggy as he slowly rubbed his shoulder where the phaser beam hit him. He looked up at the two people, though his eyes didn't focus on anyone in particular. "For someone who claims to be an officer of Starfleet, you're acting more like I would. I have to wonder what sort of mental gymnastics you're doing to excuse this."

Hawk ignored Cassie entirely. "Our mandate is to bring you in dead or alive," he said, "and unlike the cum-dumpster that you are, I follow orders. Whether you are alive when you're brought in is entirely up to you. Right now you are in a position with no leverage. Wise up, or I just might take the black mark for ending your pathetic life as a badge of honor."

Cassandra listened to them trade verbal blows and quietly smiled. With luck they'd wear each other out before too long, but she doubted she was that lucky. Better to simply pay attention to the to and fro and glean what she could from that exchange. Her PADD had been recording since she'd entered the room, and Linn was more than capable of taking the occasional stun blast from a phaser. At least no actual physicality was taking place. Yet.

Hawkins wouldn't kill him though, she was certain of that. Better to simply observe for a moment and let them wear each other out a little more. She had enough on record for the moment, should it come to that.

Kaz laughed again, but this time he labored under the strain. "Trust me, I already know your mandate. You aren't the first agent I've had to elude. If you kill me, Admiral Tau would be furious."

"We're men of action," Hawk said with a savage glint in his eye. "Bureaucracy does not become us. Are you going to talk, or do I get to write a report about you violently resisting arrest?"

"Commander...." warned Cassie, her eyes steel.

"Do you have evidence that I'm violently resisting arrest?" Kaz asked. "Because I'm pretty sure the internal sensor logs will state otherwise. As well as the recording your Counselor is making right now."

"'e's right," Cass noted. "I believe this 'ere recording will back us both up when I raise this interview process of yers with the Captain."

A smile spread over the man's face. "I don't even know why you're here, Mister Hawkins. Your orders are to capture me and return me to Admiral Tau. They say nothing of interrogating me or making me answer questions. And they certainly don't say anything about you being judge, jury and executioner. Do they?"

"It might 'elp you to answer some questions," suggested Cass. "Since clearly you have infermation of great int'rest." She raised an eyebrow. "Or are ye keen to get back to the Admiral?" She added, letting her thoughts suggest a deep concern.

Retrieving his phaser again, Hawk pointed at it Kaz before dropping the forcefield again. This time when he fired, it wasn't a short pulse, but a sustained stream of nadion particulate matter phased into pure energy. After three seconds, he relented.

"You're supposed to be a smart one," Hawk said as he reactivated the forcefield. "When are you going to figure out I don't give a damn about any admiral's orders when it comes to scum of the universe like you." He pounded the forcefield with his own fist like a hammer, letting it punctuate his next outburst like a thunderclap. "You betrayed your brothers and sisters in uniform! You killed them!" Taking a breath, Hawk lowered his voice in volume but the venomous tone was still there. "If I kill you in making you give up your secrets, it will be the best thing I've done."

Ye can take the boy out of Galorda.... thought Cassie. Either those weekly meetings weren't working a jot or Hawk's channelling of 'bad cop' was rooted in some deep-seated and dangerous aggression. Harsh words, she was more than used to. But this was the second time Hawkins had utilised violence as a punishment in as many minutes. Such an easy enthusiasm to lower the standards of a supposed interview begged further investigation. Or it would, if she didn't imminently plan on ghosting the entire crew of this ship and completing her own agenda.

Cass reached out to that violent arm as it slowed, and wrapped long fingers about Hawk's wrist as tightly as she could. "I could say the same 'bout ye," she pointed out, her tone icy. "Did our meetings change nothing? Are you still as dumb as yer brutal ancestry?" A sharp sigh, and she pushed the PADD into her pocket. She'd update Hawkins' official file later, make a report to the captain. "We learn nothing from him if he's unconscious fer fuk's sake. Whatever e's done or not done, we need him alive if we're to find out what's really going on..."

A matter, she considered, that she'd persue once Linn was in her company, and hers alone.

"Yer great lumbering eejit," she told the Oddy's XO. "Are ye deliberately trying to derail this interrogation?" Perhaps that was it. Perhaps he was working for someone else. It seemed unlikely, but it wasn't impossible.

"What kind of question is that?" Hawk asked, pulling his arm free from her grasp. "I only stunned him. This isn't a counseling session. It's questioning a hostile, uncooperative informant. He has eluded Starfleet for many months and thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. Now, if I've convinced you that I'm out of control, then that means I've probably convinced him too. We need to use that. I get hauled out on my ear, you apologize on our behalf, and maybe you get him to say something useful. Probably won't trust you with much, but it'll be a start. It's a long trip back home, so we've got nothing but time to work him every way we can."

As interrogation tactics went, for Cass, this was clunky as... well all the curse words she could muster. But, as a counselor, she could be uninformed and irritated at this show of force. Finessing was more her style, but Hawkins's point was at least valid, she supposed. Either way they had little choice but to run with his plan at this point.

"I don't like it," she said, in case he hadn't figured that out by now. "And this isn't the end of that. Hostile? Overconfident and ballsy, per'aps, but hardly any physical danger te yer gud self there, Commander. Yer show of ego is only slowing us down, and time is of t'essence right enough, dontcha think? I think te both of yer tink you're the 'smartest in the room', if ye hear me."

Hawk smirked at her. "Maybe. Only one of us is outside a cell, though. If you're in such a hurry, go ahead and work him over with your kindly counselor routine once he comes to. I'll stay out of the way. Or maybe even leave the room."

And there it was. That arrogant confidence and that opportunity for some quality alone time with her 'old friend'. Cassie rolled her eyes, belying any sign of intent or hope that Hawkins would indeed 'bugger off' and let her talk to their prisoner.

"Aye," she said, an squeezed a certain amount of annoyance into that one word with expert finesses. "I think ye were right the first time there. Ye leave, I apologise for your guerilla tactics. We see what he says." Cass wasn't fooling herself that Linn would open up and tell her anything useful, but some one-on-one was just exactly what she needed. "Or ye could take yourself outta the equation right now and I'll wait for our boy to wake up?" She smiled, and added. "Give me some time to write yer report for ye."

“Report about what?” came the voice of Commander Inahri and the doors opened and he stepped through, Lieutenant Commander Jasper in tow. “What’s going on here?” He asked, looking around confused.

"We were questioning the prisoner," Hawk said, pointedly looking away from Kaz's prone form. "And Doctor Thorn was just about to enter the benevolent phase. Perhaps you wish to join her?"

As he stepped further into the room, Tavis stopped as he looked over to the slumped body of Kazyah Linn in the brig cell. "How are you questioning someone who appears to be unconscious?" he asked. "And dare I ask why he's unconscious? He certainly wasn't when we nabbed him down on the planet."

"We established a baseline for future questioning with an uncooperative subject," Hawk said. "Subsequent questioning from a benevolent or neutral party should yield desired intel. I was just about to excuse myself and allow Dr. Thorn to do just that, but I'll yield the process to you... given your prior history with the subject."

Tavis glanced between Hawk's face and Kaz, then back to his face. "Are you fucking kidding me? You shot him?!"

"I suppose I could have assigned him guest quarters," Hawk spat back, "made him more comfortable. Given him promises I don't intend to keep? I know you prefer shit like that."

"Aye, Captain," said Cassie, her expression and tone somewhat deadpan at this point. "He shot him. Twice."

Bear raised an eyebrow, allowed himself a brief smirk and regarded Magnus with intrigued interest. "Good cop, bad cop," he said, keeping his tone neutral for the moment. "But with zero bruises. I see Starfleet trained you well on how to look after a hostile prisoner," he continued, sarcasm bleeding into his tone just a little. "A defenseless and very much contained hostile prisoner, though, Commander."

A sigh emanated from the CO as he put his hands on his hips. "And whose bright idea was it to question him without at least informing me that you'd be doing so?"

"You've been NORDO for some time," Hawk said. "That leaves me in command. I'm getting just about tired of explaining basic protocol whenever your ego gets bruised."

"You could have spoken to me through Aurora, the same way I told you that Kaz was here in the Brig," Tavis rebutted. "Don't be petulant, Magnus. You did this without my knowledge because you don't trust me and you wanted to take matters into your own hands."

"Protocol doesn't require me to take orders through psychic means," Hawk said. "Not half an hour after you let Five walk out of the conference room, he directly accessed the ship's computer and the security staff assigned to him were powerless to stop him." Looking at Bear, Hawk said, "Tell me I'm wrong, Commander Jasper." Before Bear could answer, he looked back at Tavis. "You're back, so now we're back to doing things your way, but I won't question my command decisions any more than you do yours. If you have anything else to say, put it in my file."

"Don't you worry, Magnus, your file will be filled with entries after this is over," Tavis said. He stepped towards the brig cell, looking the prisoner over. "I would have liked to know more about what he was doing here, specifically, but it seems he's unable to answer any questions."

Hawk smirked. "Give him time. You'll find him suitably softened up when he comes to."

"And this is why I'm in charge, and not you," Tavis said with a glare. "I know him a lot better than you do. You could have asked and I could have probably given some advice that might actually have worked. But like always, you jump before you think and here we are."

"It was me who brought Five on board," Hawk said. "It was my actions that got us here. While you were down there taking credit for everyone else's work, we've been up here trying to undo whatever your Borg buddy did to the ship because you refused to make the smart choice to keep him locked up." Hawk scoffed at the belligerent Betazoid. "You want to ridicule my decision making? It was me who had to commission a special maintenance team to fix your mistake, Tavis. If you want to buddy up yet again to another enemy of the Federation, then have at it. Like I said, he's softened up and ready for a soft touch like yours."

"What are you even talking about?" Tavis asked.

"What happened?" Bear seconded, a frown deepening on his brow with each subsequent question. "What do you mean Five did something to the ship? What special maintenance team?"

"Have you forgotten?" Hawk asked Bear. "He accessed the ship's computer weeks ago. Now Operations is reporting glitches in the entire system. I've assigned an interdepartmental team to assess and resolve it, but it could have been prevented altogether if our commanding officer had been more invested in operational security rather than his own egoistical insecurity."

"That was... weeks ago though?" Bear queried, recalling the incident, but having assumed this new problem had occurred while he and Tavis were away. "Dalton ok?" He followed up with more queries, expression and tone both focused and deadly serious. "What kinda glitches? Serious?"

Hawk shook his head. "Not at present but they're persistent. The Chief from the freighter flagged it when one of our technicians conscripted her for overflow relief. Obviously, though, these glitches could result in some very serious security breaches." He eyed Tavis with disdain. "Possibly avoidable breaches, had alternate decisions been made." Shaking his head, he added, "That is beside the point. Commander Inahri may be the commanding officer, but the crew has accomplished this mission and captured the target in spite of him, not because of him."

Bear grunted unhappily, his unhappiness two-fold. Five could have compromised the system, but he wasn't the only option. Besides that, Hawkins vs Inahri was becoming irritating. "Understood re the very real concern security wise," Bear said. "And something we should probably discuss elsewhere," he pointed out succinctly.

"I was responding to the commander's express criticism of my performance," Hawk pointed out. "But I will be happy to continue this conversation anytime, anywhere."

"It's interesting how I'm only just now hearing about this," Tavis said. "Almost like it's being kept from me. Anything else I should know?"

The comm system chirped to life. "Bridge to Commander Inahri. Sir, we're getting a distress signal from our runabout."

Tavis' eyes slide to Hawk, "Dare I even ask what that's about?" He sighed as he tapped his combadge, "Be right there," he said.

As the CO moved to the entrance of the Brig, he turned and looked at Bear. "Could you please stay and keep an eye on the prisoner. I'll be back after we deal with this new issue."


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