NCC - 81102
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Shore Leave, Interrupted

Posted on Mon Jul 19th, 2021 @ 10:25pm by Lieutenant T'Vrin
Edited on on Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 12:34pm

Mission: What Came Before
Location: Travel Shuttle

T’Vrin leaned back in her chair, watching the stars sparkle on the viewscreen.

There was a cup of tea and a plate of Andorian biscuits on the table beside her, and a PADD filled with 23rd century Betazoid folktales on her lap.

She was two days into the voyage that would deliver her to shore leave. Although, for T’Vrin, the voyage itself was a vacation in itself. Space faring in solitude was an activity she always found to encourage serenity.

In approximately five days' time, she would reach Earth. The shuttle which would ferry her there was a one to two person vessel, outfitted for mid length journeys.

T’Vrin’s emergency medical supplies were packed neatly in the on board storage, along with necessary personal items, and her wardrobe. The room itself remained orderly, though signs of use were clear. There was sleepwear and accessories by the slightly wrinkled bed, and full length garments hanging opposite the viewscreen walls. She looked over her shoulder to let her eyes linger on a golden shawl. Her mother had sent it from Vulcan, and while she would rather avoid the appearance of vanity while aboard the Umbra (a poor public quality in one’s doctor), she would indulge herself while away. T’Vrin had always had a weakness for the so called finer things in the galaxy.

When she arrived at her destination, T'Vrin would stay in a rented space near the Academy, and visit familiar sites. She understood that it may have been more personally advantageous to arrange to spend her significant time away to travel to a location that she had never been to, but the lure of familiar surroundings with positive psychological association held the greater appeal.

She dropped her gaze back to the writings on her PADD and sipped her tea.


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