NCC - 81102
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Tuck and Roll

Posted on Wed Jun 8th, 2022 @ 12:48pm by Lieutenant M'Gann Sverch'tel MD
Edited on on Mon Jun 13th, 2022 @ 2:58am

Mission: What Came Before
Location: USS Colossal, en route to Starbase 375
Timeline: MD2

"What did I tell you about proper lab safety?" M'Gann said to the young man in front of her. This was the second time this week Liam had seen her, and while she kept up a positive bedside manner, her question held seriousness at the same time. She was currently holding his arm, which sported some decent chemical burns, as she finished cleaning the area, the man's blue uniform jacket on the bed next to him.

Liam smiled sheepishly, a lock of his dark brown hair escaping his ponytail and framing his face. "Yeah, I know, always watch where I put the sulfuric acid." He winced as the doctor cleaned his arm. Despite the painkiller she gave him, he could still feel the tingling sensation of the burn, but it wasn't nearly as bad as when he had walked in.

M'Gann glanced up at him and raised a brow. "This is the second time you've been in here for the same mistake, Kosara. If you were on my team, you wouldn't even be touching chemicals at this point." A devious little smile crossed her features as she turned her attention back to the arm. "Perhaps I should inform Lieutenant Evezi that the doctor recommends light duty?"

Liam winced again, but this time it was from her words. The crew had come to learn that M'Gann was usually on a first name basis with people, and she'd only use someone's last name if she were serious or disappointed in them. Like how she was currently disappointed in him. "No, no," he said, almost too quickly. He raised his free hand to make a little waving gesture, as if to try and dismiss the idea from her mind. "No need, doctor. I will make sure it doesn't happen again."

Satisfied that the injury was cleaned, the blonde grabbed a dermal regenerator and began hovering it over Liam's arm. Part of her was also satisfied with how little it took to make the man sweat. She knew it was an accident, and he was still young, so she wasn't going to get him into too much trouble. That was a problem for the science chief, since Liam was one of the scientists. "Good. As much as I like your company, Liam, I'd rather spend time with you outside of sickbay."

A chirp from her comm badge interrupted her thoughts, and she briefly paused in the regeneration to tap the badge with her wrist to keep her gloved hands clean. "Sverch'tel," she answered, continuing her work.

=^=Doctor, when you have a moment, please come to the bridge.=^=

To the point, as always, M'Gann thought upon hearing her Vulcan first officer's voice. She could never tell if T'Lara had good news or bad news for her. Guess it was her time to sweat a little. "Acknowledged, Commander. I can be up there in about fifteen minutes," she said aloud. Hearing the call end, she focused back on Liam, only to see him giving her that look. The same one Mara would give her when M'Gann was about to get in trouble for something her sister did. "What?" she demanded.

The young man bit his lip to hold back the smirk that wanted to spread across his cheeks. If he didn't just get mildly chastised by her, he probably would have teased with the classic "yooou're in trooouble" mantra. "Nothing, it's just that the Commander sounded more stoic than usual."

"You're trying to not grin like an idiot, which coming from you means you expect me to be in trouble," M'Gann said flatly, rolling her eyes.

Once she was done treating Liam, M'Gann entered her notes into his file before entrusting her sickbay to the ACMO and heading up to the bridge. The walk didn't take long, since the Colossal was one of the smaller research vessels. They were coming back from a long-term research expedition on the far side of Cardassian space, and a group of scientists had departed from the ship with a security escort to assist another Federation ship nearby. Shortly after, an ion storm passed through the region of space they were in, which resulted in some damage to the ship, and they were currently limping back to Starbase 375 for repairs.

The doors to the turbolift opened, and the blonde stepped out onto the bridge. She wasn't often on the bridge, so it was always a sight to behold, even if it were small. The wall monitors across the entire back wall held images of nebulae and other scientific wonders, usually with at least six people in blue working on the nearby consoles. On the opposite side of the wall monitors was the helm, with operations and security stations on either side, and the three stations had the front row to the viewscreen. In the middle of the space were the two command chairs, which were currently occupied by Captain Munro and Commander T'Lara. The former was an older woman who held an air of grace, her light brown hair pulled gently back into a bun to proudly show off faint streaks of grey. The latter was a serious-faced, younger-looking woman who could give a glare as sharp as her bangs if she wanted to.

Upon hearing the hiss of turbolift doors, the Vulcan broke her gaze from the PaDD she was reading to see their medical chief. "Doctor," she greeted with a nod. Turning briefly to the woman sitting next to her, she asked, "Captain, may we use your ready room?"

Jessica also looked up when the doors opened, then nodded to her Vulcan first officer. "Just don't spill anything on the carpet," she joked with a smile, the action accentuating the faint wrinkles near her cheeks and eyes. "I will join you once I finish this report."

M'Gann gave a little smile when T'Lara did the Vulcan equivalent of an eyeroll before standing. While neither of them would admit it, Munro and T'Lara had a unique working relationship that made them a decent team, one she aspired to. She caught T'Lara's gesture to the ready room and followed, her smile fading as she remembered that she was summoned and she didn't know why. Knowing that both the Captain and the first officer were going to be present only increased her nerves.

Once the doors shut behind them, T'Lara gestured to one of the chairs by the desk before sitting in an adjacent seat. If Munro was going to join them, then she'd let her have the 'informal Captain's chair' on the other side of the desk. "We received transfer orders for you," she began. T'Lara put the PaDD she was reading on the desk between them, in a way that the words "Transfer Approved" could be seen. "Admiral Tau contacted us and said the Odyssey needs a new chief medical officer as soon as possible, and the Colossal the closest ship."

The blonde accepted the chair, then stared at the PaDD on the desk. This was sudden. "Don't I get a say in where I transfer?" she asked.

"Not this time," T'Lara replied with a slight shake of her head. "The situation is too urgent." Despite her usual Vulcan stoicism, a feeling both she and Munro shared when Admiral Tau contacted the ship was a sense of frustration at the request. The Colossal was already short about 10 people until the Athena returned from her mission, but at least they would get those people back. This was a permanent assignment for M'Gann. Both T'Lara and Munro valued input from the individual being transferred, which was the source of their frustration. Not only was M'Gann denied a choice to even consider this position, but the admiral couldn't even say why. She paused when the doors opened, nodding to Munro when she entered.

M'Gann frowned, not liking the idea of leaving the Colossal. While she understood that transfers can happen on short notice, she thought it was more commonplace to ask the officer being transferred. "Do I at least know what I'm walking into?" Hearing the doors behind her, she looked to see Munro enter and started to lift herself from her seat.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any information about this transfer," Jessica said, holding out her hand to silently tell them to stay seated. She made her way around the desk and took a seat, sighing heavily. "I tried to get information to make the transfer a little easier, but Admiral Tau just insisted that you get to the Odyssey ASAP." She gave the blue-skinned woman a gentle smile. "I can assure you that you've done nothing wrong. These things just happen sometimes. I know you're more than capable of adapting."

M'Gann's frown deepened, despite Munro's assurances. Not only was she being transferred, but she couldn't even get anything about the ship's mission? Perhaps it was too sensitive to be spoken over comm channels. Surely, she'd get more information when she got to the Odyssey. "If working here has taught me anything, it's how to adapt," she finally said, giving a small smile of her own. Her eyes still reflected her frustration and confusion, but she couldn't really do anything about it.

Jessica's smile grew slightly. M'Gann could find a solution to a problem, and she had no doubt the doctor would overcome this next hurdle. "Do you have any questions?"

"Yes, obviously," M'Gann answered with a shrug, "but if you weren't given any information, then you can't really answer them." She paused for a moment to think of anything she could ask. "What you might be able to answer is, how much time do I have before I leave for the Odyssey?"

Jessica and T'Lara looked at each other. "Not really any," Jessica said, her smile fading. "The order was to have you transfer once we got to Starbase 375, and we are less than ten minutes away."

"Wow, that's really no time," M'Gann thought out loud. She shifted in her seat, realizing that she had such little time to collect her things. Messy packing it is, then. "If there isn't anything else, I should really get packing."

Jessica stood, a silent indicator that the meeting was over. "We won't hold you, doctor." She handed the PaDD on the table to the blonde, "your transfer orders. I'll admit, we will miss you."

M'Gann accepted the PaDD with a smile. "Thanks. I'll miss you all as well." It wasn't until she left the ready room and the turbolift doors closed behind her that she glanced at the transfer orders in her hand. A sigh left her lips as she saw that she had to change ships, not once, but three times just to get to the Odyssey, and each one was at least a two hour ride. "You've got to be kidding me." This new ship really must have needed a replacement for someone to come up with this logistical nightmare.


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