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Committing Treason

Posted on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 @ 12:29pm by Lieutenant Aurora 4827/A & Five of Seven & Commander Tavis Inahri & Lieutenant Commander Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant Commander Bear Jasper & Lieutenant Ayanja Tusalo & Ensign Alex Dalton & Chief Warrant Officer Javiylah MacArthur & Commander Magnus Hawkins
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Mission: Mission 1: Dirty Little Secret
Location: Briefing Room - USS Odyssey
Timeline: Mission Day 40 - 1100 hours

Tavis stood behind his chair at the head of the table. He had just called his senior staff to join him, and so he awaited their arrival. To his right, his Executive Officer Magnus Hawkins was already there. They would no-doubt be surprised to see the man sitting to his left. One Kazyah Linn, the very target they were sent to capture.

Arriving first, even surprising himself Ensign Dalton entered the meeting room and quickly acknowledged both Inahri and, begrudgingly, Hawkins: "Captain, Commander," he nodded to both before stopping dead in his tracks clocking Kazyah Linn - what the hell was he doing here? Shaking his head to clear the question Alex resumed his stride and sat assuming Inahri would explain all once the others had arrived.

Nodding at Dalton but not speaking, Hawk let the man sit down and regain his composure. He could sympathize with the surprise the other must be feeling right about now.

Striding with a nonchalant tension to his tall frame, Bear stopped just inside the room and leaned back outwards to re-check the corridor for any sign of the others. He hung on that threshold, checking his PADD for the other officers' locations, ready to verbally nudge if needed.

Giving the commander a stiff nod, Javi made her way into the room, finding the best thing to a corner and shadow as she could find. The captain had convinced her to attend, albeit extremely reluctantly, so she would do her best to become part of the bulkhead.

Aya quickly followed in with Javi, her eyes sweeping the room, trying not to appear tense. Despite these being Starfleet Officers she was having a hard time not seeing them as a possible threat. Eyeing where Javi setup, Aya joined her, keeping the room in her vision. Outwardly displaying a visage of cool calm, inside she was far more tense than she would have liked.

Bear watched the two newest newcomers wander in and caught that sense of overt tension and discomfort from them both. Or was that just his own paranoia? Maybe a little bit of both... Either way, the shaky trust that formed the Security Officer's outlook on strangers in general had been severely dented by recent events and that didn't bode well for anyone really.

As the Officers finished filing in, Tavis cleared his throat. "Computer, enact anti-surveillance protocols alpha."

The Computer chirped but said nothing else. The room became almost deathly quiet.

"Thank you all for joining us. As many of you know, we were sent on a mission to capture a fugitive of the Federation." Tavis gestured to the man sitting next to him. "While we have completed our mission and apprehended the target, new information has come to light that I feel is important to share with you all."

Tavis slowly paced behind his chair as he spoke. "A secret organization known as Section 31 was recently brought down by a field team from Memory Theta, a top secret Intelligence facility. But the void left by this clandestine organization is now up for grabs. Mister Linn has explained that a new player has joined the stage, known so far as The Director. This Director has approached him multiple times in an attempt to get him to join their forces and take the power that Section 31 held."

Stopping, Tavis placed his hands on the back of his chair. "I don't think I need to explain how dangerous this organization once was, and that we do not want another taking its place. Mister Linn has fled Starfleet in an attempt to save himself while he works to uncover who the Director is. A person he believes to be a high-ranking Starfleet official."

"So far, no one is above suspicion, including Admiral Tau who gathered us together for this mission. As such, Commander Hawkins and I have decided to assist Mister Linn on his quest. We plan to allow him to escape and hide while we work with him to try and undermine this new organization." Tavis looked at each Officer who sat at this table. "I know what I'm asking you to do is dangerous, and feels like a violation of our oaths as Starfleet Officers. But we do feel this is the right course of action. Any questions so far?"

Hawk said nothing as he scanned the table, trying to gauge what each person there was thinking.

Ensign Dalton had plenty of questions but given this was a senior staff meeting he knew it wasn't the place to voice all of them. So he started by addressing the rumour he'd heard in order to stamp it out among his department: "Is it true that our guest killed Lieutenant Throne?"

The sadness in the room was palpable as Cassandra's name was mentioned. Tavis solemnly nodded, "Yes, he did. We've discovered that Lieutenant Thorne was no counselor, but rather an undercover agent for Starfleet Intelligence. She was placed here, by Admiral Tau, to watch our progress on retrieving our guest. What we've also discovered was that she operative of the Director. Whether Admiral Tau was aware of this, I cannot know yet. Which is why he is a likely suspect at this moment."

Leaning back in his seat shocked to hear the truth Dalton fell into silence while trying to take this news. He was both sad and angry at Linn for his actions and for Cassy's part in the spying on them for the organization. Though she probably didn't deserve to die for it. The fact Linn had killed her instantly made the Ensign distrust the fugitive and want to shun this plan of baiting the Director but that would be missing the big picture. Section 31 rumour or no were full of some very bad eggs so ensuring of it's inability to find new traction was vital therefore he wasn't totally against the idea. "If Admiral Tau is a suspect, who else aside from us can we trust with this?"

"Unfortunately very few people, Ensign," Tavis said. "Other than those of us in this room, our trust goes to one other person. Captain Akiva ben-Avram. I've been assured that, if the need arose, Captain ben-Avram would be able to help. Otherwise, we're on our own."

"We can't overstate that," Hawk added. "If you aren't looking at them right now, then they can't be trusted. Not until we know they can be trusted."

"From my view," stated Bear for the grim record. "None of you can be trusted. So keep that in mind if you're planning on being anywhere you're not supposed to be, doing anything even mildly suspicious." Getting shot by a love interest had a way of denting a man's peace and love for your fellow humanoid.

Dalton bit back a sigh at Bear's comment which would increase the paranoia ten fold. "How are we going to stage Linn's escape?"

"We'll be allowing him to take the borrowed freighter that we have in our shuttlebay," Tavis stated. "His escape will be reported as it happened, including his murder of one of our officers. But rather than being stopped by Commander Hawkins, it will be reported that Linn made it all the way to our shuttlebay, took the freighter, blasted a hole through the shuttlebay doors and escaped while we were fighting off the subspace creatures."

Tavis looked around the room. "In order to make this story believable, we'll need to actually destroy our shuttlebay."

Aurora green sat up, "You want to actually damage the ship? And then expect my team to repair it?"

"Yes, I do," Tavis said in response. "I need the official logs to be as believable as possible. And, deities forbid, we ever run into another Starfleet vessel, we need visible evidence to what occurred."

"I just hope they believe the truth about the creatures," Dalton remarked softly. "Before Linn 'borrows' the freighter are we going to make some modifications to ensure we know when the Director has made contact and swoop in?"

Hawk shook his head. "Right now we can't assume anything. That's why we've got to keep our story simple, as foolish as it might make us look, and then stick to it no matter what. If we stick a tracker on the freighter, then we're accountable for the fact that we know exactly where it is and did nothing. Those are the sorts of loose threads that get you caught. For now...we're trusting in our training, experience, and principles to win out in the end."

The look he gave Kaz expressed the silent hope that they would not regret throwing their lot behind him.

Alex sat back in his seat and folded his arms: trust in Linn not to run off, hide in some hell hole and hang them all out to dry was a big ask. This whole thing could be story to escape and slip away into the stars.

"What if he took a pilot as well as the freighter?" Bear suggested, unhappily. He shot Kaz a cool stare devoid of obvious hatred. "Would at least give us another option for contact." He hated this idea, but it was way past time to harp on about his own personal feelings on the matter.

Tavis shook his head, "I'd rather not allow a member of our crew to be in his care without us." His eyes slid to Kaz when he said that. "No offense. I'm putting a lot of trust in you and your story, but my trust does have limits."

"Not to mention that, as of right now, we are all 'we' have got," Hawk said. "We need to stick together, at least until we find some allies or make some serious headway towards hard evidence."

Aya watched the room around her, mostly staying silent in the back of the room getting a feel for those here. Since arriving she hadn't had much interaction with the Odyssey crew, most of it bad. The fact that they didn't all seem to trust each other didn't exactly fill her with confidence. Yet Hawk trusted them, he even seemed to be organizing, leading...

"And what does that look like hard evidence? So far you're both asking for a lot of faith." She had to at least give him the benefit of listening.

Hawk looked at Aya and bit back a smirk of admiration. In her position, he'd be a hard sell too.

"Evidence for which part?" Pointing at his eye which still appeared slightly bruised despite the best ministrations from Sickbay, he said, "I have to admit to seeing things a bit differently now. We had a traitor on board who attempted to abduct our captive out here in an anomalous sector of space." That Cassie was dead but Hawk was not, in Hawk's view, was a point that made itself. "We pull that thread until it gives. We do the same with any other lead that surfaces. I don't care how smart this Director is or how many Starfleet officers or criminals are on his payroll. No network is invisible. We hunt down his operations, compromise his agents, and one way or another bring him to justice. That's the Security way." He paused briefly to nod in agreement with his own statement. "That's the Starfleet way."

"And to do that, right now we're purely relying on Mr Linn here sharing his experiences with us?" Bear pointed out rather than asked. "Once we've let him go," he continued, keeping his gaze on their 'guest' as he spoke. "How do we pick up his trail if he gets grabbed by someone better than him at all this sneaking around?"

Watching as everyone stayed silent after the question was asked, Javi felt like sighing as the quiet remained undisturbed and stretched on. She reluctantly spoke into the silence, "A specialized tracker."

It hadn't felt that long to Bear, but then this whole briefing and situation was moving faster into darkness than he'd like. People ended up in prison for way less than they were currently discussing. "More special than the piece of crap we were thinking of using?" He asked, sarcasm colouring his words as he looked from MacArthur to Hawk. "Any tracker gives us the same problem," Bear added with a sigh. "And either way, Linn here would know he had one on him and could remove it." The fact really was that Tavis' plan meant they had zero choice but to 'trust' Kazyah.

"Well either we trust him enough that he won't remove it, or he does and we know the Captain was wrong and your mission is over." Aya said, her gaze going from Bear to Hawk. "As for a tracker, there's plenty used by other services that can't be easily removed. Or you just stack him with enough he'll never get rid of all of them... or not bring the person you don't trust to the meeting and tell him about the tracker..."

The young Betazoid's sarcasm was not hidden as she shrugged and leaned back against the bulkhead. "But that's just me."

Bear exhaled and stared at the ceiling for a second before speaking calmly to the room. "Regardless of all these points of view, the use of any tracker still makes us accountable." He looked to Tavis. "We really doing this, Captain?"

There was a moment of hesitation. Tavis already knew the answer, he already knew what he had to do. If there was even a chance that Kaz was right, and he fully believed that he was, then they had no other options but to help him.

The Captain nodded, looking Bear directly in the eye. "We're really doing this, Bear."

Tavis stood from his seat, stepping behind the chair. "I want to be clear on this. What we're doing is treason. We're going against our orders, against what we, as Officers, pledge to do in Starfleet. From this moment forward, we will be considered fugitives, criminals, at least we will if anyone finds out what we're doing. I'm hopeful that we can figure this out before anyone is the wiser. But I cannot make this decision for you."

He pulled out a PADD and handed one to each of the Officers who sat at the table. "In front of you, I've drafted a statement denouncing what we're proposing to do. If anyone decides they do not want to participate in what we're doing, there will be no hard feelings. You may use the statement, change it as you wish, and sign it. I'll log it in our official logs and that will protect you from any backlash or punishment."

"That being said, if you decide you'd like to join me on this adventure, you can disregard the PADD." Tavis' eyes went to Aya and Javi, the two he was most concerned about. "But I want to be clear, there will be no more secrets between us. No deception. The people in this room will have full access to information that I have, and I will be forthcoming. I want us to be a team on this."

Tavis glanced at his watch. "You have until this time tomorrow to make your decision. Please think long and hard about it and let me know. Dismissed."


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