NCC - 81102
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Gathering the Fix-it crew

Posted on Sat Jul 3rd, 2021 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Lieutenant Ayanja Tusalo & Ensign Alex Dalton & Chief Warrant Officer Javiylah MacArthur & Commander Magnus Hawkins & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mara O'Sullivan

Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Briefing Room, Main Operations
Timeline: 0700, MD36

Having run most of the deeper level diagnostics on the ghost corruption overnight, Javi had what she needed to brief the Odyssey crew she had tagged for the repairs. She waited in one of the briefing rooms in Main Operations for all of the personnel to show up. Given the commander’s order, Javi had sent requests for the Chief of Operations, Chief Engineer, Operations personnel who could be spared, along with others who had technical expertise. Several of the Operations personnel had already arrived and one was giving her attitude about being reassigned from whatever he was doing.

Mara walked into the room to the subdued, "Aye-aye, Chief Warrant Officer,” from one red-faced crewman, a sure sign that someone had just gotten the rougher side of her boss’s tongue. “Senior Chief O’Sullivan reporting,” she directed at Javi, who just gave a nod in return and indicated a spot nearby. Mara eyed the holographic projection of the ship as she waited.

Arriving next was the still rather sleepy faced Ensign Dalton, clearly these people were early risers and were very keen. "Morning all," he muttered lowly. Pulling up a chair he glanced around the room hoping his strong coffee would soon kick in: "I see we're still waiting for some of the others, let's giver them a few more minuets then we're get started."

Aurora Green entered the room, cup of coffee in her hand. Rubbing an eye, she sat down and decided to play passive for now. She gave Dalton a welcome smile; it was nice to see a friendly face...

Once everyone was present, Javi stood next to the projection and addressed them, "Good morning, Chief Warrant Officer MacArthur, Chief Operations Officer on Starbase 471, currently detached on assignment with the freighter Insufficient Postage newly-arrived. Commander Hawkins tasked me with figuring out why the computer is triggering both physical and software malfunctions all over your vessel." She indicated the red spots that had appeared all over the holographic projection," You are here because your skills align with this issue. I've divided the ship up into segments for teams to do local diagnostic and repair. Questions?"

"Hawkins tasked you to do this?" Aurora exclaimed, eyebrows raised. She glanced at Dalton, "Did you know about this?"

She turned back to the warrant officer before the Chief of Ops could respond, "Is there any particular reason why he thought you were the one best suited for this task?"

It was oh-so-difficult to keep the belligerence in her tone to a minimum...

“The Commander wanted the one who found out the seriousness of a “simple task,” to lead this “special project” and pull whomever I deemed necessary to resolve this in a timely manner given my own experience,” Javi wasn’t at all phased at the Lieutenant’s tone or question, it was to be expected since she wasn’t part of the crew and their own Ops Chief hadn’t been assigned the task. “For further explanation, you’ll have to ask him.”

Alex hung his head avoiding making eye contact with the rest of the staff while he tried to take all this in his previous slumber had vanished in an instant as if he'd been doused in icy water. He was livid at Hawkins for assigning MacArthur to this instead of bringing to his attention. Though he and the XO weren't bosom buddies by any stretch of the imagination it was inappropriate to involve outsiders especially as they would need access to sensitive data. Yet, as angry as Alex felt he was conflicted by a crushing sense of guilt for not finding this fault earlier thus preventing this meeting in the first place.

Biting down his disappointment Alex lifted his head and addressed Chief MacArthur: "What have you found?" he asked concentrating to keep his voice steady after all it wasn't MacArthur's fault she'd been pulled into this.

"Localized disruptions with physical damage," Javi heard a slight waver in her counterpart's tone and ignored it. She moved to point at specific red areas on the projection. "From what the initial and intermediate scans have shown me, there appear to be multiple levels of corruption. Each team will do visual inspections of these areas and run local scans, syncing with the main console here. I'll be overseeing and coordinating efforts from here as I am waiting for several root scan diagnostics to complete. Any other questions?"

Mara stepped forward and passed out PADDs with the team plus location assignments to the two officers and the other leaders in the room.

Ayanja had listened quietly from her seat at the table, letting the engineering types take lead on this whole thing. Javi had given Aya the basic rundown of things when she'd first invited the young woman along so her interest wasn't quite piqued until she was practically smacked in the face by the surprise and indignantly she felt from then Odyssey Senior Officers. One didn't have to be a Betazoid to see from their body language how the pair were feeling about Javi's involvement.

"Have we noticed any pattern to the types of malfunctions the Odyssey is experiencing?" Ayan asked from her chair at the table, her gaze glancing to the Odyssey senior officers before turning her gaze back to Javi. Might as well try and focus things and put her skills to good use. After all that's why she was here, not for any special technical skills, but for her investigative talents.

"Or barring that any pattern to anyone who's interacted with these systems recently? Maintenance team, usage case, repair supervisor...?"

“Not that the scans have indicated so far. The only commonality is that errors keep occurring,” Javi replied, appreciating the detailed questions. The time that the lieutenant had cross trained with Operations showed in her queries. “The logs are still being constructed, though.”

"You said these damage causing faults were localized," Alex inquired. "Where? How did you find them?"

Aurora tried to clamp down on her frustration as she accepted the PADD. She was feeling like an ensign all over again, being handed out assignments by a superior officer. As she examined the data she attempted to focus on the task at hand. As Alex asked the question without looking up she inquired, "You say 'given your own experience'. Did something similar happen on your starbase?"

Aya's eyebrow raised practically to her hairline, her gaze shifting to Javi for a moment before turning back to the Odyssey's Engineer. This was getting ridiculous. It was one thing for an Ensign to be bent out of shape but she really hadn't been expecting it from the Lieutenant. Looking down Aya was shocked to see her own fist clenched beneath the table. Despite her surprise she did her best to shake off that energy, chasing it up to her empathic tendencies being influenced by the vibe of the room.

"Four-Seven-One ran swimmingly, as did the Postage. Does it count as experience to you if we didn't fall prey to catastrophic computer errors?" Aya asked, the look on her face so sweetly innocent she may have well of batted her eyelashes at the Lieutenant.

Aurora had the distinct impression neither of these two understood what it was like to have someone walk onto their patch and take over. To find out their superior officer seemed to lack faith in them and handed off an important task to outsiders. To do so without consulting them first. These two did not seem to understand how humiliating it was to have a junior officer hand out tasks on their own ship. Aurora was experiencing a great many emotions, nothing she could articulate verbally for fear of allowing her career to crash and burn right there.

"All right," she said after a silence that stretched several seconds as she regarded the pair, "I have apparently been given my marching orders and like a good soldier I will abide by them. Please let me know how I can be of service, warrant officer."

She pointedly ignored the lieutenant who was trying to bait her...

"Chief Warrant Officer." Aya said sweetly without missing a beat, the same smile still settled on her features. This woman had some chip on her shoulder to be sure and Aya wasn't a fan of how she seemed to want to take it out on Javi.

"Chief Warrant Officer," Aurora replied without glancing the lieutenant's way.

Dalton stood abruptly as the women goaded each other, his tall frame over shadowed them creating a stance of authority he knew had evaporated the moment this meeting had started. "Let's not nit pick over who's in charge here." His words sounded worse out loud than he'd expected. This whole scene was an utter mess, a humiliation a super nova couldn't eclipse, he just wasn't this to be over before Hawkins could twist the screw further. "It won't help speed up these repairs. We each have a role to play so let's not delay."

"Well said, Ensign Dalton." Hawk appeared at the doorway. "Commander Hawkins," he said to the others, adding his name and rank to the previous litany as he entered the room. "I came by to see where this project stands. Now that the pecking order is sorted out, I expect an update before this shift is over. Nobody expects a systemic glitch to get fixed in a day, especially when most of you have your own departments to run, but any progress is good progress." Running his eyes over everyone present, sparing each of them a look unique to his relationship with them, Hawk suppressed an amused smile. "Make us proud, team. Move out."

Alex felt himself cringe when Hawk appeared, the sensation quickly passed into the smouldering displeasure he housed toward the Commander. He couldn't wait to leave the briefing as soon as possible.

Aurora glared at the man standing in the doorway. "Commander, a word?" she asked, though her face clearly expressed that this wasn't a request.

Taking a breath, Hawk prepared himself for what promised to be a prickly conversation. "Of course," Hawk said. "Everyone else is dismissed." He nodded to the corner and waited for Aurora to join him.

Glancing over his shoulder Alex admired Aurora for standing her ground with the XO, clearly her displeasure of how this being handled eclipsed their off duty relationship or at least that's what he'd heard. As much as he wanted to stick in is our oar and give Hawkins a piece of his mind he trusted Aurora to do them proud especially if all her bodies chipped in at the same time.

As the other officers left the room, Aurora stood from her seat at the table, though she made no advance towards the XO. "What exactly is going on? Why was our own crew not tasked with an issue so large?"

"We have no idea how big the issue is," Hawk said matter-of-factly. "Chief MacArthur was the one who stumbled on it, so I tasked her to run with it for as long as she's with us so as not to divert the ship's main staff from the mission."

It was a tricky situation. Hawk didn't want to set off any members of the crew with his suspicions of a potential saboteur, double agent, or some other dirty business on board -- why else would there be a ghost glitch in the machine so soon after the ship's relaunch? At the same time, he couldn't ignore frustrations. Either way he was faced with a potential morale crisis.

"Can I count on you to assist the chief in the special project where needed?" Hawk asked. "With any luck the whole thing won't amount to more than a leftover problem from whatever put the ship in drydock in the first place."

"I will do my job, Commander. But in the future, I ask that you respect the chain of command around here." Aurora took a step forward. "I'm not sure I have to explain to you how that works. Undermining a department head is surely something you wouldn't have stood for when you were at our level."

Hawk took a breath and steadied his breathing. Situations like this one were exactly why fraternization was discouraged. Aurora had some huge lady balls to lecture him about the chain of command.

"Nobody has been undermined," Hawk said with clear enunciation that failed to mask his indignation, "so while your concern is noted, your remarks are out of line. In the future, I recommend you don't leave systemic glitches outside your attention for someone else to find." Staring at her, Hawk flared his eyebrows to punctuate the end of the matter. "Dismissed... Lieutenant."

"Respectfully, sir, I will not just be dismissed in this manner." The doors opened as the other two Aurora's stepped into the room.

"Frankly, the handling of this situation is appalling." Aurora Gray stated from behind the Commander. "You have undermined both I and Ensign Dalton in this situation. Whether you choose to believe that or not is your prerogative. Either way, it has happened and I will be filing a formal complaint to the Captain about this."

Aurora Violet chimed in. "When you found out about this issue, you should have come to either I or Ensign Dalton about the issue. It falls under either of our departments and the work should have been taken care of in-house."

"Unless that was your plan, Commander?" Aurora Green asked. "Are you attempting to undermine this mission and this crew? Because from the evidence I have in front of me, none of your command decisions are making any sense. Where is your loyalty?"

"Lieutenant Aurora, you are relieved of duty!" Hawk shouted. "All of you. Report to your quarters immediately until the commander and I can deal with your insubordination. One more word of argument and you will await our non-judicial review in the brig. Do I make myself clear?"

"Hawk," Aurora Gray said from behind the man as she stepped closer. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that the way it came out," she said as she slid a hand over his shoulder. "Please forgive me, this situation has compromised my intuition and I wasn't myself."

Facepalming himself, Hawk was faced by indelible conflicting impulses. On the one hand, he had apparently fucked crazy and was now reaping the consequences. On the other, he was still her superior officer which meant he owed her consideration due to his part in their mutual indiscretion. They were both in a tough spot now.

"Look, I get it. It's been a long road for us all with tasks and actions required of us that are well outside our normal assignments." His face softened even if his tone didn't. "I'm sorry for the position you're in. It was unfair of me in a number of ways. But I need you on point for the mission, not chasing ghosts in the computer, you follow? Leave the light work for the noncoms so I can have my aces in their places."

Aurora Green simply nodded. "I understand, Commander. And...if you'd like to come over later, our doors are always open." The three smiled at him as they each left the room in single file, leaving the man alone with his thoughts.


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